• Published on: 06 August 2019

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  • Runtime : 25:24
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  • Elena Aylmer
    Elena Aylmer   9 hours ago

    The treadmill got me DEAD when Ethan fell 😂😂

  • TikTok Challenges
    TikTok Challenges   21 hours ago

    Grayson: I need my inhaler Ethan: we need to share itGrayson: YOU DONT EVEN HAVE ASTHMA 😂😂😂💀💀

  • Lailah jewel
    Lailah jewel   2 days ago

    ive watched this so many times and never gets old

  • imirrawashere
    imirrawashere   2 days ago

    13:28 not gonna lie, that looks cool as shit.

  • Addisyn Johnson
    Addisyn Johnson   2 days ago

    This was the video that made me laugh the most... and I laugh a lot during their videos

  • Motion Tube
    Motion Tube   3 days ago

    You say you have to share everything so that means you have to share a straw and a bathing suit

  • anna kuster
    anna kuster   4 days ago

    “my knee pits are chafing”“that’s peculiar”yes ethan, yes it is peculiar

  • Amelie Glenn
    Amelie Glenn   4 days ago

    E- not to blame Grey but.... it was all his fault

  • Paul Cleary
    Paul Cleary   5 days ago

    this really made me cringe when they had to share their tootbrush

  • Robyn does things
    Robyn does things   5 days ago

    i dont get the big deal with the toothbrush because they litterally have the same dna = the same spit lol

  • Sans The Comic
    Sans The Comic   5 days ago

    Me: (Thinks Too Hard)My Head: Wait....EEVVERRRYYYTTHHHIINNNGGG!!!!!!????Me: Ummmm......Shut Up 😐😐

  • Elizabeth Tripplehorn

    Did anyone else notice that the duct tape suit from like 2016 was in the gym with them 15:06 (in the bottom left corner😂

  • Valeria Villalobos
    Valeria Villalobos   1 weeks ago

    Ethan:whats the fist thing we have to doGrayson:brush.......ingEthan: NO

  • Olivia Welty
    Olivia Welty   1 weeks ago

    when he fall sirens are going off in background

  • Bella Wilson
    Bella Wilson   1 weeks ago

    15:42 Ethan: “aww I’m gonna get too cold” He is so cute 😂

  • Sahara Linton
    Sahara Linton   2 weeks ago

    I love how he's like "can't we just cut it out" when they don't want to share a tooth brush

  • Alexa Leonard
    Alexa Leonard   2 weeks ago

    8:03 i agree with ethan that the power is in the back

  • Pip Russell
    Pip Russell   2 weeks ago

    14:00 I’m freaking dying 😂😂😂😂

  • Shadow Bunny
    Shadow Bunny   2 weeks ago

    Greyson: NO THIS IS MY COUCH!!Ethan: WE HAVE TO SHARE!!!Literally me and my older cousin 😂😂

  • Tori R
    Tori R   3 weeks ago

    Why aren’t we talking about how they still own the duck tape cast.. I didn’t pick that up the past 3 times I’ve watched this but anyways.

  • Entraitor
    Entraitor   3 weeks ago

    If you pause it at the right time in 7:11 I feel bad for the face of Ethan

  • Payal Thakur
    Payal Thakur   3 weeks ago

    When they were sharing the first exercise equipment I don't know what it's called in which they were running it was relaxing😎. To watch them

  • honey b
    honey b   3 weeks ago

    Grey:stop complainingEathon:I'm not