Newborn's First Week Vlog!

  • Published on: 27 March 2020
  • A week in my life as a first time new mom and my first week postpartum. Our first week with a newborn baby was pretty special!! I hope you enjoyed watching our baby's first week of life and his first week home.
    To our 1 week old baby, we love you!


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  • Runtime : 20:23
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  • Didi K
    Didi K   2 months ago

    This is such a precious video Lys! I love how you talk to Wesson...he can definitely tell you are mom. Grant is doing his job...and so are you. Love you guys. Keep posting as you have time. This is such a fun way to take part in your family. I hope you are doing well and getting plenty of rest during this Coronavirus pandemic. Best as always...

  • Lucia Sardo
    Lucia Sardo   6 days ago

    What a cute baby boy I hope you guys are doing well.

    LUNA VEELOGS   2 weeks ago

    At 2:40 she says I look insane what I thought well I am watching this is she is insanely beautiful

  • Tommy Sweetweather
    Tommy Sweetweather   1 months ago

    this is trumps America........invest in a baby body trump 2020

  • The Osbornes
    The Osbornes   1 months ago

    He looks so cozy and handsome in the baby gown!! 🥺 love it!! ❤️

  • Alicia Rossiter
    Alicia Rossiter   1 months ago

    I just wanted to say I love your videos and out of all newborn videos I have watched, I feel like yours are the most real!! props to you guys, I think it's super important to show people who are interested in becoming parents or parents to be who watch these videos the real deal!! You guys are doing awesome. Also Wesson is so cute! Congrats <3

  • Harmonys Journey
    Harmonys Journey   2 months ago

    New to youtube please go watch my videos like comment and subscribe and i will do the same for you!

  • Busra T
    Busra T   2 months ago

    Please dont make him cry i feel so sorry😔

  • musicbaby81
    musicbaby81   2 months ago

    What are those purple breast pads you use (that you keep putting in your freezer?) Where can you buy them? THANKS :)

  • becka butler
    becka butler   2 months ago

    I’m currently 23 and half weeks pregnant, and was wondering if you could do a video a some time of products, foods and drinks that helped with postpartum and with milk flow for new mamas:)

  • Haley Southward
    Haley Southward   2 months ago

    Awe he is seriously so beautiful 🥺 so happy for you and your little family!!

  • Izzy Strack
    Izzy Strack   2 months ago

    LOVING all the Wesson vlogs!!! I hope your still getting plenty of rest and time for yourself and your family though!! We love to watch, but don’t forget you and the fam come first❤️

  • lucy green
    lucy green   2 months ago

    Please may you flim a what’s on my iPhone video 😊 loved this vlog 😊❤️

  • Kelly Barker
    Kelly Barker   2 months ago

    I love how down to earth and real you are in these videos! It’s so comforting seeing real mamas not wearing make up and not trying to change or alter our view of this precious time. Just honesty it’s so nice 👍

  • Alyssa Ferg
    Alyssa Ferg   2 months ago

    I wanted to comment and say your friendship with Kelsey is literally so amazing and it makes me happy to see! Congratulations on everything your family is so cute and I have been watching every video 💗

  • ER Nurse
    ER Nurse   2 months ago

    Very nice vlog! Mom life suits you quite well.

  • Brooklynn Adams
    Brooklynn Adams   2 months ago

    lyz he is so cute i really just wish i could reach my hand inside the cam and hold him

  • Nikita B
    Nikita B   2 months ago

    Look up foremilk and hindmilk! I read the hakaa only gets out foremilk but baby needs both so I combine the hakaa milk with pumped milk!

  • Brooke Delancey
    Brooke Delancey   2 months ago

    Awe!! I’m so happy for you and Grant. This channel is by far my favorite family channel because you keep it so real. God bless you and your adorable family ❤️

  • Rachael Chapman
    Rachael Chapman   2 months ago

    Okay so probably way in the future when you have time..when you go to a hair appointment or do your hair can you vlog it. I’d love to see it haha your hair is so nice !

  • Rachael Chapman
    Rachael Chapman   2 months ago

    After you gave him a bath and put him in that outfit he looked like a baby in the Bible days . As what I’d imagine lol. So frigging cute !

  • Rachael Chapman
    Rachael Chapman   2 months ago

    The beginning of this video is just cuteness overload

  • Rahma Vlogs
    Rahma Vlogs   2 months ago

    Im Sorry but let the dog Touch the kid He wont do anything he will smell him To get Used To him and To love him more and more

  • Camryn Reyes
    Camryn Reyes   2 months ago

    hes so precious🥺🥺🥺 looking forward to many more videos with sweet wesson💛🥰

  • Cassidy Sherrill
    Cassidy Sherrill   2 months ago

    I love your little family! Including Barrett! He cracked me up at 3:10 the way he was laying 😂

  • Katie Wood
    Katie Wood   2 months ago

    cannot get enough of you & your little family, the way you talk to wesson melts my heart. I live for your videos and look forward to watching new ones everytime you post, but don't ever feel like you owe any of us subscribers anything, because you can't get this precious time with wesson back, he's only little once mama, and you need to soak it up while you can!

  • Kenzie Kaufman
    Kenzie Kaufman   2 months ago

    He is so precious!! 🥰 please be careful with the wipe warmer. They can start to grow bad bacteria (dark wet place) and dry out some wipes before you are able to use them.

  • Genna Zachrich
    Genna Zachrich   2 months ago

    Oh my goodness! He is soooo cute 💕 you are such a good mom! I loved his facial expressions when you were telling him about the story of his birth! You have the most precious family! Praying for you all ❤️❤️❤️

  • Hailey Dudleson
    Hailey Dudleson   2 months ago

    You’re glowing💕 also I can’t believe he’s a month old already I feel like I just watched your honeymoon vlog of you finding out your pregnant 🥺


    He’s the cutest little boy!! I’m sorry for not commenting on your videos I was super busy because I had to do online school work of the COVID-19! Love you so much Lys❤️❤️💕

  • Avalyn Elizabeth
    Avalyn Elizabeth   2 months ago

    Oh my the cutest baby boy! He’s a blessing💓 love your sweet family💖