Which Construction Adhesive is Best? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 08 July 2019
  • Which construction adhesive is best? A total of 10 construction adhesives tested in 2 videos. This video: Flex Seal, Gorilla, 3M 5200, F-26, and Red Devil (not designed for continuous water exposure) and JB Weld tested in 2 out of 4 events. Next video: Liquid Nails Heavy Duty, Liquid Nails Fuze It, Loctite PL 8X, Loctite PL 3X, and DAP Dyna Grip. Unsponsored content 100% of the time to ensure unbiased testing to help consumers select the best products, saving them time and money! Thank you VERY much for all the video ideas you all suggest, including this one and thanks for all of the positive comments as well!

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  • Runtime : 14:57
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  • Mark Hollingsworth
    Mark Hollingsworth   1 hours ago

    I’ve been using 5200 for decades. While it takes a while to fully cure, I’ve had by far the best results with it over most anything. I’ve certainly used JB Weld with generally pretty good results, but for many applications it would be much more difficult to use and would end up a lot more expensive. I seem to recall 5200 needing moisture to fully cure? Maybe I’m thinking of one of the other 3M marine adhesives (they make several I know).Thanks for the test! It would be interesting to try better wood or attachments to see how it does when the wood does not fail. I’ve used it more for fibreglass than anything.

  • J Tech
    J Tech   1 days ago

    i would make a joke about these glues but i dont think it would STICK

  • Homefront
    Homefront   1 days ago

    whoa.. are you using a green screen?

  • O Kov
    O Kov   2 days ago

    135 PVA glue users disliked this video.Great video by the way!

  • Google User
    Google User   3 days ago

    I would like to see tests onVulkem polyurethane, that's my go to.In my opinion .. which means squat:)It's the best shtuff around

  • Norman
    Norman   3 days ago

    I have several pairs of shoes that the sole or heel has come loose.I think I'm going to give the 3-M 5200 a walk through ! !

  • JoJanberg
    JoJanberg   5 days ago

    If I ever have to testify in court I will insist on swearing in with my hand on two tubes of JB Weld.

  • Mach SCGA
    Mach SCGA   1 weeks ago

    Why don't you test Lepage glue products?

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith   1 weeks ago

    I love your channel. Just actually used it for the first time today when I bought a new battery for my truck. Bought one from Walmart. Anyway I have recently watched all of the glue and construction adhesive vids and I noticed that on several occasions we didn't get to see the full strength of the products because the wood failed before the product. So I was thinking that you should try it again with a type of hard wood like oak, or maybe plywood. And when you do please test Jb weld. I know it's not fair but I just love the stuff. Thanks for all you do.

  • jjjerbear777
    jjjerbear777   2 weeks ago

    i never thought i'd be a patreon on any channel .. but this guy is awesome .. and spends his own money doing these tests .. he just settled a long standing battle between all the installers in my shop i already loved the pl 8 and hated liquid nails .. now i can have the liquid nail lovers check this vid out hahaha .. easily worth $1 a month :P . plus our work will be fastened much better ;)

  • Jason Mogridge
    Jason Mogridge   2 weeks ago

    Does any one have a link to part 2? Not sure why but it doesn't come up in my searches?

  • Tim Gatton
    Tim Gatton   2 weeks ago

    I am so impressed with ALL his tests, I have setup a monthly stipend for him via Patreon ... you should too !!

  • Justin Botkin
    Justin Botkin   2 weeks ago

    Question. Did you prep the surfaces like scuff them up. Typically paint and adhesive works better in a controlled environment to its specifications on product and scuffed up. Ik you did controlled environment it what about scuff. Cause I always scuff surface. Just a question thank you. Love your videos

  • Jesse Dover
    Jesse Dover   2 weeks ago

    Do a liquor test 🤔 to see which liquor gets you hammered faster😜🤪, and which hang-over is the worst.🥴🥺🤮

  • Ryökäle
    Ryökäle   3 weeks ago

    thanks for also showing the numbers in kg

  • David Gapp
    David Gapp   3 weeks ago

    Rapidly becoming the go-to source for truth in product capabilities. Brilliant.

  • Gyras
    Gyras   3 weeks ago

    I love this test! My room mate used some CA that never fully dried. So it left a sour taste in my mouth when it came to CA glues.

  • Jack HAMMER
    Jack HAMMER   3 weeks ago

    I will now be using JB weld for all my finish carpentry and cabinetry needs. Lol

  • LBCAndrew
    LBCAndrew   1 months ago

    In order to get a fair comparison between JB weld and the other products, you should have let the construction adhesives cure for a much longer time since they don't use a catalyst OR glue up the JB Weld tests 15-24 hours prior to testing them all, with the construction adhesives having cured for a week. Comparing a catalyzed adhesive which has cured 8x longer than the label says gives it an unfair advantage.

    WISDOM FOR LIFE   1 months ago

    Wow, just found your channel. It's great to get such great testing from an unbiased source!

  • Padraic McGuire
    Padraic McGuire   1 months ago

    All of the adhesives, but for the epoxy 2part are urethane based. Urethane adhesives need a bit of moisture to cure. The reason they most all did poor on the pvc is that the pipe, being hydrophillic, could not provide the water molecules to trigger the cure. There is something different about the 3M chemistry that seems to be able to cure even when moisture levels are near 0!

  • SD com
    SD com   1 months ago

    I did not see Loctite in this trial. I will never buy Gorilla Glue products. They failed multiple times. Their only good side is the ads.

  • Roy Niswanger
    Roy Niswanger   1 months ago

    Subscribed, love your channel. Please do a thorough test with HDPE (HDPE to HDPE adhesion) using adhesives such as 3M Scotch Weld and Loctite 3035 etc etc. Thank you.

  • 25bille
    25bille   1 months ago

    Foam vs concrete which one is better for installing fence post. I don't know that is why I need you to find out. Thanks!!

  • FlyCaster
    FlyCaster   1 months ago

    3M 5200 has been used in marine environments for years. Great product!

  • David Brogan
    David Brogan   1 months ago

    3M products have always been impressive.

  • johnnythomson11
    johnnythomson11   1 months ago

    Great Channel! I noticed GOOP is shown in the middle of the display of adhesives, but was not tested. Was there an issue with using Amazing Goop? I've used this product quite a bit and was really hoping it would be tested.

  • Jacob Daniels
    Jacob Daniels   1 months ago

    Would like to see the a comparison of silicone sealants!! Silicone/thru the roof/lexel and others!

  • Taylor Bertrim
    Taylor Bertrim   1 months ago

    Shoot most of the time you have one of the products I use, but no LePage PL Premium. Awesome videos though, not complaining.

  • archechme
    archechme   1 months ago

    I have never seen a YouTube channel who puts so much effort in to stuff like this. I don't need this knowledge, it doesn't really apply to me right now but I know if I ever need any strong adhesive, I know to go for 3M. Although, I know 3M is well renowned for its adhesive, especially it's VHB tape. Thanks a lot Project Farm, your videos are interesting even if they don't apply to many of your viewers.

  • Martin DeLoach
    Martin DeLoach   1 months ago

    Instead of soaking with water, soak with gas, JB weld has issues with that kind of chemical exposure, at least I tried patching a gas tank with JB weld on a 87 Chevy, it leaked 2 days later.

  • OBK
    OBK   1 months ago

    So jb weld and duct tape And I can survive the apocalypse apparently

  • BTraine Ztraine
    BTraine Ztraine   1 months ago

    I like your videos however you got to be less dry with the numbers and just trying to get to the point faster. Mimi make a second video that you can link that goes over the numbers of people care about that but for most people we just want the results not so much the accounting of it

  • aknighttrain
    aknighttrain   1 months ago

    Suggestion : since the wood failed before the adhesive, we really don't know what the actual numbers are.How about using simple clamps on both ends of the boards instead of through-bolts? There are clamps with teeth, if smooth jawed clamps still can't hold against your winners there.