Top 20 Knockouts in UFC History

  • Published on: 02 June 2016
  • Relive the top 20 knockouts in this action packed compilation, including: Chris Weidman vs Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida vs Randy Couture, BJ Penn vs Caol Uno, Matt Hughes vs Carlos Newton, and many more!
  • Runtime : 7:25
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  • Ian Claudio
    Ian Claudio   1 weeks ago

    Wtf why punch them while in the ground

  • Hugo Schlonz
    Hugo Schlonz   1 weeks ago

    2:50 There is no doping in UFC. That is pure, hard training!

  • Eric peppy
    Eric peppy   2 weeks ago

    Man, this was a good compilation.

  • TigerJ
    TigerJ   2 weeks ago

    2:50 the dude that was kod was probably on steroids

  • Rajeev Verma
    Rajeev Verma   3 weeks ago


  • Rocha Appreciation Club

    Just watching this how is this shit legal lmao. This is abt as gruesome as it gets. Entertaining but jeezus surprised there arent more serious injuries

  • TheBestMMA
    TheBestMMA   1 months ago

    But the best knockouts are not in UFC 🙂

  • Zach Lee
    Zach Lee   1 months ago

    6:10 look at the speed on herb dean tho damn

  • Swa33er
    Swa33er   1 months ago

    Joe Rogan's face at Octagon side at 1:14 tho... lmaooo

  • Tyler Randall
    Tyler Randall   1 months ago

    !! One punch knockout old school 10 years ago!!

  • Dixail Mayorca
    Dixail Mayorca   1 months ago

    el deporte es bueno las peleas son emocionante pero no entiendo porque al ver a su contrincante desmayado se enfurecen mas o sera que les gustaría estar en el mismo lugar no saben cuanto odio se le tiene a luchadores así y no saben cuanto respeto profesional se le siente a un luchador que con humildad respeto conciencia a ese se le quiere a nivel mundial

  • jax rocco 10
    jax rocco 10   1 months ago

    anderson silva black guy with racism 😆

  • Poly Hexamethyl
    Poly Hexamethyl   1 months ago

    The rules for this are differnt than in boxing - if the guy goes down you are allowed to keep punching him until the ref makes you stop, rather than giving him a chance to get up before fighting again?

  • 999 FLK
    999 FLK   1 months ago

    Pfff ufc mma tout ces espèces de connard .. à quelle heure tu frappe un homme au sol vraiment des sports pour les résidus de fond de capote .. un homme au sol et le frapper j’appelle pas sa de la dignité tue le quand il est sur ses jambes et pas autrement

  • Juan Dragosnovik Dorn
    Juan Dragosnovik Dorn   1 months ago

    Ratificando em 2020 ... Anderson Silva é um babaca... anti-profissional. Merece sumir...

  • Vinicius Giuberti
    Vinicius Giuberti   1 months ago

    Cadê os nocautes do Anderson Silva? Vídeo de americano porqueira....

  • Dlorenzo680
    Dlorenzo680   1 months ago

    But why did Newton have a hard on? 😭😂😂😂

  • Dmolv Tv
    Dmolv Tv   1 months ago

    Tem lutador ai que e mal, o cara ja cai nocauteado sem os sentidos ele ve e vai e quer socar o cara no chã que ta sem sentidos

  • Jmpsthrufyre * 665 years ago

    Good Lord that Machida front kick sounded like a raw slab of beef getting dropped on cement. The front kick. The most underestimated kick of all.And Rashad was a beast. Wasn't he the Tuf season 2 winner fighting heavyweights?And it was nice of the ref to wake Hughes up after the Newton triangle.And that Hendo forearm after removing Bispings soul from his body... God damn Dan. Was that really necessary? Or was it super necessary?And not for nuthin but Gonzaga should be #1

    SCOTT ASAP   1 months ago

    I like it cause all black wins i love it..And also cocky players destroyed

  • 38blondu
    38blondu   1 months ago

    Many of those fighters has no honour or respect for the opponent.Why the heck should u still hit some1 already out cold?

  • Tod Tad
    Tod Tad   1 months ago

    U can predict who’s gona get it, the calmer more in control seem to be 1 step ahead

  • Charles Hajj
    Charles Hajj   2 months ago

    Nas comemorações das vitórias todos eles parecem orangotangos