MUKBANG FOOD that has gone TOO FAR 7

  • Published on: 26 March 2020
  • MUKBANG FOOD that has gone TOO FAR Part 7! Today we're watching an asmr eating show with a LOT of food! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch Lucky People Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack

    Lesa Asmr
    HunniBee ASMR

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  • Runtime : 12:5
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  • Robin Kirby
    Robin Kirby   10 hours ago

    Ya my mom made me eat soup if I was bad when I was younger

  • 赵安琪
    赵安琪   21 hours ago

    I know China I’m China look 你好 is hello

  • gacha weirdo
    gacha weirdo   1 days ago

    NORMAL people:Save the turtles...Mukbang people :EAT THE TURTLESSS

  • gdbirdie
    gdbirdie   1 days ago

    Everyone:eating cheese with foodMe:I hate cheese

  • Frosty Fries_xx
    Frosty Fries_xx   1 days ago

    9:33 I dieddd 😂😂😂 but then like imagined if he actually was lactose intolerant and like he went to the doctor and was like Mukbang Guy: ughhhh Doctor I don’t feel well...Doctor: hmmmm * runs a few tests * so it seems like you’re lactose intolerant...have you eaten anything with milk lately? Maybe cheese ?Mukbang Guy: •_•.....

  • Mariama Diallo
    Mariama Diallo   2 days ago

    Sssniperwolf: is that a turtle Me: coronavirus it's real

  • Joanna Kędzior
    Joanna Kędzior   2 days ago

    I think the first thingies were sea pickles 🥒🥒🥒Reply to this comment if u agree

  • leane wenn
    leane wenn   2 days ago

    you’re so beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • •Choco_ Tears_•
    •Choco_ Tears_•   2 days ago

    It's not the thing that they like mmmm ocean that was bear/wine whatever it kills em it makes em burn it hurts em btw big fan of ya sssniperwolf!

  • helena fix
    helena fix   3 days ago

    I'm an Alaskan I LOVE salmon cooked salmon smoked salmon salmon chouder

  • Melanie White
    Melanie White   3 days ago

    I like cheese on tacos and stuff but not by itself

  • Sis plus Sis
    Sis plus Sis   3 days ago

    Who is watching this when she has 20.1M subs?

  • Steven Venable
    Steven Venable   4 days ago

    Err ew yummy i am hungry ahhhhhhh cant take it 👎

  • April
    April   4 days ago

    These ppl are gonna end up with diabetes

  • chloe mushock
    chloe mushock   4 days ago

    Oh my god I had to get my dad to get me to calm down y’all where so funny

  • Steve Smith
    Steve Smith   4 days ago

    5:49 if you have a dirty mind you know what that looks like a gross version of lmfao!

  • ILove_ potatoes
    ILove_ potatoes   4 days ago

    Fun fact: Eating live animals or not well cooked food may make a new virus.Also I,m not telling y'all to be mean to people who eat live animals.Stay safe,stay home,wash your hands, DON'T EAT LIVE ANIMALS.