What If We Detonated All Nuclear Bombs at Once?

  • Published on: 31 March 2019
  • Sources: https://sites.google.com/view/sourcesallthebombs/

    What happens if we make a huge pile from all 15,000 nuclear bombs and pull the trigger? And what happens if we make an even bigger pile?

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  • Runtime : 8:
  • Nuclear Weapon Atombomb Nuke H-Bomb Radioactive Radioactivity Overkill Nuclear Nuclear Winter Ice Age USA Russia France China UK Great Britain Pakistan India Israel North Korea Hiroshima Nagasaki Hiroshima Bomb Tzar Bomb Chicxulub Amazon Rainforest Manhattan Krakatoa Volcano Eruption Vulcanic Fireball Blastwave Burn Pressure wave Mushroom Cloud Crater Wildfire Fallout Uranium Dinosaurs Extinction Asteroid TNT ISS nuclear nuclear bomb atomic bomb


  • Advitiya Raju
    Advitiya Raju   2 hours ago

    can you tell me the website for where you make these animation

  • I am Voluptuous
    I am Voluptuous   6 hours ago

    Don't talk about nuclear bombs while Trump is presedent HE,LL KILL US ALL. I'd like to live so don't give Trump any ideas..Gee..

  • XD IronGames
    XD IronGames   11 hours ago

    They just predicted what will happen in December 2020

  • Redby
    Redby   13 hours ago

    People on ISS: hAhA BiG bOoM

  • JoePonji
    JoePonji   15 hours ago

    Omg Is fantastic. I know it may sound ridiculous but I couldn't stop laughing hearing the catastrophic number and consequences

  • Southwestern Airline
    Southwestern Airline   16 hours ago

    If the explosion happened when i was in a airplane, it could be very visible on the right window (from LAX to CAN), and the left window (from CAN to LAX). If that happens during the cruising altitude of a Boeing 787, then you would be blind for the rest of your life by staring at the bomb for a fraction of a second. So it's 100% important to set the brightness to very low so you wouldn't get blind. Close your shades if you are in other airplanes. If you need to take a picture of the bomb, DON'T! It's because that if you forgot to set the window brightness to low, you might get very blind for the rest of your life. If you're a pilot, please wear sunglasses at all flights in case the nuclear bomb was in the way. If the plane's shaking, please tighten your seatbelt so you wouldn't get thrown all over the airplane. If you're in a restroom, get out immediately and get back to your seat and fasten your seat belt fast! It's because the bomb is so big, that it cause the whole plane to shake. If you're lucky enough to fly the 787 over the clouds towards the sunlight, then we wouldn't be extinct at all. If the 787 was nuclear-proof, then it would be able to fly through the explosion or beside the explosion without being crashed.

  • Southwestern Airline
    Southwestern Airline   16 hours ago

    Or what if we detonated all nuclear bombs altogether but instead of the Amazon Jungle (also known as "Amazonia") in South America shown in this video, we'll detonate the bombs altogether at the same time in Tokyo, Japan, the largest city in the world (as of 2020) because this should show Tokyo instead of Amazonia because i need to get more facts and the deaths and the aftermaths of Tokyo and extend this video to fit the Tokyo part in only 1 video. The good news is that my home city is about 3,344 kilometers away from the epicenter, so i would be safe. But the bad news is that at 3:53, the video says that if anyone was from or live in South America, even in Brazil. But my idea is that if you're from or live in Asia, even in Japan, the explosion might get worse if you now currently live in there.

  • Harry Zhou
    Harry Zhou   21 hours ago

    Can you survive the all nuclear bombs?

  • Kadicha Madakimova
    Kadicha Madakimova   1 days ago

    Can someone please remind me again why do we even create these nuclear bombs?

  • Trolltocol9Oseven
    Trolltocol9Oseven   1 days ago

    Can we just explode all the bombs on China. They kinda deserve it

  • Sahib Chahal
    Sahib Chahal   1 days ago

    The math is a little wrong here. Stacking nukes together doesn’t mean they add up power. It’s not 1+2 = 3 damage.

  • ermenleu
    ermenleu   1 days ago

    This video sounds a bit like the "How it's made" series (same voice?), maybe they should call it "How it's destroyed" ; )

  • Gansta
    Gansta   1 days ago

    Who else saw at 1:55 the word Manhattan changed to Banghattan? Just me?

    JAMES LE   2 days ago

    Some nukes are extremely powerful

    JAMES LE   2 days ago

    Hey what about the tsar bomb withch is around 1000 megatons of tnt

  • Judy Bragg
    Judy Bragg   2 days ago

    I am going to set a 109099887677877 ton Minecraft nuke made of tnt the only thing that you might see is bed rock and maybe some treesIn Minecraft