Fixing Fast Food Slogans ft Jacksfilms

  • Published on: 28 November 2017
  • Jacksflims helps us help fast food companies have better slogans for their restaurants. GMM #1229.3
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  • Runtime : 6:7
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  • King Xolmis
    King Xolmis   1 months ago

    Good Mythical Morning: Hitting the social commentary hard since 2012

  • Levi White
    Levi White   2 months ago

    Grimace is a large, purple anthropomorphic being of indeterminate species with short arms and legs. He is known for his slow-witted demeanor.

  • cian
    cian   2 months ago

    It's actually 2am

  • Brenyatta
    Brenyatta   2 months ago

    Carl’s Jr.We know you’re only here cause of the commercials

  • 4ire gam3r
    4ire gam3r   4 months ago

    Ok but why are they standing up I'm getting uncomfortable looking at this

  • Ava Fowler
    Ava Fowler   4 months ago

    No one:Not a single soul: Not even the aliens:Me: me me big boy

  • Ally Mills
    Ally Mills   6 months ago

    "It's 2am you up?""Yea why!" 😂

  • Atticus837
    Atticus837   6 months ago

    Grimace is the original McNugget. The years have covered him with a purple fuzz. Don't eat him.

  • Micah Stuart
    Micah Stuart   6 months ago

    Duncan Donuts: We’re really just a knockoff, American Tim Hortons

  • stefon buble
    stefon buble   6 months ago

    wait they got rid of the roller-skates at soniccuz there still at the sonic that i live near

  • - 7heEdge -
    - 7heEdge -   6 months ago

    it should have been Carl’s Jr. “there’s a half-naked supermodel drooling on your burger, so you better eat it quickly”

  • Tboy 205
    Tboy 205   7 months ago

    Sonic “Gotta Go Fast”

  • Maya No Last Name
    Maya No Last Name   7 months ago

    “Burger King home of the recently divorced dads” what the actual heck my dad takes us to Burger King all the time and he and my mom recently got divorced

  • The Sote Gamer
    The Sote Gamer   7 months ago

    Yes, it acually is 2am so tacobell, here i come!

  • Camoni
    Camoni   7 months ago

    Why were all off Rhett’s slogans so edgy? Actually, all of them were pretty edgy for GMM standards.

  • W.EthanYT
    W.EthanYT   7 months ago

    Man that jack guy is good. He should be a YouTuber!

  • John Doe
    John Doe   7 months ago

    Do you wanna die?Alexander kill me now

  • Drawing Dino
    Drawing Dino   7 months ago

    I always thought grimace was grimace the grape... idk

  • Jose Soriano
    Jose Soriano   7 months ago

    That forehead thooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Winsant Store
    Winsant Store   7 months ago

    Companies must try these new slogans..... Will boost their customers

  • sophia
    sophia   8 months ago


  • sophia
    sophia   8 months ago

    me me happy boy