Is It Okay to Touch Mars?

  • Published on: 10 November 2016
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    Earth and Mars size comparison:

    calculate how much you’d weigh on Mars:

    Martian ‘sun dial’:

    Touching Mars images (walnut regolith):

    Pascal Lee:

    Other flag ideas:

    Kim Stanley Robinson’s excellent trilogy:

    terraforming of Mars:

    Outer Space Treaty:

    Extraterrestrial Liberty:

    Time on Mars:

    Mars orbit:

    Mars orbit proximity chart:

    NASA Mars time program:

    Mars Watches:

    Darian calendar:

    Ask a Mathematician physicist article:

    Apollo quarantine:

    Buzz tweet:

    space dust:

    Blood and skin cells changing:

    Planetary protection:

    Mars sample return [PDF]:

    The International Committee Against Mars Sample Return

    glow worms:



    Bill Clinton speech on Mars rock:

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  • andyrockism
    andyrockism   7 hours ago

    I saw the trailer there were in after coming from the moon.

  • Johannson Romero
    Johannson Romero   15 hours ago

    Maybe we should colonize the moon first, and let's do it in the 2020s.

  • Apposum083 Gunjammed
    Apposum083 Gunjammed   21 hours ago

    Environmental pollution at sea and on land, the extinction of animals, the depletion of marine resources, the drop in fresh water levels in rivers and lakes, the global rise in temperature, the depletion of oil reserves, war, and finally the entire orbit in space debris. Mars green to do? Without water? - What a stupid thing. Mars is death planet and Earth will be to. The earth will become dead before Mars turns green.

  • the one and only danny

    I thought they would just go to the moon first for like a pit stop then go to mars

  • Wesley DuBose
    Wesley DuBose   1 days ago

    I let his videos play while I sleep, his intelligence is like rain on a tin roof

  • Hatris
    Hatris   1 days ago

    Red Faction time!

  • unnamedyoutuber
    unnamedyoutuber   1 days ago


  • frontsilver 60
    frontsilver 60   1 days ago

    We keep looking for life more advanced than us but what if we're the first planet to hold life.

  • Ari
    Ari   2 days ago

    I actually read in my space Encyclopedia that the Iron in our blood and Calcium in our bones are from ancient supernovas. I found that fascinating. That huge stars from millions and millions of miles away somehow died at the perfect time, perfectly dispersing the materials throughout space in the perfect time to create humans. And humans are so complex, too.If this comment is stupid I'm sorry I'm just a random 13 year old who's interested in this stuff so just keep scrolling <: <3Also Idk is vsauce mentions that in the video so if he does no need to comment it <3

  • Eisenwerks
    Eisenwerks   3 days ago

    Me: I'm gonna learn if it's ok to touch the red planet!Michael: You are an alien.

  • S Tman
    S Tman   4 days ago

    The flag should be the FE flag!The flag that the flat earthers have hanging on their walls! You know the one that looks exactly like the one we fly to represent the United Nations of the world! 🇺🇳. But instead will be red instead of blue to represent Mars Red color. This will satisfy everyone: Martians, all human Earthlings, and those pesky FE'ers!

  • SpookyMOTH
    SpookyMOTH   4 days ago

    its not even legal yet dont do it

  • Jan Petersson
    Jan Petersson   4 days ago

    THIS IS INSANEJust look at Your comments, and then tell me You have any knowledge at all, it is disgusting that You are so little knowledge of what You believe in, so You can´t discuss like a mature person, it is like to be in daycare with children for God sake, You should all be a shame of Yourself to show Your stupidity so open for everyone, but this is exactly what is to expect in this globalist video-files, people who live on what their teacher told them 40 Years ago, and have not educate since then.

  • The Disabled Gamer
    The Disabled Gamer   5 days ago

    The ONLY laws that should exist anywhere in the world is, No form of any kind of, Crime, Violence, any and all forms of those 2 things covers it all, you commit any crime you do 2 years in prison, no matter if it's your 1st or 41st time committing it and if you commit ANY form of Violence no matter if it's assault or murder then your sentence is instant death, no waiting, no years in jail, this is the best and only way to have society operate in a non violent, non crime ridden way and thus will also make it to where the ones that do, do these things are dealt with instantly !

  • buster buster
    buster buster   5 days ago

    Deepends mars dosent have a magnetic field so you would die of radiation

  • Douglas Gilmore
    Douglas Gilmore   5 days ago

    Its now 2019, still haven't touched mars but I touched some girl named mars, yey for small victory's!!!!

  • ManVsWildSE
    ManVsWildSE   5 days ago

    So when I'm touching myself, I'm technically touching Mars

  • Prime Logos
    Prime Logos   6 days ago

    Yes its okay to touch mars.... if it's cosential

  • Awesome Face
    Awesome Face   1 weeks ago

    5:39 I legit got super anxious when he asked that because for a second I thought he was referring to the decaying body in my basement

  • Ruby Redshine
    Ruby Redshine   1 weeks ago

    I might be trash, but at least I’m martian trash.

  • skudzer1985
    skudzer1985   1 weeks ago

    I hate that "you're totally made of space dust, so you already touched Mars' soil" line because you know damn well that isn't the point. The atoms that make up a piece of dog shit eventually end up as food so we've all eaten dog shit too.

  • LiamStudios
    LiamStudios   1 weeks ago

    but, the oxygen level on mars is %0.1, how would this ever work?

  • Flydrop88
    Flydrop88   1 weeks ago

    preserving martian life is important because we absolutely NEED to study it, if it exists. Martian life would serve as a point of comparision with Earth life, and this way we could learn a lot about life in general just by comparing them.It's definetely possible to bring martian samples to Earth without contaminating neither the planet or the inner part of the container, specially since we will already have more advanced technology at the time we start bringing martian samples in mass. So we should do it.

  • Gerald Hoxha
    Gerald Hoxha   1 weeks ago

    Earth has a blue flag with 7 rings (like the seed of life, a part of Flower Of Life)