My Weird Trip to the UK

  • Published on: 09 June 2019
  • The UK was great and i had a time

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  • Runtime : 8:53
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  • Twilyx360
    Twilyx360   17 minuts ago

    Is it just me or has it become a tradition that every time Jaiden goes to Europe something completely unexpected always happens?The Netherlands: Blows a hotel room fuseFrance: Scammed twice one of them had this weird 100€ scamUK: Wallet and this weird guy.Idk but I feel like this could be a meme at some point don't you think? XD

  • Lilly Smith
    Lilly Smith   39 minuts ago

    Hi Jaiden. I really love your videos, they make me laugh and make me happy 😁 Thx for putting so much time and effort into your vids (and for being an amazing mum to Ari 😘🐦)

  • JTTJMD/ All
    JTTJMD/ All   1 hours ago

    My bird died a month ago 😭He had a stress problems and was laying eggs

  • Saval CRAFT
    Saval CRAFT   3 hours ago

    you sound like you don't know what "materialistic" mean

  • Cat Cat
    Cat Cat   4 hours ago

    Theodd1onesout is better lol just my opinion

  • Aqua Grizzlord
    Aqua Grizzlord   5 hours ago

    Thunk? That's a real word?! damn, so this is how it is living in asia. You don't know shit

  • Marcus Watson
    Marcus Watson   7 hours ago

    Hey jadin my gf Isabella relly likes you something else and james can you please help me out could you just make a minute long vid telling her how much her life means shes suicidel and this relly. Would help jadin pleaseLike for support

  • indian grimreaper
    indian grimreaper   8 hours ago

    0:47 "Like that one video"I see you're a person of trauma as well

  • Cloudycorn
    Cloudycorn   8 hours ago

    Why are there no uk tour dates for the show?!I am a brit!

  • Reed
    Reed   8 hours ago

    You didn’t flush?? After pee pee?? What

  • seinor bacon
    seinor bacon   9 hours ago

    Me: remembers 2017Also me: rembers what jaiden said: welp we dident know what was comingAw thw memories

  • Kealin Christopher
    Kealin Christopher   9 hours ago

    Hi jaiden i will like u YES U go hear ur own song of undertale heres the song (painted plummed animus) go for the one whith 2 jaiden and a circle whith a heart (why did i say heart i should say soul) in the middle go hear it PLS

  • FanArt Fixer!
    FanArt Fixer!   9 hours ago

    Soulja boy phone XD Jaiden, you're the best!

  • Aj Emmeth
    Aj Emmeth   9 hours ago


  • Yin yang
    Yin yang   9 hours ago

    Your Anniversary was Yesterday woohoo Yee Lol 👌

  • casey van meel
    casey van meel   10 hours ago

    I respect u because you don't make 10:01 minutes video's

  • Gamerinfinite
    Gamerinfinite   10 hours ago

    He must have liked you because of your YouTube channel

  • C0R3 S0UL
    C0R3 S0UL   10 hours ago

    "He didnt fly like he did in the video"Me having horrifiying flash backs

  • Rodrigo Acosta
    Rodrigo Acosta   11 hours ago

    Please show us your face maybe not everyone has saw the video of boyinaband in where you skow your face but still we are going to accept you.

  • Ibrahim Murat
    Ibrahim Murat   11 hours ago

    Also if you wanna know search jaiden rule 34

  • Ibrahim Murat
    Ibrahim Murat   11 hours ago

    Jaiden there is this trend called rule 34 they made you one of the sexy girls

  • The weirdest 1
    The weirdest 1   11 hours ago

    Ok I know jaiden probably won’t see this but here I go I think you should do more art challenges. WithJames or adam. I really enjoy them, also what Device or programs do you use?

  • plastic
    plastic   11 hours ago

    im kinda just noticing your animation has yamchas hair