MOST VIEWED 2019 Family Feud Steve Harvey Questions & Answers | Bonus Round

  • Published on: 03 January 2020
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  • Runtime : 58:48
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  • Dennis Thomas IV
    Dennis Thomas IV   14 hours ago

    Blount Family.....WTF????Name an animal whose legs are might be on a restaurant menu?pig, cow, PANDA! ....PANDA REALLY??? WTF people

  • briana mariiee
    briana mariiee   1 days ago

    I just dont like celebrity feud bc they seem almost like they're trying to be the host themselves sometimes...

  • OldSchoolBoi
    OldSchoolBoi   2 days ago

    45:35 Remember when Richard Karn had this question and nobody had an answer for it and it was just a cringey moment

  • Ombre Nightcores
    Ombre Nightcores   4 days ago

    Something seems so wrong about the Descendants cast doing Family Feud without Cameron…

  • Chris3706
    Chris3706   5 days ago

    It's fucking sad not seeing Cameron on the first clip, Rest in Peace.Also, I like old ninja, this ninja, he's funny.

  • Margo Pearl
    Margo Pearl   6 days ago

    Richard at 4:20 looks like Matthew Knowles

  • Peachy Baby
    Peachy Baby   1 weeks ago

    The fact that Cameron wasn't there broke my heart.

  • Melissa Cruz
    Melissa Cruz   1 weeks ago

    And they said blondes are dumb.... look at that Victoria secret model

  • tejas
    tejas   1 weeks ago

    name a Youtube video that gets a thumbs down ......" one that cuts off video too soon "!!! DING !!!

  • Human
    Human   2 weeks ago

    did the girl playing against the blevins family really think they serve panda at panda express

  • Zayn KM
    Zayn KM   2 weeks ago

    I just started to look through comments when just found Ninja is Tyler

  • Kyoel
    Kyoel   2 weeks ago

    Well ninja's better at fortnite than at this for sure.

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana   2 weeks ago

    Gotta watch this, to get my mind off the Corona panic,,

  • EMC2
    EMC2   2 weeks ago

    ..... ..... WHY, ..... do ALL the contestants on Family Feud turn into sea lions ????? ..... .....

  • Ozzy Krahn
    Ozzy Krahn   2 weeks ago

    Celebritys act like they got it hard, for some, i beg to differ

  • S AJ
    S AJ   2 weeks ago

    these americans are so dramatic

  • Davey's VeeLog
    Davey's VeeLog   3 weeks ago

    Stick you with a finger.... WETT WILLYYYY!!! lmao 🤣

  • Goldi's Closet
    Goldi's Closet   3 weeks ago

    without the makeup and lights, models look like cancer patients in real life.

  • Ivanna O'Sullivan
    Ivanna O'Sullivan   3 weeks ago

    I’d of guessed a cherry 🍒 cause people tie knots in the stalks with their tongues, well in movies anyway so practice that tongue 👅 kissing

  • Meredith Ahern-Tamilio

    Sexiest job a wife could have is being a loving mother and wife and totally respects her husband true trust is a MUST💞♥️💋🐾

  • Meredith Ahern-Tamilio

    How many women wish there were more gentleman like Steve ? He is a great guy and funny ,his wife is blessed and his children. 🙏💞

  • Cumulo Nimbus
    Cumulo Nimbus   3 weeks ago

    Just goes to show you that, Martha is pure proof that not all blondes are dumb. Way to go girl!!!

  • IDKarlee
    IDKarlee   3 weeks ago

    Wait was ninja on family feud

  • Miguel Castañeda
    Miguel Castañeda   3 weeks ago

    Who would of tought that Tyler will make millions off fortnite 35:15

  • adam boyd
    adam boyd   3 weeks ago

    Where's your little ass going lmao