Taylor Swift - ME! (Lyrics) Ft. Brendon Urie

  • Published on: 26 April 2019
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  • Runtime : 3:15
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  • SyrebralVibes
    SyrebralVibes   1 months ago

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  • Timothy Yoon
    Timothy Yoon   1 days ago

    This has such a High Hopes vibe and you see Panic in the song so its like Duh!

  • Jessica Neel
    Jessica Neel   1 days ago

    108 likes I'll feel more confident because I'm a tell my crush I like him tomorrow

  • Random Stranger
    Random Stranger   2 days ago

    taylor: I promise that you'll never find another like meme: tHaTs tHe pOiNt

  • Nick Young
    Nick Young   2 days ago

    I sent this song to my ex when we broke up

  • beulah kirk
    beulah kirk   3 days ago

    Taylor: hey kids spelling is funMe: spits out water

  • beulah kirk
    beulah kirk   3 days ago

    You are such a good singer taylor swift

  • That one Fander
    That one Fander   1 weeks ago

    Taylor & Brendon: Me-heheMe:Showing your Michel Jackson?

  • Limo yandere
    Limo yandere   1 weeks ago

    Teacher:Who is ready for vacation ?Students: ME!

  • Country Music
    Country Music   1 weeks ago

    Watch another lyrics here:https://youtu.be/K625xTk9Kas

  • Susan Bliss
    Susan Bliss   1 weeks ago

    my fav color is pink ME HEHE OOOOOOH OOOOOOOOH

  • JustMe
    JustMe   1 weeks ago

    I was watching miss Americana, played this song and 2 sec later the scene where she played on the piano played

  • Suma Ibrahim
    Suma Ibrahim   1 weeks ago

    My fav colour is blue Like if your is too or just comment

  • Shaniyah Hall
    Shaniyah Hall   1 weeks ago

    I’m watching her documentary and just searching her songs 🤣(p.s I’m trying to be a star singing)

  • your leo
    your leo   2 weeks ago


  • Joel Jackson
    Joel Jackson   2 weeks ago

    THIS is worth MILLONS of VIEWS!?!?!?👎👎👎👎👎👎👎☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️