Top 20 Knockouts in UFC History

  • Published on: 02 June 2016
  • Relive the top 20 knockouts in this action packed compilation, including: Chris Weidman vs Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida vs Randy Couture, BJ Penn vs Caol Uno, Matt Hughes vs Carlos Newton, and many more!
  • Runtime : 7:25
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  • Gemini Jake
    Gemini Jake   1 days ago

    *BEST QUOTE EVER*7:14 Joe: “...oh! He front kicked him in the face!Mike: “...absolutely right!”

  • jan youtubehater
    jan youtubehater   3 days ago

    the american comment: ridiculous... wow... americans are totally nuts

  • Lewis Mckenzie-Hicks
    Lewis Mckenzie-Hicks   1 weeks ago

    I love the Liddell vs Ortiz knockout. Liddell just absolutely unloads on Ortiz and just batters him.

  • SiDD
    SiDD   1 weeks ago

    Every Ufc commentary ever, "It is alllllll over"

  • Max Dai
    Max Dai   2 weeks ago

    Where is Jeorge Masvidal kneeing Ben Askern?

  • Fabien Cazeau
    Fabien Cazeau   2 weeks ago

    Why do these fat pigs go on punching when the guy's on the floor?

  • M G
    M G   3 weeks ago

    Am i the only one that gets disturbed by the guys going for headshots once the fighters get knocked down. Just seems too cheap, if you land a hit that takes your opponent to the ground chances are he is out. they react all surprised like they themselve are werent expecting that lucky punch to land and continue to jump on them. seems to me like the only way to be good in this sport is to have intent to kill which im sure they would if it wasnt for the ref stopping them, kinda barbabric

  • tobias rydberg
    tobias rydberg   4 weeks ago

    nr 1 and nr 13 silva gets ko... no wonder he have problems now with his head

  • Nivaldo Silva
    Nivaldo Silva   1 months ago

    Colocaram o Wanderley Silva se fudendo,,,, e as vezes que ele detonou uma porrada.

  • jose ramirez
    jose ramirez   1 months ago

    stupid you tube why did you bring me here, trying to make me violent n shit, fuck fyoutube and fuck ufc

  • Blake Stone
    Blake Stone   1 months ago

    Where the fuck is that wall kick knockout by Idk these fighters

  • Corey Baker
    Corey Baker   1 months ago

    Bisping was walking toward the light for about 5 minutes after getting socked by Henderson. That shit was insane

  • Venom Gaming
    Venom Gaming   1 months ago

    Overrated has the weakest chin I've ever seen from a HW...

  • toin
    toin   1 months ago

    I hate watching these cause some fighters dirty af, there needs to be some penalties when punching someone on the ground who's clearly knocked out. Inconsistent with refs too. Really just unfortunate, makes the sport so much more dirty

  • J K
    J K   1 months ago

    Cris weidman vs Anderson Silva doesn’t deserve to be on this list. It was a fluke

  • Master Hùng
    Master Hùng   1 months ago

  • henry youtube channel
    henry youtube channel   1 months ago

    I respect fighters that stop punching when they know the dude is knoked out

  • Cigarettes after Sex.
    Cigarettes after Sex.   1 months ago

    Anyone on 'Knockout' marathon ? just a hintLike or Dislike the video you've watched already so that you'll know you've watched it already.

  • Ivan Knežević
    Ivan Knežević   1 months ago

    That sucks! Mirko Cro Cop is a legend!

  • Slack Tide
    Slack Tide   1 months ago

    Damn those dudes were juiced back in the day

  • Nuno Barros
    Nuno Barros   1 months ago

    1:50 - BJ Penn was a teenager and still had hair. 😂😂😂😂

  • RAiDEaudio
    RAiDEaudio   1 months ago

    1:29 it's fake I heard the hitmarker click man's ain't dead yet