I tame a Fox in Minecraft (very cute) - Part 27

  • Published on: 11 August 2019
  • Apparently Minecraft 1.14 update has foxes and its amazing
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  • Runtime : 29:22


  • Jessie Getter
    Jessie Getter   6 minuts ago

    When DJ COW died i new he was going to say “he was like a father to me”🤣🤣

  • nellie
    nellie   4 hours ago

    Zombie: hits svenFelix: you hit sven now i feed him your flesh

  • Sheehan
    Sheehan   7 hours ago

    lol, felix say he edoit not idiot! edoit!

  • Alicia Le
    Alicia Le   8 hours ago

    Pewdiepie: seriously my melon farm is the bestLazerbeam: am I a joke to you?

  • Nomad Lifts
    Nomad Lifts   18 hours ago

    Wait how did he get respiration 3 on his trident that's illegal

  • Haifa Ahmed
    Haifa Ahmed   21 hours ago

    IKEA bird the mushroom cow Got killed because the lightning was too strong for him/her Because it’s actually worked with me

  • Kelvin Tenojaya
    Kelvin Tenojaya   22 hours ago

    Pwdpie: I an your mama Both of the foxes : but wh you are a boy

  • ragingchicken
    ragingchicken   1 days ago

    lazar got so salty when u said "my melon farm is the best"

  • Inappropriate Polarbear

    15:31 And then a couple hundred years later some Italian prick will get lost on his way to India and discover it again.

  • Sabrina Sikander
    Sabrina Sikander   2 days ago

    lol "fame money and a fat bank account" he really just quoted Tati LOL

  • José Escalante
    José Escalante   2 days ago

    Part 27 will always be the best episode in the series

  • The VCK
    The VCK   2 days ago

    his trident has resperation, hmmmm

  • Global supplier
    Global supplier   2 days ago

    Pewds you actually need to make foxes make bebe and the Bebe its gonna be your tamed fox. It won’t be scared of you but if it’s not leashed it can get lost because foxes don’t follow you like dogs.P.S: The bebe Fox needs to grow before going home or else the fathers are gonna bother

  • Ahmet Tandoğan
    Ahmet Tandoğan   2 days ago

    8:01 how does he have sharpness on a tridentAnd why I can'tCan someone please explain this

  • NotA FanGirl
    NotA FanGirl   3 days ago

    19:05 is that a house/cabin at the top of the mountain?

  • Prop Hunt Guy 4589
    Prop Hunt Guy 4589   3 days ago

    A little trivia, Bengt’s name came from the Nickname Pewdiepie gave to his companions in Journey.

  • Slyrixz __
    Slyrixz __   3 days ago

    6:50 So Sorry I loved him too he sold me great prices Captialism 100

  • Samantha B
    Samantha B   3 days ago

    You named the foxes after a Swedish hockey guy?

  • Samantha B
    Samantha B   3 days ago

    Hold on...so you're saying the meatball is actually made from meat? Well shit.

  • Samantha B
    Samantha B   3 days ago

    So you bring them to their work assignment on a railroad and then you kill them when they arent useful by showering them with chemicals...I....Felix no.

  • ken Garingarao
    ken Garingarao   3 days ago

    Can you make blue and yellow on ikea tower blue at top yellow at bottom

  • Crackodile333
    Crackodile333   3 days ago

    Could anyone PLEASE tell me what happened to the black cat?! I can´t sleep cause of that, wiki says its at a redstone pit, but what pit is that!? the cat is seen at 27:23, but disapears after that..

  • Jack Gaudette
    Jack Gaudette   3 days ago

    you can't tame foxes you can make them trust you ok

  • TheMACnator
    TheMACnator   3 days ago

    You may now kiss starts fricking in the middle of the wedding and have a baby