Superhero Mom Saves Daughter's Life

  • Published on: 11 January 2017
  • Find out what this mom did when her daughter started turning blue.
  • Runtime : 1:14
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  • kav 0705
    kav 0705   1 weeks ago

    When I was a kid, someone had given me a really big candy and I was running around with it in my mouth and it slipped down my throat and got stuck. I just stopped where I was and started coughing really hard and it FLEW out of me on the grass. Then I went crying to my mom because I dropped the candy and not cause it almost killed me

  • tay bear
    tay bear   1 weeks ago

    Why y'all choking. Just chew

  • laylay beautiful
    laylay beautiful   1 weeks ago

    She did everything right. She didn't even alarm the other baby.The End!!!

  • Mizzfunny
    Mizzfunny   1 weeks ago

    Thanks 🙏🏽 this was a eye opener

  • Rosa
    Rosa   1 weeks ago

    I've done this exact thing 3 times already this year. My 18 mo old puts everything in his mouth and it's terrifying every time

  • Cora Vanwolf
    Cora Vanwolf   1 weeks ago

    Superhero? No. Regular, yes. Common sense, yes...

    25BEDFORD   1 weeks ago

    Hero?? No, that is called parenting.

  • Chris Mitchell
    Chris Mitchell   1 weeks ago

    when i was 4 years old i chocked on a penny and almost died and my mom did the same thing! TY moms and dads they are the REAL heroes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • B H
    B H   1 weeks ago

    A parents worst nightmare

  • danita powell
    danita powell   2 weeks ago

    The baby was smart enough to run to her mom for help! Great outcome!❤👍🏾

  • Jazzz
    Jazzz   2 weeks ago

    Yeah kids just choke all the time. I've had to do that to my daughter a few times but only once did I think it was actually her seriously choking.

  • Elisha Carter
    Elisha Carter   2 weeks ago

    what a great mom fast thinking. Mother instinct. God is good

  • Brenda AKA The Real Grammy

    A similar thing happened to my granddaughter while I was babysitting her. It was so scary. After I got the piece of candy out... I just sat on the floor holding her and cried. I was trembling all over.

  • Alexa Conrad
    Alexa Conrad   2 weeks ago

    I just took my CPR training a couple weeks ago. It’s mandatory for my job as a caregiver for elderly people with dementia. Everyone should take it I think regardless of your occupation. You never know when you’re going to need to use it.

  • Maria The Broccs
    Maria The Broccs   2 weeks ago

    When i was little i was eating smarties, so like the dumbass i was, i put one in each nostral and couldn’t breathe, so i turned blue and as soon as my grandma saw me, she flipped me upside down and started shaking me by my legs and they melted and i could breathe again. My grandma is my hero 🥺❤️

  • Brianna yomama
    Brianna yomama   2 weeks ago

    I feel like this is something every mom goes through at some point 😉 we are all superheros

  • Psi Loki
    Psi Loki   2 weeks ago

    I got scared and looked up the dog heimlich and watched several videos, don’t cha know the next day my dog chokes and I had to save him. Popped right out.

  • Natty Nat
    Natty Nat   2 weeks ago

    When this comes up in my newsfeed 3yrs later and he closes with...we will be back with the presidents farewell speech... It's like wait WHAT! Check the date...3 friggen yrs ago🤦‍♀️

  • Ella Ninyo
    Ella Ninyo   3 weeks ago

    Or you could have same exact story and say "Neglectful mother doesn't watch her kids close enough so they choke and luckily she saved life just in time " Lol news is silly

  • Beast KO
    Beast KO   3 weeks ago

    My mom is a great hero 🦸‍♀️ ☺️

  • starfox
    starfox   3 weeks ago

    hollace ? strange name . what happened to good wholesome names like meredith , betty, vivien

  • Epic Quintessence
    Epic Quintessence   3 weeks ago

    We also are taught that children under 6 should be monitored while eating.

  • Gabby
    Gabby   3 weeks ago

    My father in law got that scare a cop of weeks ago. He had to do the heimlich on his granddaughter, it scared him very much but it worked

  • Lily Delane
    Lily Delane   3 weeks ago

    "She choke. " thank you, very well said, star of the show 😭

  • rosa Ulibarri
    rosa Ulibarri   3 weeks ago

    Thats scary😳 everytime my son chokes for a bit i freak out😞

  • Xiamix !
    Xiamix !   4 weeks ago

    I choked on a piece of steak, and my big brother didn’t know what to do so he slapped hard af in the back ( There is still a red mark from the slap ) and the piece of steak just flew out

  • Amy C
    Amy C   1 months ago

    Glad that kiddo is okay. Good job, mama!!!