Family Forgives 911 Operator Who Told Caller to ‘Shut Up’

  • Published on: 25 September 2019
  • The family of a woman who drowned while a 911 operator appeared to mock her say they are appalled by the handling of her emergency, but they forgive the operator. A frantic Debbie Stevens sobbed as she was on the phone with an operator in Arkansas while she was trapped in a flash flood on the morning of Aug. 24. Stevens eventually drowned. Now, her family is speaking out, telling Inside Edition they are furious at the handling of her emergency.
  • Runtime : 2:23
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  • Praying Handtis
    Praying Handtis   3 hours ago

    She should be fired! Her job is to get help to people in situations and she just said you shouldn’t have driven in the water!!!

  • GalaxyUnicorn Girl
    GalaxyUnicorn Girl   3 hours ago

    That was the worst dispatcher ever she killed people!! She's so rude ugh

  • Omar Kadir
    Omar Kadir   5 hours ago

    The operator should be fired and arrested

  • Unicorn 1849
    Unicorn 1849   8 hours ago

    Don't forgive her she practily killed her.

  • AverageNOOB
    AverageNOOB   1 days ago

    She murdered 2 people. She needs to be banned from work and in jail.

  • Caeser Zeppli
    Caeser Zeppli   1 days ago

    Ugh the dispatcher should just call the police to help her and not say to shut up like that's not right

  • Brittany Jop
    Brittany Jop   2 days ago

    I don’t like that operator at all. She called so she can get HELP. This made me cry because the poor lady was apologizing and kept saying “I’m scared” and it left me in tears.

  • Oakus
    Oakus   2 days ago

    Wait why the hell was that 911 dispatcher forgiven. She refuses to send help

  • karen kaye seneca
    karen kaye seneca   2 days ago

    i feel so bad 😭 Both of them felt to sad before they died!! 💖😢

  • Unknow channel
    Unknow channel   2 days ago

    Me: saw this videoAlso me: trolls 911 and said suppp bichtt

  • Angii Slbnz
    Angii Slbnz   3 days ago

    Omg Karma is gonna get to u Donna. Just wait and see. Heartless witch

  • Kelcy animation
    Kelcy animation   3 days ago

    That dispatcher doesn’t deserve their forgiveness that wasn’t the woman’s fault and even if it was her job is to help people not tell them to shut up

  • Tam Alpaio
    Tam Alpaio   3 days ago

    Dispatcher: “this will teach you next time don’t drive in the water” Because of her there is no next time. That dispatcher shouldn’t work for the police. Tells her to shut up, tells her it’s all her fault, asks her how she couldn’t see it. Imagine “shut up” being the last words you hear. Yes it is her fault she’s in the water, but she didn’t do it on purpose. Also, maybe her eyes weren’t the best.

  • Jim Wang
    Jim Wang   3 days ago

    I was waiting for inside edition to say something like “ the operator is now sent to jail for letting 2 female die”

    FAT THINGS   4 days ago

    I still can't believe how she got her job and how did she kept her job, was it her first time???Nevertheless, she's an awful person.

    H2O BIOLEGEND   4 days ago

    How could the family forgive the dispatcher?”

  • Extreme A
    Extreme A   4 days ago

    Why couldn’t she break the window and try to reach the surface

  • Robin Powers
    Robin Powers   4 days ago

    Anybody want to slap that 911 operator with me

  • Ang Anak Ni Dodoy at Eta

    I hope that that dispacher is not working their anymore. She lacked compassion. She should be in jail tbh.

  • ォヴェGoodnightNight

    I don’t know how anyone could forgive someone like that. As a police officer your job is too help people in need. She could have prevented her death, but instead wasted valuable time saying how next time she shouldn’t drive in the water.

  • Dee Tess
    Dee Tess   4 days ago

    That 911 dispatcher doesn't deserve forgiveness. She is an uncompassionate POS who deserves jail time even if caller didn't die. May she suffer from the guilt of her actions the rest of her life.

  • putchapie 43
    putchapie 43   5 days ago

    What happened to the heartless dispatcher?

  • Grand Baby
    Grand Baby   5 days ago

    I know the dispatcher is reading this and the other hate comments

  • Chif 213
    Chif 213   5 days ago

    srry but is the dog ok? srry srry IS THE DOG OK

  • Oscar Gamez
    Oscar Gamez   5 days ago

    Nah man, the operator should be placed in a water tank with her limbs tied up and the water rising, she can scream for help and a speaker will tell her to shut up as she slowly drowns.

  • Kim Smith
    Kim Smith   5 days ago

    Dude call me a bad person but I wouldn’t forgive the dispatcher she was there to do a job and she failed causing a person to die. That’s not something I would forgive

  • dtth httd
    dtth httd   6 days ago

    I feel like the Dispatcher didn’t care about Debbie

  • MinusUltra OneForNobody


  • Sullivan Bright
    Sullivan Bright   6 days ago

    I wouldn’t forgive her. She’s everything wrong with society.