🔴 SUPERMAN DAD ❤ !! Father Saves Their Children at The last Minute

  • Published on: 07 September 2017
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    SUPERMAN Father
    ad of 8-Year-Old Saves Him from Flying Baseball Bat- 'He's My Superhero!'
    Hero Dad Saves Son's Head From Flying Baseball Bat
    Meet Hero Dad And The (Adorable) Son He Saved From Flying Baseball Bat | TODAY
  • Runtime : 11:30
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  • Mah Ima
    Mah Ima   2 days ago

    ليه التعليقات كلها انجليزي وياباني ترا مكتوب بالعربي

  • Jomar Beran
    Jomar Beran   3 days ago

    Big brother "That's why we need a railing!!"Couldn't have said it better myself

  • Jheraldine Dinise
    Jheraldine Dinise   3 days ago

    i'm supper miss my papa beacouse he died he died in the jail 😢💔 polis man said my papa had a bangungot but i think not beacouse the jail had a many sindicant then the mastermind said to the other people in the jail patayin si papa😢💔

  • Vanessa Obot
    Vanessa Obot   5 days ago

    3:04-SAVAGEPeriferal vision be like, "I gotch u."

  • 由香春奈


  • Lacie L
    Lacie L   1 weeks ago

    9:11 does the dad survive?

  • 베타
    베타   1 weeks ago

    썸네일 애기아빠 팔 골절상 입었을거같네ㅠㅠ

  • Obliton
    Obliton   1 weeks ago

    "Man, you better stay away from my Golden egg bruh."

  • Cookie Boo
    Cookie Boo   1 weeks ago

    6:33 What'd the dog do to him? O.o

  • Sarah Crisp
    Sarah Crisp   1 weeks ago

    When I was about 7 I fell 10 meters out of a tree head first and my dad caught me by the foot, one-handed, like it was nothing 😂❤️

  • Feddie
    Feddie   1 weeks ago

    This slow motion is so annoying

  • 曽田朋子


  • promita sarker
    promita sarker   1 weeks ago

    I LOVE YOU DAD💕 You are my superhero💕💕💕💕

  • Tori Zubia
    Tori Zubia   1 weeks ago

    The one where the little girl pushes the other little one off the slide they look exactly like me my sister and my dad

  • Ali Boroni
    Ali Boroni   2 weeks ago

    خیلی زیبا

  • Kenvy Conde
    Kenvy Conde   2 weeks ago

    Father senses, they can feel if they're child is in trouble! That's why they always want us home because they can feel if you're in trouble even if he's asleep! Someday I will feel it too

  • てけ
    てけ   2 weeks ago

    my dad is my hero who save me from insects

  • Azan Ijaz
    Azan Ijaz   2 weeks ago


  • Azan Ijaz
    Azan Ijaz   2 weeks ago


  • CarlyUTube
    CarlyUTube   2 weeks ago

    Not only did he stop the girl from falling he kept the boy on his shoulders!

  • grwo
    grwo   2 weeks ago


  • Dorita TheQueeen
    Dorita TheQueeen   2 weeks ago

    Me enjoying the video and hope that one day my child have a dad like them and then : Guys please don’t forget subscribe if like it

  • Kim Shine
    Kim Shine   2 weeks ago

    5:45 this man pushing the kid really hard (he wants to kill the kid?😅😅)

  • IBunnie Bund
    IBunnie Bund   2 weeks ago

    When you watch it in 2020 be like...Actually is our dad had that spider sense thingy? I don't even know that..

  • Albatul Gadri
    Albatul Gadri   2 weeks ago

    ما ادري ليش بس الفديو خلاني ادمع لا شعوريا

  • Steve Dawson
    Steve Dawson   2 weeks ago

    Maybe super duper dads wouldn't let their very young kids get that close to danger in the first place, and yes i am a father of four, before i get smart arse replies