Is It Okay to Touch Mars?

  • Published on: 10 November 2016
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    Earth and Mars size comparison:

    calculate how much you’d weigh on Mars:

    Martian ‘sun dial’:

    Touching Mars images (walnut regolith):

    Pascal Lee:

    Other flag ideas:

    Kim Stanley Robinson’s excellent trilogy:

    terraforming of Mars:

    Outer Space Treaty:

    Extraterrestrial Liberty:

    Time on Mars:

    Mars orbit:

    Mars orbit proximity chart:

    NASA Mars time program:

    Mars Watches:

    Darian calendar:

    Ask a Mathematician physicist article:

    Apollo quarantine:

    Buzz tweet:

    space dust:

    Blood and skin cells changing:

    Planetary protection:

    Mars sample return [PDF]:

    The International Committee Against Mars Sample Return

    glow worms:



    Bill Clinton speech on Mars rock:

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  • Supreme pat
    Supreme pat   38 minuts ago

    a person touches soil on marsmars: oi don't touch me :)

  • Mystic Bow
    Mystic Bow   4 hours ago

    4:27 he need to look in his watch to tell a what year we are living...what an idiot!!

  • unknown entertainment

    Bruh the us don't give a fuck about no laws once we live up there, bitch we about to own a planet

  • Enrico Awesomesurname


  • Mark Reaves
    Mark Reaves   7 hours ago

    You're all way too late. I claimed Mars back in the 80s. I am the currently absent king of Mars, which I have renamed Marinatio. You touch, you will draw back a nub.

  • Richard Russell
    Richard Russell   9 hours ago

    Tera form earth first.... It will be infinitely easier to do and cheaper too.... Do earth first....then mars.

  • Sukellusmies
    Sukellusmies   11 hours ago

    Did the universe ever begin? Has it always existed? Maybe Mars and other planets once had intellegent life but something happened... Could they have even been more technologically advanced than us?

  • jebes909090
    jebes909090   13 hours ago

    you're wrong vsause, that speech that clinton made was about a message from vega

  • MoeSlislack
    MoeSlislack   14 hours ago

    mars exploration parallels colonizing the usa. the colonist enjoyed their freedom and decided to keep it and I would think it would be the exact same scenario when people go to mars.

  • Yafet Kibrom
    Yafet Kibrom   14 hours ago

    Hey if no one is on Mars holding a shotgun and saying get of my property. I think it's okay to call dibs.

  • GamingWithBright GWB
    GamingWithBright GWB   14 hours ago

    Now we've been in quarantine longer than the people who went to the moon haha

  • David Eranosian
    David Eranosian   15 hours ago

    I know this is weird, but can anyone please tell me how he started this 'hey Vsauce, Michael here' thing? What is the meaning behind Vsauce? What or who is Vsauce?

  • Dory Azar
    Dory Azar   21 hours ago

    Funny he talks about quarantine

  • Desmond Hunter
    Desmond Hunter   23 hours ago

    first thought after seeing the title "Short answer, No."

  • GM3210
    GM3210   1 days ago

    0:20 I believe we have brought back samples from mars(soil and rocks) via probes and landers.-----1:45 Ahhahahahah...wait, yer serious? All credible scientists agreed that such an undertaking would likely be out of the scope of our science for hundreds of years at least. Also even if we could do it, without a magnetic field that atmosphere would be lost to space over time.-----2:00 I dunno about y'all, but if I flew such a cr*p looking flag i'd be embarrassed as heck about how cruddy it looks.

  • LaikaLycanthrope
    LaikaLycanthrope   1 days ago

    Well, disease from space isn't a new consideration; how old is the story of The Andromeda Strain again?Want to help and UPLIFT other creatures, then start with the ones here on Earth! Who says they have to stay too stupid to deal with humans, ya supremacists? But you'd help a Martian mushroom?

  • Mr Bread
    Mr Bread   1 days ago

    The Timeline in Mars could be assembeled like we did to Earth, if only Julius Caesar was here .-.And what about the OxYgEn

  • Vannic Wolf
    Vannic Wolf   1 days ago

    i wanna get all up in that mars! terraform it with spanks baby.

  • Cowman 5700
    Cowman 5700   1 days ago

    The Mars fossils name has my Initials for the first three letters

  • The T-posing Astronaut

    This makes me question human life expectancy on Mars since time goes 2.7% slower. But I just calculated what human life expectancy on Mars would be if we lived there right now. On Earth, its about 79 years (78.93 to be exact), but on Mars, It would be 81 years (81.06111 to be exact). That means humans on Mars would be able to have a additional 3 years in their lifetime. I've made a chart of how long human life expectancy would be on other planet's (and the sun) if we somehow lived there, Keep in mind this is based all on the planets rotational period, not the environmental conditions.Sun (Rotational Period: 25 days on equator) - 98.6625Mercury (Rotational Period: 58.6 days) - 125.21 yearsVenus (Rotational Period: 243 days) - 321.93 (that's fricken long)(Skip Earth and Mars since I already covered them.)Jupiter (Rotational Period: 9 hours 55 minutes, lets round it to 10 hours) - 19.3487 yearsSaturn (Rotational Period: 10 hours 14 minutes) - 22.527 yearsUranus (Rotational Period: 17 hours 14 minutes) - 27.2549712 yearsNeptune (Rotational Period: 16.11 hours) - 25.9482375 yearsSome of the Dwarf planets and the Moons to be extra.Moon (Earth's Moon, Orbital & Rotational Period: 27.32 days) - 100.493676 yearsTitan (Saturn's Moon, Orbital & Rotational Period: 15.93 days) - 91.511442 yearsEuropa (Jupiter's Moon, Orbital & Rotational Period: 3.5 days) - 81.7329472 yearsPluto (Tidally locked to its Moon Charon, Rotational period: 6.39 days) - 83.973627 yearsEris (Rotational period: 1.07 days or 25.9 hours) - 79.4551 years2008 HJ (Fastest rotating thing in our system, Rotational period: 42.7 seconds) - 4.522689 yearsAnd why not a extra-terrestrial planet as a finale.Proxima Centauri b - (Tidally locked to Proxima Centauri, Rotational period: 11.2 days) - 87.77016This took me quite a while to make.

  • hear fan
    hear fan   1 days ago

    Will there be countries on Mars or is that just an Earth thing?

  • Pixel
    Pixel   1 days ago

    You have a point about we might be the only planet with life and we should keep it around for as long as possible.

  • katkatCSI
    katkatCSI   1 days ago

    Leave Mars alone damn it!! Stupid humans, freaking sociopaths

  • Nik D
    Nik D   2 days ago

    Nice video but the karagiozilics should be left over

  • Jongle Wongle
    Jongle Wongle   2 days ago

    Mars would be radiation central with the lack of atmosphere, but for some mitigating factors. It is 50 million miles further out from the Sun than Earth is, in orbital terms, But, still, that surface area facing the Sun would be getting radioactive during the day but then that would diminish with the planetary rotation removing that area away from direct sunlight. You could grab some Martian rocks and dust and maybe also wrench off a side panel or something from one of the Viking Landers [ " scrap metal action " ] and fly back to Earth with it, but by the time you got back to Earth with it in the confines of some spacecraft the radioactivity would be negligible. But the powers that be would still prevent you from removing it from its sealed containment since they would want total forensic integrity with it.

  • Kenny kohen
    Kenny kohen   2 days ago

    terraforming mars is stupid since it can't even hold atmosphere

  • Elgen
    Elgen   2 days ago

    Why does people not use the earths age as yearsLike year 4.54 billion

  • Kubaadamiec
    Kubaadamiec   2 days ago

    You can after covid-19 touch mars and eat them!

  • HauntedPancake
    HauntedPancake   2 days ago

    I really don't get the People who think Mars should remain an empty, lifeless desert. Even worse are those who think, Humanity shouldn't colonize Space at all because of A: Misguided environmentalism, B: Hatred for humanity or C: getting "triggered" by the word Colonizing.

  • Love Otis Hickory
    Love Otis Hickory   2 days ago

    Mars used to be wet, now it's incredibly dry. Places on Earth that follow that model usually produce opals. Opals are often fossils. Opalized Martian trees im sure.

  • TZAZ Arizona
    TZAZ Arizona   2 days ago

    How can you establish an atmosphere on a planet with no magnetosphere, solar wind and cosmic rays would constantly strip it away. Great for video fodder but not going to happen.

  • Kevin O
    Kevin O   2 days ago

    Ladies if you want to touch me you can

  • Julianna Sequoyah
    Julianna Sequoyah   2 days ago

    Humans fuck up Earth and go to (back to) Mars to prepare to destroy the rest of the galaxy. Humans suck.