• Published on: 06 August 2019

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  • Runtime : 25:24
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  • Shaquerra
    Shaquerra   3 hours ago

    Ethan: we have to share scrapes now.Grayson: stares no wr don't

  • Max Bradz
    Max Bradz   4 hours ago

    You paid $500 for a Mavic 2!!! I Live in Melbourne Australia and our money is similar but I have to pay $2500 for the mavic 2 that's 5 times more . Great video guys your Awsomme and so funny keep it up.

  • Marciline Thomas
    Marciline Thomas   6 hours ago

    bitch when i heard grethen bitch i almost had anxiety attack

  • shayla brady
    shayla brady   8 hours ago

    grayson looks like such a dad with his hat lmao

  • Nayeem Ramen
    Nayeem Ramen   11 hours ago

    Where did he get those navy pants from?

  • Hello It's marii
    Hello It's marii   11 hours ago

    Damn I was reluctant to watch they’re vids because I thought they’d be like those cringe channels but they’re actually really funny 🤣😭

  • Jackki Tigger
    Jackki Tigger   16 hours ago

    Iam a twin and have identical twin brothers and I think it’s a twin thing u always have to share or buy two but there no one who gets u like ur twin

  • Giana Colosimo
    Giana Colosimo   16 hours ago

    they always fight at the beginning of every vid a ahahaha I love them😂😂💕

  • Libby Gilchrist
    Libby Gilchrist   18 hours ago

    Is this funny? Are they trying to be funny? I just don’t understand these meat heads quailty? Boring shit bro

  • Mia’s World
    Mia’s World   1 days ago

    I had my friend and her big sister and they had two straws they were sharing! Sharing a drink is not bad lol😝

  • Bridget Rottier
    Bridget Rottier   1 days ago

    "im not gonna like put the blame on him..... but that was like completely his fault"me whenever me and my friend plan to do something together and it fucks up

  • Bridget Rottier
    Bridget Rottier   1 days ago

    you know you guys only have to use and eat the same thing but not at the same time right ?

  • Syd Shoka
    Syd Shoka   1 days ago

    Me: sees the title for this videoAlso me: oh they’re gonna fucking kill each other

  • Elizabeth Scott
    Elizabeth Scott   1 days ago

    “Are we sharing swamp a$$ too???”💀 💀🤣🤣🤣

  • Hannah Gray
    Hannah Gray   1 days ago

    Omg I laughed throughout the whole video 😂

  • Jasmine Law
    Jasmine Law   1 days ago

    I really want to get a shout out but I don't have twitter is there any other way to sent a screenshot to like instagram or something

  • Crow29803
    Crow29803   1 days ago

    You two are nutty twins! But you two don’t look identical. Brothers, yes. Look a lot alike but not totally.

  • Fifi Angelina
    Fifi Angelina   1 days ago

    i watch them when they're brushing their teeth while i was eating

  • Nicki Atilano
    Nicki Atilano   2 days ago

    Y is no one talkng about the fact that Ethan LITERLLY BROKE A TOOTHBRUSH IN HALF!? He literally just threw it 7:12 7:21

  • JaJay Minx
    JaJay Minx   2 days ago

    Can you do a reaction to k-12 either snippets or music videos by Melanie Martinez

  • Sani Ramon
    Sani Ramon   2 days ago

    Ethan should get colored hair again like if u agree

  • Jaedyn Amoni
    Jaedyn Amoni   3 days ago

    anyone gonna talk about ethans toes painted white 🥺

  • Peachy Journaling
    Peachy Journaling   3 days ago

    Nobody else notice the duct tape suit in the gym ?? 😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • Ianna Marshall
    Ianna Marshall   3 days ago

    Ethan: sits thereGrayson: STOP !!!!!!STOP!! STOP!!!! STOP!!!!!

  • Love Holroyd
    Love Holroyd   3 days ago

    Y’all should turn into a visco girl for a day😭💀

  • Jenni Arzaba
    Jenni Arzaba   3 days ago

    I dont think yall needed to use the same toothbrush🤮

  • Harriet Hitch
    Harriet Hitch   3 days ago

    Who else though the mirror actually broke when Ethan threw the toothbrush at it😂😂

  • ems
    ems   4 days ago

    19:03 is the best part, thank me later

  • Lexie Urbina
    Lexie Urbina   4 days ago

    I think the word they were looking for is “captivating”

  • Riggin Ray
    Riggin Ray   4 days ago

    Ethan falling off the treadmill: “I have treadmill burn, don’t we share scrapes?” 😂😂

  • Chloe Fontana
    Chloe Fontana   4 days ago

    They had to share so they didn't share everthing