• Published on: 09 September 2019
  • We are so excited to share this exciting news with you all! We are so blessed! I can’t wait to document this whole journey and create content for you all! Thank you for all the support as always! We love you so much!! 💛💛

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  • andriana dollison
    andriana dollison   2 weeks ago

    Me and my husband were going through this all of 2018. Then in December I took a test because I missed my period and I was already expecting a negative. Nope big fat positive!!! Had her August 19 2019. Well December of 2029 I missed my second period and I thought maybe it’s still post partum hormones nope I was 2 months pregnant. It’s when you stop really focusing on getting pregnant that you achieve it

  • Bjv
    Bjv   3 weeks ago

    Oh brother.

  • The Kola girl
    The Kola girl   3 weeks ago

    I feel so bad when it say that’s your not pregnant...I don’t feel your pain because Ive never tried a pregnancy test or even have a boyfriend but I bet is so sad...

  • Noble Motions
    Noble Motions   4 weeks ago

    Congrats!!! I’m 6 weeks pregnant :) The cvs tests have really bad ratings by the way

  • Diamond's Life
    Diamond's Life   1 months ago

    That's how I feel I've been recording myself every morning all my test been negative I'm always so disappointed so I said I won't record myself next time and I have a feeling that's going to be a positive test!! Im going to keep recording I want to catch my honest reaction on camera. Congratulations love🥰 please send me babbbbbyyy dust❤

  • Angela M.
    Angela M.   1 months ago

    Congrats! My hubby and I are trying for our second since our son is 7 ( not my hubby's bio son) and it's not happening :( what app do/did you use?

  • klaritydawn
    klaritydawn   1 months ago

    Awwww....... I just found you and had to sub you! I know this is a few months back but I am SOOOOO happy for you honey! What an Amazing Blessing!

  • Destiny Rae
    Destiny Rae   1 months ago

    Congrats girl, I just stumbled across ur video, I love these types of video, I wish to get pregnant again, I tried with my last partner, we were together for so long,.. but then again I’m glad it didn’t happen cause that was an abusive relationship, I left him... but it is true when they say god know when it will be the right time,... I have one child only, and he will be 13 soon, and he asks everyday for a baby sister or brother ... I wish he can have one to, but how can I when I’m alone rn lol.. jk anyways good night from Ontario Canada 🇨🇦 .. u are so blessed!

  • haley love
    haley love   1 months ago

    Look at you God, look at you God. 😇👐🙏😁🥰

  • Zahra Lukman
    Zahra Lukman   1 months ago

    Aftr how many days from period date u checked ??

  • HYZ Lifestyle
    HYZ Lifestyle   2 months ago

    I mean just the fact that you already have a baby seat in your car says it all ! Congrats !!!

  • Jesse Fritz
    Jesse Fritz   3 months ago

    You are absolutely beautiful!! Gorgeous babies!! Congestions!!!

  • Nicole Sampson
    Nicole Sampson   4 months ago

    Do you have any heart issues? It looked like you had electrodes on. I’m asking because I have SVT & IST.

  • Alexis Gaboda
    Alexis Gaboda   4 months ago

    I found out 4 days before my period, but it was super faint and then the next day it was super dark!! I'm due March 30th 2020!💕😍 Congratulations on your pregnancy!!!!!!

  • ULTAmateAry
    ULTAmateAry   4 months ago

    Man.. I wanna have kids so badddd😭 just haven’t found the right person yet, but I’m so obsessed with these videos lol congrats girl! Super happy for you😊

  • Angela Romo
    Angela Romo   4 months ago

    I’m pregnant as well! Due June 2020 ❤️🤰🏻

  • Amber Griffith
    Amber Griffith   4 months ago

    Awe congrats! I’m 9 weeks and 4 days and due April 27th.

  • Clarena Celia
    Clarena Celia   5 months ago

    That camerais so clear...what camera are you using lol

  • The Penwarn Family
    The Penwarn Family   5 months ago

    Congrats! I know how heartbreaking it can be to get those negatives. I'm so happy for you <3

  • BGandBaby
    BGandBaby   5 months ago

    Congratulations Mama! I have SEVERE baby fever! 🥰

  • Kinarp
    Kinarp   5 months ago

    Idk why but, when you keep busy and your mind is somewhere else. Or don’t think about it. It happens, congratulations happy for you!

  • Carllee M
    Carllee M   5 months ago

    I'm due in May 2020!! 💜💙 New subscriber here! Let's do this together!

  • Kymbabyyy
    Kymbabyyy   5 months ago

    This was me taking like 100 test! Lol but CONGRATULATIONS, so exciting! I’m pregnant now and due in December 🤗 excited to follow your journey girl!

  • Jillian Sheehan
    Jillian Sheehan   5 months ago

    Oh my gosh you are SO adorable!!! So happy for you!

  • Amber Lewis
    Amber Lewis   5 months ago

    I’m due in March. Congratulations