Which Flap Disc is Best? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 11 March 2019
  • Always delivering 100% unsponsored content, I bought all the flap discs tested used in this video. The brands tested include: Harbor Freight Warrior, DeWalt, Makita, Walter Flex Steel, Diablo, and Norton Red Heat. A rusty piece of sheet metal was cut into 6 pieces. Each flap disc was provided 2 opportunities for a total of 3 minutes to remove as much rust as possible. The sheet metal was weighed before and after each timed event to figure out how much rust and metal was removed. 100% of the video ideas are from viewers. I greatly appreciate all the support that viewers provide, allowing the channel to deliver unsponsored, unbiased, content!
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    This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Project Farm LLC
  • Runtime : 11:10
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  • Aaron Powell
    Aaron Powell   1 days ago

    Awesome! I was wandering about the quality of diablo flap discs, as they're the easiest and fastest to get ahold of in my town.

  • Tobias Johansson
    Tobias Johansson   4 days ago

    Very good test. Would also have been interesting to see the weightloss of discs through.

  • 20Bailey Osborn
    20Bailey Osborn   4 days ago

    Not to be rude, but you didn’t let the grinder ramp up then set it on the material

  • p71collector
    p71collector   5 days ago

    A lot of people must of watched this because my local Harbor Freight was almost sold out of the Warrior 36 grit discs! I got 'em cheap for $1.49 each (limit 5) with the coupon.. Excellent comparison video Project Farm!

  • roy reynolds
    roy reynolds   6 days ago

    you should test sand paper for belt Sanders

    BIKE BINDERZ   1 weeks ago

    Great test, when your the one buying the consumables Walter is a great choice, trim back the edge and leave 1/4 inch flapper exposed and you can blend steel again and again.

  • Anton Mgushi
    Anton Mgushi   1 weeks ago

    Thanks for these videos. Very interesting stuff. How do you have time to do all these tests? Especially if you’re not sponsored or paid by any of these companies. This is awesome to know.

  • Art J.
    Art J.   2 weeks ago

    could you do another test comparing some of the amazon disks. Thx.

  • lbdeuce
    lbdeuce   3 weeks ago

    you are raising the bar for youtube content my dude. thank you.

  • H Higgins
    H Higgins   3 weeks ago

    How about comparing sandpaper. I have mixed feelings about HFT products, but one thing I will never recommend of theirs is their sandpaper. It doesn't seem to last even a minute before all the grit is gone.

  • Brandon Eubanks
    Brandon Eubanks   3 weeks ago

    Great video as always. You put a lot of effort in and get excellent real world results.As far as this video goes, I would have liked to have seen the weights of the wheels after the second test. That would have given a good quantitative view of the amount of material lost.For a video idea, how about testing spray foams. Matt Risinger did a quick experiment on his channel showing the added structural value of spray foam. Perhaps you could test insulative capacity, adhesion, added rigidity, and usability.

  • viktor tesla
    viktor tesla   3 weeks ago

    I buy makita tools and i buy diablo expendables

  • Nate Maia
    Nate Maia   3 weeks ago

    I really like freud and their diablo brand, the circular blades are unmatched.

  • James Doane
    James Doane   3 weeks ago

    Hes never used an angle grinder, has he?

  • vanwhalen13
    vanwhalen13   4 weeks ago

    I think you videos are well put together and simple to follow. I would like to see a comparison of the flap disc to the hard wheel as far as cost to material removal rate. Which is the better use of time and money.

  • ivan schafeldt
    ivan schafeldt   4 weeks ago

    an abrasive that isnt friable and therefore doesnt present fresh cutting grit may last a lot longer but is practically useless for the purpose of getting the job done and finished, these discs are supposed to be disposeable

  • Gio Flores
    Gio Flores   4 weeks ago

    I really wish you were my neighbor lol

  • wmpiam
    wmpiam   1 months ago

    I love your videos, but my girlfriend and I find it somewhat comedic that you sound like Fred Fredburger. Either way, keep doing what you do. Your work is a true public service.

    THE GHOST   1 months ago

    When you see that china freight is better the dewalt.... oof

  • Jeffrey Dolph
    Jeffrey Dolph   1 months ago

    Do you think you had too much weight on the second test? They say let the tool do the work. I would like to have seen the weight of the tool only on the disc.

  • Myrum Abel
    Myrum Abel   1 months ago

    What are the best drill bits for metal

  • Jason Conklin
    Jason Conklin   1 months ago


  • lamborghini _123
    lamborghini _123   1 months ago

    I saw too many flap discs in my city. Now i know which one to buy

  • Gary Burchett
    Gary Burchett   1 months ago

    Were they all the same sanding medium? That would make a difference.

  • Kristian Krastev
    Kristian Krastev   1 months ago

    You should try the ones that have cuts in the disc, that way you see the spot you grind. Awesome videos!

  • Michael Greene
    Michael Greene   1 months ago

    If you ever do another round you should include pearl abrasives premium ao maxidisks. They’re $7 each from my supplier and they whip tail!

  • Jeremy Lunning
    Jeremy Lunning   1 months ago

    Should have tested pferd, they make great abrasive products that blow away anything else I've tried.

  • Thomas Molitor
    Thomas Molitor   1 months ago

    3M makes the best stuff. Pricey but works like no other.

  • Thomas Cook
    Thomas Cook   1 months ago

    I wish Blackstone brand was in this video

  • Johnathan Chuprun
    Johnathan Chuprun   1 months ago

    Great work, this channel is something the internet desperately needs. Now, my little criticism.. Where is PFERD brand? They are by far the best flap disks in my experience. Their quality is top notch. Another great brand is 3M. Always wondered if these premium brands are worth their price. They feel like it while using them at least. Anyways, fantastic work you are doing! I really really appreciate that you take into account a lot of variables and actual make jigs to do the test - which is the only way these tests are worth anything, so thank you.

  • Ron Bown
    Ron Bown   1 months ago

    Great video. I enjoy all your videos especially the one that where you put processed bananas into the crankcase of an engine. I know you already did a oil test for lubricitybut there's one oil that I was wondering how that works out compared to the rest it's called shell aero oil 15w50

  • Ken Call
    Ken Call   1 months ago

    This dude is the real deal on U tube, well spoken, honest as the day is long , and can tell he has integrity, this is what a great American is to all you live in the basement snowflakes, go get a job.

  • orangetruckman
    orangetruckman   1 months ago

    I’m a big fan of all the work you’ve done and continue to do! I might be wrong on this, but it looks like you plug-in and unplug corded power tools. If that’s the case, a suggestion I have for you that could make things easier. Using a surge protector to turn on and off the tool to make that transition smoother and more controlled. Keep up the amazing stuff sir!

  • Mrblurr
    Mrblurr   1 months ago

    I love all these tests that you do man! My only wish at this point is that you had a video showing the top 2 for each one in a video based on price to performance. That way I could have an easy way to find them all in one place.