• Published on: 08 April 2020
  • *NEW* DEADPOOL LIVE EVENT in Fortnite!

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    *this is all satire*
  • Runtime : 10:56
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  • Rundown
    Rundown   1 months ago

    LIKE THIS if you need VBUCKS

    BTMGAMING   3 days ago

    Your so stupid starting a live stream for nothing getting people exited delete your fortnite account and YouTube channel!

  • Ro Evans
    Ro Evans   2 weeks ago

    This dude is trying so hard to be real

  • Audrey Sieg
    Audrey Sieg   1 months ago

    My name on fortnite is ZeroBoar4070085

  • TheBoe-Eyes
    TheBoe-Eyes   1 months ago

    How and why would Deadpool flood the map?

  • Deandre Campbell
    Deandre Campbell   1 months ago

    i already know that all live events and midas as a secret to destroy every fortnite map with the doomsday device