I’M SHOCKED ... at How Great this Looked 🤯

  • Published on: 30 December 2019
  • I can't believe how amazing this turned out, I'm shocked! xo's ~ Tati
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  • Runtime : 25:52
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  • blossmmm
    blossmmm   5 days ago

    whenever you are done with that jumper, i would be happy to buy it from you! i cant get that colour anywhere!

  • Charlotte Smith
    Charlotte Smith   2 weeks ago

    Getting so frustrated that one brow is darker than the other 😂

  • DyingtobeinKorea S
    DyingtobeinKorea S   1 months ago

    e.l.f is brilliant! I'd say about 85% of their products are awesome. Brushes especially!

  • Hunny Bunny
    Hunny Bunny   1 months ago

    The colour of that liquid liner/shadow is stunning 😱

  • Sylvia W
    Sylvia W   1 months ago

    I love these drugstore makeup videos! Adorable and awesome!!!!Thank you Tati!I love the videos with high end makeup too! It be more like a Christmas gift to me! They all beautiful and fun makeup products!You are the best Tati!!! 💐💐💐💐💐💐💐

  • patiglaczkowska
    patiglaczkowska   1 months ago

    It was a cute look but that bronzer killed it for me :(

  • Hannah Ray
    Hannah Ray   2 months ago

    Tati PRODUCTS MENTIONED/WORN... we need it😭

  • Ana Cristina Fonseca
    Ana Cristina Fonseca   2 months ago

    I don’t like the lips, but the eye makeup looks stunning! That color just lights Tati’s skin tone up

  • Laura Pitcher
    Laura Pitcher   2 months ago

    The blue looked so good as a shadow and liner before the black liner and false eye lashes

  • Andrea Clay
    Andrea Clay   3 months ago

    I really like your brows 😍😍😍

  • mrs mucha
    mrs mucha   3 months ago

    You are so funny Tati. And your info is so good.

  • catsfat123
    catsfat123   3 months ago

    I have wide shaped yet somewhat sparse in thickness brows and I use the nyx fluff and fill or w.e it was and it just sort of like....makes it seem like theres color there where its empty space which for me is all i really want. The shades a bit too light for me tho so i mix it with a black brow pencil i got on wish haha.

  • Ima Karimah
    Ima Karimah   3 months ago

    I kinda like how beefy this is.... Yeah Mama I heard ya

  • Els Cnossen
    Els Cnossen   3 months ago

    Still have Cashmere Mist... love it!! 😁😘

  • Hallie Diel
    Hallie Diel   3 months ago

    Dear Tati, I loveeee the Rimmell lip art graphic color but I can't find it anywhere to purchase. Also what is the eyeshadow called sooooo pretty and galactic looking yassss

  • Charisse Ballard
    Charisse Ballard   4 months ago

    Tati you look amazing as always! Unrelated to the makeup.... I’m loving your top & nails, what are they??

  • Dance Girl
    Dance Girl   4 months ago

    I love the eyeshadow/eyeliner and the color looks so pretty!

  • Yin Aranzamendez
    Yin Aranzamendez   4 months ago

    I can't believe Revlon is a drug-store make up. Here in the Philippines, it's not that cheap. 😭😭😭

  • Janet Rintone
    Janet Rintone   4 months ago

    Tati you can wear anything and look beautiful. I love your videos.

  • Evelyn Lopez
    Evelyn Lopez   4 months ago

    when she tried putting the tarte primer cap on the other primer I felt that

  • Sheila S
    Sheila S   4 months ago

    Tati: 3-2-1 let's just do it..SwipesTati: NO

  • 264aub
    264aub   4 months ago

    Tati if you don’t like the Blur primer I’ll take it off your hands free of charge

  • Claire Trevenen
    Claire Trevenen   4 months ago

    I love Tati but I do wish she would stop pumping the applicators into the tubes of eyeliners/mascara (especially so vigorously). It pumps air into the tube of makeup and besides it drying the product out, it can also trap/introduce bacteria into the product. I don't know if the sound is amplified as the mic is there but sometimes it sounds like she's beating the crap out of the product 😂

  • Erinw0178
    Erinw0178   4 months ago

    Tarte primer will always be my favorite.

  • Josie Cisneros
    Josie Cisneros   4 months ago

    Totally off topic, but what are those bright bottles in the background? 😮

  • Pascale Dominique
    Pascale Dominique   4 months ago

    Would love to see work-appropriate looks vs glam. Can't glam for work-a-day world

  • My Life Wendy
    My Life Wendy   4 months ago

    I love the look.. I was not sure it would turn out but Dang it looks Amazing!!

  • N D
    N D   4 months ago

    Wasn’t California called the sunshine state? Don’t you think that’s odd, that California has overcast days?

  • Regina
    Regina   4 months ago

    Manhattan has had this type of lip product since a hot minute!