Can Canadians Talk Trash?

  • Published on: 06 June 2019
  • On the other side of the border, in this first-ever international NBA Finals, it has been pretty low-key. Not that Canadians aren't excited, they are very excited. They're just not as terrible as we are. They are polite and friendly people. But what happens when sports rivalries rear their ugly heads? We wanted to find out so we went to Toronto and asked Raptors fans to talk trash about the Golden State Warriors. #TrashTalk

    Guillermo at NBA Media Day 2019

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    Can Canadians Talk Trash?
  • Runtime : 3:33
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  • Robert Houston
    Robert Houston   1 days ago

    Dam, I wonder how they feel on the subject of blacks. I would love to see that same reaction from white people when random asked to trash talk African Americans.

  • Mad Cat
    Mad Cat   1 days ago

    It's all fun and games until it's hockey, then it's riots and warfare.

  • Darcy Bhaiwala
    Darcy Bhaiwala   2 days ago

    . . . you guys have never seen a Battle of Alberta have you

  • Yan Brassard
    Yan Brassard   2 days ago

    You can cross me at 8pm after doing additional hours near my office in Montreal in the middle of the week and ask me this type of question. There's a high chance I will say : "Go f" yourself with your team, I don't watch the NBA and I have better things to do that to watch sport on TV". You will then know that a Canadian can trash talk, it depends on the timing. haha

  • Sam Backorsby
    Sam Backorsby   3 days ago

    3:09 this guy sounds so much like heavy from tf2

  • Rosetta Y
    Rosetta Y   4 days ago

    As Canadians we're nice until it's hockey season. That's when the gloves go other words... that's when we rip peoples heads off and shove it up there noses.

  • MLgamings
    MLgamings   4 days ago

    You're not truly Canadian until you've apologized for saying "sorry" too much.

  • Leighton James
    Leighton James   4 days ago

    Don’t know where you found those Canadians but we are not actually that nice

  • theballq
    theballq   5 days ago

    Good one. Jimmy would be the first to get smacked in Toronto on Friday night

  • Steve Harris
    Steve Harris   5 days ago

    Hey Jimmy here ya go...the Warriors are BUMS ya here me pal, their fans are bums too...yeah you heard me. What kind of a name is warriors anyway, these jokers couldn't fight their way out of a phone booth...their BUMS! Raptors RULE FOOL!!! OK, Please disregard the foregoing, I er temporarily lost my Canuck composure that's all...I'm sorry truly ssssorry;) I'm now going to flog myself.

  • L Wen
    L Wen   5 days ago

    Check my channel to learn all about the truth about Canada!

  • D Laws
    D Laws   5 days ago

    Jimmy Kimmel: The Warriors without their secret weapon tonight will be forced to rely on their other 6 secret weaponsDamn what a savage haha

  • Paul McGladdery
    Paul McGladdery   5 days ago

    WTF?! That was Irish Girl! What are the odds of her running into Jimmy Kimmel in Toronto of all places!

  • Nomad
    Nomad   6 days ago

    1:55 "we don't do that here" that guy is Black Panther

  • ProjectCrip
    ProjectCrip   6 days ago

    ya lets so ask the elderly to trash talk try talking to one of the mandem ong

  • Ethan Burnell
    Ethan Burnell   6 days ago

    Not even gonna watch the video before I comment. As a Canadian, no. We can't trash talk.

  • ProPaleo
    ProPaleo   1 weeks ago

    Come by the club and bar scene on the night of a weekend and you’ll hear more than enough trash talk.

  • Ethan Harrison
    Ethan Harrison   1 weeks ago

    I am Canadian if you asked me that question there be a lot of bleeps

  • Darth Niloc
    Darth Niloc   1 weeks ago

    You want to hear Canadians trash talk go to Quebec you won't be disappointed, just be careful crossing the street because they will run you over.

  • Marie Whitek
    Marie Whitek   1 weeks ago

    Be nice I’m in Canada and I’m nice but I’m not going to be nice the you guys

  • hopeman returns
    hopeman returns   1 weeks ago

    My God Canadians are humble and gentle... I wish I could visit Canada oneday 😍

  • Kuel Kun
    Kuel Kun   1 weeks ago

    All of these are white Canadian tho 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Jacob Thompson
    Jacob Thompson   1 weeks ago

    I'm from saint John new Brunswick Canada and that's our sport