Strange Egypt (Documentary)

  • Published on: 12 October 2017
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  • Runtime : 45:13
  • Egypt Mummies Mummy Pyramids History


  • Marcia Roberts
    Marcia Roberts   3 days ago

    Why this documentary portraying ancient Egyptians as European? Ancient Egyptians were children of Ham. How do you get from Ham to European. I know at some point the European did invade and conquer Egypt. Please! Tell the story right. Ham people (black) first ruled Egypt, then European conquer and ruled. They raped, murdered,pillage, etc. The people today that are the face of Egypt, reminds me of America today.

  • A snek Boi
    A snek Boi   4 days ago

    Basically Egyptian religion was basically a long manga

  • suprcrzy
    suprcrzy   1 weeks ago

    14:09 "Half the bug is cooked with the nail clippings, apple seeds, and urine. This mixture is poured into a jug of wine, with more incantations".. So in other words, the recipe for Budweiser? ๐Ÿคข

  • Stephanie Davis
    Stephanie Davis   2 weeks ago

    Atlantean conspiracy theories? Jfc. I knew this was going to be trash, but that's unforgivable.

  • Nathaniel Foster
    Nathaniel Foster   2 weeks ago

    Only one problem with this documentary , The Egyptians were black African people of the Nile.

  • zen underground
    zen underground   2 weeks ago

    The ruling families had to have gotten more and more genetically defective through that amount of incest. Huge increases in severe mental illness. Plummeting levels of intelligence. Perhaps some were able to maintain beauty and appearance for the public eye, but it's almost impossible any of them could function enough to actually live on their own, let alone rule. And they did this for how long?

  • bobdoc12
    bobdoc12   3 weeks ago

    Sexual acts were toooo elaborate

  • Dr. Nagesh Parekar
    Dr. Nagesh Parekar   3 weeks ago

    It may be just coincidence. Funny that historians tell everything as if mummies sent them the dvds from heaven.

  • Jessica Pleasant
    Jessica Pleasant   3 weeks ago

    It is still common in Africa that women purposely do things to themselves to protect themselves from rape. Maybe some of the stuff like dung was actually used to do that? As it said dung likely kept men away.

  • Arnold Polin
    Arnold Polin   1 months ago

    This sounds like today. Every bit of it. Like Pual in the bible who had to scold a father and son for having sex with with the mother.

  • channon j
    channon j   1 months ago

    Really Atlantis! How racist is that. Egyptians built their Pyramids end of story.

  • R Hopzing
    R Hopzing   1 months ago

    Monotheism started in Egypt. Akenaten.

  • BlueSky2019
    BlueSky2019   1 months ago

    Good way to learn about ancient Egypt.

  • Jess Frankel
    Jess Frankel   1 months ago

    Interesting documentary, but it makes me think of Bubba Ho-Tep... ;)

  • Jimmi Kakkei
    Jimmi Kakkei   1 months ago

    Guys stop making these stupid ass comments and watch

  • Donte Hayden
    Donte Hayden   1 months ago

    I highly doubt they only used theyโ€™re fingers to wipe themselves ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„. Egypt was one of the most prominent places in the world. Even in Africa today many ppl use water. (Which will get you cleaner than toilet paper obviously).... that whole line killed it for me smh.

  • Jai Gilbert
    Jai Gilbert   1 months ago

    10 seconds in and realizing that they didnโ€™t get actual black people to play these parts ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€

  • Rat Hair
    Rat Hair   1 months ago


  • James Hadaway
    James Hadaway   2 months ago

    I think I'll give the beetles and toe nails a miss thanks.

  • Sierra Smith
    Sierra Smith   2 months ago

    Imagine spending thousands of dollars on some papyrus thinking it'll be some ancient knowledge but when you open it it's nothing but ancient porn

  • Kyra LaBeet
    Kyra LaBeet   2 months ago

    Itโ€™s so funny how the only time they show an Egyptian as being black in this documentary was when they were performing dark magic and conspiring against the king ๐Ÿ™„

  • Akio Yokoyama
    Akio Yokoyama   2 months ago

    why is this stranger then parting seas, Noah's arc, ... immaculate conception, ... ressurection, and thousands of other nebulous christian ideas?

  • andi mead
    andi mead   2 months ago

    they are lowkey being really degrading in the way they comment on this stufff

  • anglojojo
    anglojojo   2 months ago

    Run a CT scan, "yeap the penis is still there"

  • Mina Cz
    Mina Cz   2 months ago

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    Mina Cz   2 months ago

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    Mina Cz   2 months ago

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