GT350 Dyno with Cleetus McFarland!

  • Published on: 28 December 2018
  • Had some post-christmas fun with one of my favorite dudes on YouTube! What should we do next?
    Cleetus McFarland -
  • Runtime : 30:7
  • gt350 s550 500hp e85 sound exhaust acceleration cleetus adam lz drift leeroy drag racing 1/4 mile launch 1320 drifting mcfarland


  • Schuylkill Railroad Garage

    xRaulyz Features "keep rippin till shes drippin" on the BeamNG Forums Mainly the toyota soarer one

  • wonz18
    wonz18   2 weeks ago

    Video Starts at 26:33

  • leo xia
    leo xia   1 months ago

    that is a 'go to prison' speed lol

  • Christopher Suarez
    Christopher Suarez   1 months ago

    Hey Adam I own a gt350 and I’m experiencing some issues. My transmission makes a loud whine and my steering clicks when the wheels are angled. Does any of this happen to you?

  • manolooo1
    manolooo1   1 months ago

    I forgot that Leroy had a wing haha

  • Cody Praetorius
    Cody Praetorius   1 months ago

    "No one ever red-lines it".... cleetus "yaaahoooo" haha, perfect.

  • JYKDUTCH GamingAndFun
    JYKDUTCH GamingAndFun   1 months ago

    Luckily James didn't spray it. He would empty the whole bottle in one pull and rods would be flying out.

  • Matt Hicks
    Matt Hicks   2 months ago

    Dude i've been around since you did BMX way back in the day, just came through to see how you've been and you hanging out with cleetus, rip them bald eagles.

  • Allenwrench
    Allenwrench   2 months ago

    I normally don't hang out with pee pol that tell me not to spray - s@#$ Cleetus ; p getting a hat from Cleetus and Hoodie from you Adam - keep it up Boyz

  • James West
    James West   2 months ago

    I shy away from the E85 my experience has been that ethanol is highly corrosive.

  • Adam Burchett
    Adam Burchett   2 months ago

    Can I please order that " Keep Rippin' Her till She Drips " T-Shirt please.

  • HotShotVQ35
    HotShotVQ35   2 months ago

    50 wheel on an N/A car. on e85...lmao

  • Cody Bruner
    Cody Bruner   2 months ago

    In the gt350 and Knocked loose on the radio. Thats Living!! Knocked loose is the shit

  • Jackson Barinowski
    Jackson Barinowski   2 months ago

    Cleetus was having a real good time banging redline on 1-3 gear 🤣

  • Travis Kroll
    Travis Kroll   2 months ago

    Only reason I watch one of this guys video is cause of cletus

  • Matt
    Matt   2 months ago

    I was gonna say Ponies... cause... you know.. the mustang is a pony car

  • Matt
    Matt   2 months ago

    I was gonna say Ponies... cause... you know.. the mustang is a pony car

  • Keith Lugo
    Keith Lugo   3 months ago

    By far one of the best moments lol

  • CJ Masci
    CJ Masci   3 months ago

    "Strongly suggests not to spray it, I normally dont hang out with people who tell me not to spray it."

  • Bobby Sweeney
    Bobby Sweeney   3 months ago

    😂🤣😂🤣🤣"You're not trying to blow up my car are you?"He just laughs!!!😂🤣😂🤣

  • Paul Jeffreys
    Paul Jeffreys   3 months ago

    I thought this was gonna be the Cleetus that blows smoke with the shtack and doesnt like running to rugit

  • Jonathan Kuykendall
    Jonathan Kuykendall   3 months ago

    So I was really hoping to put some racing seats in my car but didn't know of any that were quality but not too expensive