What If We Detonated All Nuclear Bombs at Once?

  • Published on: 31 March 2019
  • Sources: https://sites.google.com/view/sourcesallthebombs/

    What happens if we make a huge pile from all 15,000 nuclear bombs and pull the trigger? And what happens if we make an even bigger pile?

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  • Runtime : 8:
  • Nuclear Weapon Atombomb Nuke H-Bomb Radioactive Radioactivity Overkill Nuclear Nuclear Winter Ice Age USA Russia France China UK Great Britain Pakistan India Israel North Korea Hiroshima Nagasaki Hiroshima Bomb Tzar Bomb Chicxulub Amazon Rainforest Manhattan Krakatoa Volcano Eruption Vulcanic Fireball Blastwave Burn Pressure wave Mushroom Cloud Crater Wildfire Fallout Uranium Dinosaurs Extinction Asteroid TNT ISS nuclear nuclear bomb atomic bomb


  • Trist10
    Trist10   12 minuts ago

    7:21 Lord, forgive me for what i’m about to do

  • j w
    j w   40 minuts ago

    No War No Nuclear weapons

  • Arka Awirota
    Arka Awirota   1 hours ago

    Aduh kenapa sih kan ada “volcano” lebih “Kuat/strong” Dari pada krakatoa

  • GD Zodixc
    GD Zodixc   6 hours ago

    Bedrock Gets VaporizedMinecraft Players: Impossible...

  • René Vilandt
    René Vilandt   13 hours ago

    Just Imagine what the world could have been, if every ressource used to build 15,000 nukes, had been spend on better things. Damn we humans are morons.

  • Arri
    Arri   18 hours ago


  • Isaiah
    Isaiah   18 hours ago

    10 billion Hiroshima bombs = "Minecraft client stopped working"

  • Havkey
    Havkey   20 hours ago

    The fact that even after a nice radiation bath style holocaust AND the time it takes for intelligent life to redevelop the plastic we use is STILL there seems kinda absurd.

  • Robert Bonobo
    Robert Bonobo   21 hours ago

    incredible ignorance. tnt equivalence is not tnt. you cannot pile up nukes and toss a match. precise detonation protocols must be followed for each device or all that will detonate is high explosives.

  • Triggered Happy
    Triggered Happy   22 hours ago

    4:43Can I just say, there is so much power in these few seconds. The fact that everyone knows the world is about to end. How the music stops. The few seconds between pushing the button and death. It’s just so.. powerful.

  • Bl0x Locks
    Bl0x Locks   23 hours ago

    Me: turns brightness to the max: the phone: 2:43

  • Mink Calico
    Mink Calico   1 days ago

    You bomb owners better not set off all your bombs accidentally

  • Samuele Bigi
    Samuele Bigi   1 days ago

    Am I the only one thinking "Poor bird" during the explosions that erased millions of species and life forms?

  • nightmare 125
    nightmare 125   1 days ago

    Kurtzgesaght: bedrock vaporisesMe a Minecraft veteran:X doubt

  • Sara Jawed
    Sara Jawed   1 days ago

    Those who disliked are truly heartless and didn't appreciate the work they did on this

  • vesacksi
    vesacksi   1 days ago

    Thats what the experts would call overkill Damn

    ẞLAZE GAMIMG   1 days ago

    The remains of humanity will probably be Nokia 3310's

  • Pixelers
    Pixelers   1 days ago

    okay. but what happen if we somehow have a kind of dome that strong enough to contain the explosion? did it make an inverse jet and penetrate our earth? like a shaped charge penetrating a vault? or else?

  • Kernel Kraken
    Kernel Kraken   1 days ago

    'A small crater, about ten kilometres across...'

  • tcraigalexander
    tcraigalexander   2 days ago

    I learned this in second grade, it'll blow up the world 7 times.

  • Cool Guy
    Cool Guy   2 days ago

    I just realized something......you uploaded this on the day after my birthday lol