For Honor ALL NEW YEAR 4 ARMOR (Live Reaction)

  • Published on: 30 January 2020
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    #ForHonor #Year4Armor #Zer0_craic
  • Runtime : 12:3
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  • Kaito
    Kaito   3 months ago

    It seems they didn't do a full on redesign for all of the armor because there will be more of it, they said twice that this is only for the first season, so we might see more frequent armor additions

  • Notare
    Notare   2 months ago

    Low IQ Jiang Jun 😂😂😂

  • Reppü
    Reppü   2 months ago

    no shinobi or aramusha armor lol, i hope all developers dies with agony

  • Hate
    Hate   3 months ago

    That warlord looked so sh*t

    KYOKΛI   3 months ago

    JJ looks like Bo Rai Cho from MKX

  • lotheeus
    lotheeus   3 months ago

    Oh My God!! You really have a YouTube channel, cool, I'll subscribe.

  • Jacob R
    Jacob R   3 months ago

    If Nogla and Cartoonz had a kid...

  • merijn awater
    merijn awater   3 months ago

    The new Jiang Jung armor looks like Guan Yu & Zhang Fei from Red Cliff lol

  • Rand Al’thor
    Rand Al’thor   3 months ago

    And Warlord loses, worst looking armor of the new stuff, some of the worst looking warlord armor period.

  • Rand Al’thor
    Rand Al’thor   3 months ago

    Warden, PK, BP, Shug, Hito, Jorg, all seen like big winners to me

  • kitty cat
    kitty cat   3 months ago

    1 like everytime he said sick

  • Centurion
    Centurion   3 months ago

    this is dumb, so much Wu-Lin favortism. Vikings arent fucking bums, give em actual armor

  • R3x4sourus27
    R3x4sourus27   3 months ago

    wait so why are some characters missing from the lineup? like cent & glad

  • II erase II
    II erase II   3 months ago

    Emmmmm what about my centurion and gladiator

    DJ -DEMON   3 months ago

    JJ straight up looks like bo rai cho

  • dannybbb6
    dannybbb6   3 months ago

    No Centurion armor? What about Shaman?

  • Spectbl
    Spectbl   3 months ago

    Man I was hoping for a different conq helmet but no 😭

  • MadPanda
    MadPanda   3 months ago

    No armor for Shinobi?! What?! Ok, it's a deadly character... Thanks Ubisoft for this. The best skills perso it's dead...

  • MeerkatNinja
    MeerkatNinja   3 months ago

    For honor just keeps shitting on shinobi I swear

  • Wolf Lord Edvard
    Wolf Lord Edvard   3 months ago

    I’m actually asking myself if the minion’s new armor is a hint for new armour sets incoming:-Lamellar/Chainmail for vikings-Gambesons with maybe some plates (gorgets, jack chains) for Knights -Iron Samurai armours?

  • *!BONK!*
    *!BONK!*   3 months ago

    What happened to armusha??

  • Guy Man
    Guy Man   3 months ago

    It’s a total crusader helmet lmfao trying to find the word like🤦‍♂️

  • James dude
    James dude   3 months ago

    All heros:*has new armorsCent and glad: Am I A JOKE TO YOU