Testing Fire Resistant Safes

  • Published on: 24 August 2019
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    Today we've got out hands on some Fire Resistant safes, but how fire resistant are they? Can you trust them to keep your documents safe in a fire?

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  • Runtime : 11:4
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  • vince dacanay
    vince dacanay   5 days ago

    Nate:"Something that we does know." Me: Hmmmm -_-

  • vince dacanay
    vince dacanay   6 days ago

    I actually tried to read the documents. BTW I am not creepy... I think

  • vince dacanay
    vince dacanay   6 days ago

    4:27 Nate: "Something that we does know is going to work" Me: "Am I hearing this right?"

  • Adam Rodgers
    Adam Rodgers   3 weeks ago

    Fire resistant isn't fire proof. Meaning it's not made for extended time in fire.

  • GothicSlytherin
    GothicSlytherin   1 months ago

    am I the only one who noticed Nate was chopping firewood IN FLIP FLOPS!!!! he must really wanna lose a toe or doesn't care.

  • szargos
    szargos   1 months ago

    I was totally not expected to see a video about fire resistant safes when I clicked on this Nord VPN commercial. Thanks Guys!!!

  • Aidan Blade
    Aidan Blade   1 months ago

    you should of maybe a paper with a picture of Rick Astley on it.

  • tiff3plus3
    tiff3plus3   2 months ago

    "mmm tastes like documents" what do documents taste like???

  • Lachlan Moir-Scott
    Lachlan Moir-Scott   2 months ago

    0:55The military: they’re comi... what is thatTKOR: we have science pulls out a laser and the rods in an arc furnace.

  • Hypernova Pizza
    Hypernova Pizza   2 months ago

    "...something that we does know..." hmmmm. English? I think not. 4:26

  • Alex Yagos
    Alex Yagos   2 months ago

    Who else thinks that Nate and kali would be your parents friends that you loved when they came over because they always had cool stories and awesome stuff to show you

  • Corbin Bratcher
    Corbin Bratcher   2 months ago

    jolly ranchers would melt in . the heat . regardless of how fire proof it was

  • Karl Fritz
    Karl Fritz   2 months ago

    Uses girl Scout juice to start a fire😂😂

  • zach hodg
    zach hodg   2 months ago

    should try this with popcorn inside and see what happens

  • Puppy The Happy
    Puppy The Happy   3 months ago

    Do you think one of these might be able to contain a fire?

  • Bot
    Bot   3 months ago

    “Mmmm this jolly rancher tastes like documents”

  • Dicie Frye
    Dicie Frye   3 months ago

    Pink and blue axe from paint cans lol

  • garlicdawg
    garlicdawg   4 months ago

    what are the brand names of safes.....?

  • Emtu
    Emtu   4 months ago

    You guys should try fireproof stuff under the solar scorchers.

  • SeismicPlayer12
    SeismicPlayer12   4 months ago

    I think the one that said it was only fire resistant online was a scam xD

  • I’m Olga
    I’m Olga   5 months ago

    I would love to be with these guys for a day. You are amazing

  • Cindy Gamache
    Cindy Gamache   5 months ago

    That we does know ??????????????????Nate 2019

  • Sean Bean
    Sean Bean   5 months ago

    Is your axe covered in spray paint?

  • Kaytee Grace
    Kaytee Grace   5 months ago

    When all else fails resort to brute force 😂😂

  • Aaron Gorton
    Aaron Gorton   5 months ago


  • Aaron Gorton
    Aaron Gorton   5 months ago


  • Daniel Yang
    Daniel Yang   5 months ago

    Should've just covered it in Thermite

  • Gaming Dragon
    Gaming Dragon   5 months ago

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