WEIRD things that LOOK like FOOD

  • Published on: 03 January 2020
  • WEIRD EVERYDAY things that look like FOOD! Funny pictures that look like food! Watch photos that look photoshopped but aren't Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!

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  • Runtime : 10:48
  • sssniperwolf sniper wolf reacting reaction funny food look like food things that look like food amazing funny pictures everyday


  • BettyDorotea LOGISTIC

    SSSniperwolf : "why his leg look like a Cheeto though XD"The leg : "am I a joke to u?"

  • taki yea
    taki yea   19 hours ago

    U do know snow is edible right?🤭

  • Opal Grant
    Opal Grant   21 hours ago


  • Roxxie
    Roxxie   2 days ago

    8:11Lia: “I’ve never seen snow this fluffy”Me: I’ve never seen snow. Why Texas?

  • The Malone Kids
    The Malone Kids   3 days ago

    Lia: check your chicken and check you dogMe: my dog is going down if we have nothing

  • Michael Cantu
    Michael Cantu   3 days ago

    What physics turn snow into icing or confectionery

  • Natalie mae
    Natalie mae   4 days ago

    dang these things tryna trick us into eatin them

  • Cookie Songs
    Cookie Songs   4 days ago

    The inside of a golf ball reminds me of brisket 😂

  • S Noor
    S Noor   4 days ago

    Lia be like "They got me in the first half, ngl"

  • Phantom King
    Phantom King   4 days ago

    Anyone else hear that . Sniperwolf: Only human balls can look like meat. Me: Looks down

  • Bianca Mercado
    Bianca Mercado   5 days ago

    Lia:it looks like he’s a little sadToad :slaps lia*

  • Aaron Oliver
    Aaron Oliver   5 days ago

    I pranked my dad by telling him that it's coffee but it's my Paint water and he almost fell for it😅

  • Princess Athena Poserio

    Lia:I will slice that bad boy up put some (whatever she said ) and take a bite out of it and break all mah teethMe:how u slice it up then?

  • Samantha Pena
    Samantha Pena   6 days ago

    lockin good👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👍👍👍✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️

  • ItzChemicka Gacha
    ItzChemicka Gacha   1 weeks ago

    I skipped the frog one cuz I have a phobia of frogs since I was born.

  • Ruby Boyd
    Ruby Boyd   1 weeks ago

    once at school my friend ate tape like real tape about five minutes later he vomited when i thinki of that moment what makes sticky tape so sticky????

  • Bobby Cowan
    Bobby Cowan   1 weeks ago

    My dad ate a dog when he was in the army And you said That this video is about things that are not food?I'm also trying not to be mean

  • Thomas Wiseman
    Thomas Wiseman   1 weeks ago

    I love your videos there awesome love to sea more

  • Hannah Mut
    Hannah Mut   1 weeks ago

    Nowadays, I do the awooo at the same time you do and my 3 year old baby brother looked at me, like bruh, ... , what u doin

  • J Rose
    J Rose   1 weeks ago

    My dad thought that the brown clay that I was playing with was chocolate...He regrets everything .-.And I and my mom were screaming THAT'S CLAY STOP!My sis was laughing in the back lol

  • AYTC !
    AYTC !   1 weeks ago

    Raspberry bugs have antlers 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

  • Budbud Barrett
    Budbud Barrett   1 weeks ago

    Lia: and you pop out illegal pastaMe: tHaTs iLlEgAl