Everything Wrong With The Boy in Scary Doll Minutes

  • Published on: 18 February 2020
  • The Boy is a recent-ish horror film that I guess did well enough, because there's a sequel coming out soon, which is why we decided to sin this movie. It's so sinful I've already forgotten most of it.

    Thursday: Recent cartoon sins.

    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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  • Runtime : 16:39
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  • Shelby Pawlus
    Shelby Pawlus   1 weeks ago

    This movie became significantly scarier when he pointed out that the doll looks like Jared Kushner.

  • Ana Cesarz
    Ana Cesarz   1 weeks ago

    holy hell 6:01 just sent me soaring I was not ready for that... um yeah wow ok im just gonna die of a heart attack now

  • Emma Hart
    Emma Hart   1 weeks ago

    "the door knob knows" thats from the refection of a deer's eye ball so sin for you!!!

  • Jean Strong
    Jean Strong   2 weeks ago

    The sound was crap too, couldn't hear the first part and the second part broke my damn eardrums.

  • Ashley Moore
    Ashley Moore   2 weeks ago

    Cinemasins is starting to slack honestly, the goat's eye being called a doorknob, not recognizing that there are 3 voices in the room, showing a clip of her attempting to get out whilst sinning her for "not trying to get out" that last one is a bit much, how do you not realize you're contradicting yourself in that moment?

    MAINE GRAY   2 weeks ago

    for someone who has lived in the walls all his life, im pretty sure he'd know how to sneak past someone without making a noise.

  • Zya Ghost
    Zya Ghost   2 weeks ago

    ... Bela? Bela Talbot? The great thief!?

  • Littlestone
    Littlestone   2 weeks ago

    that creepy doll looks just like jared kushner

  • Entresol
    Entresol   2 weeks ago

    "Naming your son Brahms."

  • Applez
    Applez   2 weeks ago

    I remember I used to be a crazy scaredy-cat when I was younger. When the boy came out when I was 10, I decided to watch it to get over my fear of horror movies. It was my first horror film, and I was really frightened up until the scene where real Brahms jumped out of the mirror and I realised two things:1. The actor for Real Brahm's was PINK and HAIRY. Nothing like the pale kid they had been representing the entire movie. Yeah, I get it, he was living in the walls and had no time to shave, but couldn't they have found someone a little paler?2. The mask JIGGLED. It wobbled when he screamed, like jelly.For some reason, I found this the most hilarious thing in the world, and went from whimpering to laughing my ass off. I've been a horror movie fanatic since then, and it takes something real good to scare me :)

  • funofme
    funofme   2 weeks ago

    honestly i still love this film. it was one of the biggest twists ive seen in a while.

  • Mii Kay
    Mii Kay   2 weeks ago

    who wouldn't care for a doll for a lviing, it's wierd and creepy but easier than a real kid xD

  • Amy Chapman
    Amy Chapman   2 weeks ago

    Holy shit. Its Maggie from the walking dead.

  • Joseph Yoon
    Joseph Yoon   2 weeks ago

    0:52 lol it's a taxidermy eye Mr Sins

  • joris poska
    joris poska   3 weeks ago

    It's pronounced jif. It's spelt jif so it's pronounced jif ang not gif

  • Mr. Moon
    Mr. Moon   3 weeks ago

    I came here after playing a scary Minecraft rollercoaster map thing on my phone.. this guys voice really helps me calm down for some reason

  • Jaxon Sazle
    Jaxon Sazle   3 weeks ago

    I loved this movie, the way they made almost the whole movie out to be a ghost story. I, however, did NOT enjoy the sequel.

  • Evil Nick
    Evil Nick   3 weeks ago

    everything wrong with the boy................................. everything

  • SofaPhia 21
    SofaPhia 21   3 weeks ago

    The fact that the sins were totaled to 123 is extremely satisfying to me

  • SuperChief5
    SuperChief5   3 weeks ago

    Didn’t really see anything wrong with it.😜🤪😳

  • Alex Hosten
    Alex Hosten   3 weeks ago

    C'mon the dream jump-scares where pretty scary

  • Cringequeen lol
    Cringequeen lol   3 weeks ago

    The fact that you are on 69 sins at 11;50 is funny 2 me

  • Kinichi Kun
    Kinichi Kun   3 weeks ago

    0:52 pretty sure thats an eye of a taxidermy animal