Mob VS Tatsumaki (Mob Psycho 100 VS One Punch Man) | DEATH BATTLE!

  • Published on: 06 November 2019
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    Mob VS Tatsumaki's Bloopers!

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  • Runtime : 22:18
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    DEATH BATTLE!   6 months ago

    Check out the Bloopers of this episode here!

  • Simon Ashley-Smith
    Simon Ashley-Smith   1 hours ago

    What about the part when Reigen straight up sucker punches the enemy esper as one of his "special attacks"

  • Nigel Adjei
    Nigel Adjei   2 hours ago

    As much as I usually respect the endings of the battles, this one was just one I don't agree with

  • Hay8
    Hay8   4 hours ago

    16:44 my dirty mind thought this looked like the beginning of a hentai lol

  • Wieldan andi
    Wieldan andi   5 hours ago

    Padahal tatsumaki kga bisa nurunin meteor apalagi kalo kepalanya berdarah 🤣

  • Patrick Wastie
    Patrick Wastie   8 hours ago

    Mob: I need help, can you show me were the middle school is?Tatsumaki: (kills him)

  • imagine being a mouse
    imagine being a mouse   11 hours ago

    why. Mob isn't even an adult yet. He is a child esper smh. I don't think Mob should ever have been in death battle especially against a annoying ass loli brat.

  • drilla boy1
    drilla boy1   21 hours ago

    Saitama is without a doubt stronger then mob he rivals goku ss blue form at his normal power without his full potential mob barley rivals meliodis

  • David Palacios
    David Palacios   1 days ago

    Modern should have won noooooooooooooooooo I call hacks

  • • Mac •
    • Mac •   1 days ago

    17:45dad joke warningI guess you can say she got BUSted!

  • Ben Purcell
    Ben Purcell   1 days ago

    I think the two characters were created by the same person.

  • Clark James Ramos
    Clark James Ramos   1 days ago

    Don't forget the characters experience, smartness and quick response

  • VPagon
    VPagon   2 days ago

    I thought Shigeo having control over both defense and offense simultaneously would save him from that meteor, but I suppose it was unexpected that Tatsu would go on the full offensive, and sustain hits, just to land an attack like that.

  • The Nerd
    The Nerd   2 days ago

    Next should be Saiki vs someone just as op.

  • Samir Henson
    Samir Henson   2 days ago

    ...I think this is wrong for one thing mob can twist lims with his mind...And yeah

  • MagnuMagnus
    MagnuMagnus   3 days ago

    One of the most satisfying DEATH BATTLE!!!s I've seen in years.

  • Mark Zuccerbot
    Mark Zuccerbot   3 days ago

    “Mob is one of the few psychics that can attack and defend simultaneously.”Mob: Loses

  • Dovakin666
    Dovakin666   3 days ago

    My view? Mob has more potential and if they were the same age he would probably crush her, but he’s over a decade younger and has had far less time to grow and develop to his full potential, so tatsumaki defeated him rather easily.

  • Gamer832 xbox
    Gamer832 xbox   4 days ago

    Personally saiki kuso could easily beat both of them.

  • d7mko
    d7mko   4 days ago

    Bro mob have the power i mean the “%???” We dont even know how strong it is but for sure its stronger than everyone it beated the person who is stronger than him i mean the strongest espar in mob and he is stronger than her for sure (thnx for reading this looong comment but that was just my opinion ofc i like mob more than her but still the ???% is stronger)

  • Binary-Kun
    Binary-Kun   4 days ago


  • Ben Massey
    Ben Massey   4 days ago

    Considering mob was going at his ??? power i think he would of been able to stop the meteor

  • Ben Massey
    Ben Massey   4 days ago

    I think this is the only time I disagree with your decision

  • Alex Austin
    Alex Austin   5 days ago

    Did anybody else freak out when they showed the Steven Universe clip?

  • Woody The Cowboy Idiot

    Ngl,Mob was just minding his own business, and he should have won.Edit:he died a rude death.

  • lole lelo
    lole lelo   5 days ago

    Little did they know, these idiots were wrong. can instantly destroy an alternate dimension, and regrow an arm in an instant.Should've kept waiting.

  • Ciaran
    Ciaran   5 days ago

    I was shocked to find out that Mob wasn’t from One Punch Man. He has the same art style. I thought he was Tatsumaki and vice versa.

  • PachyLordTaco 21
    PachyLordTaco 21   5 days ago

    Mob vs tatsumaki,also know as the absolute worst death battle don’t @ me

  • XI DA
    XI DA   5 days ago

    mobs is stronger lol sometimes u dont need sience to determenite winner its ANIMEE not IRLL idiots