• Published on: 27 September 2018
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    ALSO, see how I make all my builds:

    Captain Disillusions's video:
    Peter's build video:

    Camera man credit: Luke Hale

    0:02 New Shoes- Blue Wednesday -
    1:25 Tomorrow- Andrew Applepie-
    2:11 Arrow- Andrew Applepie -
    4:05 Berlin- Andrew Applepie -
    10:29 Blue Wednesday -
    11:26 Too Happy to be cool by Notebreak-

    Summary: I saw this video on Twitter and YouTube recently of a guy who modified his phone case with propellers. Having a background in engineering it was pretty clear to me that it wasn't real but it seemed like most people believed it. This was especially irksome give that he was selling the items in the desc using affiliate links. So I did a deep dive on every last possible clue proving it was fake.

    They are soft-



    I make videos like this once a month all year long while supplies last:




  • Runtime : 11:57
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  • mister a
    mister a   2 hours ago

    5:18 are you sure it would be 6 times louder I think I heard that sound doesn't work that way

  • FrappeTimay
    FrappeTimay   3 hours ago

    School and ST math with me: Ok I don’t know area after 2 years. Mark Rober explaining after 30 seconds: ok alright

  • Dorito Man
    Dorito Man   4 hours ago

    Dude u should think of being a teacher

  • Tere Rere
    Tere Rere   5 hours ago

    The video is still on YouTube.... Let's report it.

  • Paul Rocky
    Paul Rocky   8 hours ago

    Going through comments in old and seeing how many are about corona virus

  • Jusef Wahyudi
    Jusef Wahyudi   9 hours ago

    how did you die ? a shovel hitted my head :C

  • Aasish Thomas
    Aasish Thomas   10 hours ago

    You make some of the most interesting videos I have seen on Youtube.. great going Mark..

  • abhinav dhasmana
    abhinav dhasmana   11 hours ago

    You be stealing captain disillusion’s work tho XDWait nvm he’s in the video lol

  • Cryzk
    Cryzk   11 hours ago

    Mark is like... wayyy too good at balancing a shovel

  • Todd Whittier
    Todd Whittier   12 hours ago

    Would I be able to take apart an old chainsaw and attach the motor and a bike chain to the bottom of my longboard then hook the chain to the wheels to hold a string to pull the throttle to make a gas powered longboard

  • bannanaboi03
    bannanaboi03   13 hours ago

    are you sure that someone wasn't controlling the drone with a remote controller. doesen't matter. that's cool if it works

  • JJ Ribbit
    JJ Ribbit   14 hours ago

    Wait a moment! Big memory time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tortoise YT
    Tortoise YT   18 hours ago

    Am I the only 11 year old who actually understands what he's talking about the technical part

  • AbbyYT
    AbbyYT   20 hours ago

    Lesson of the day:Don't mess with Mark Rober or anyone associated with him, He will ruin your scamming career.

  • WhatIsLife
    WhatIsLife   21 hours ago

    If anyone got any scams, mark will bust you

  • Bremen4me
    Bremen4me   22 hours ago

    In germany we call it ,,Ehre genommen`` (taken honor) and I think that`s beautiful :)

  • Missy Marie
    Missy Marie   23 hours ago

    I love Captain D!!! He’s hilarious. Mark is brilliant, and double whammy...He’s also hot.This’s was a great video, but I don’t understand how anybody could’ve fallen for that dingbat propeller.People do need to troll that scammer guy into misery.