What If We Detonated All Nuclear Bombs at Once?

  • Published on: 31 March 2019
  • Sources: https://sites.google.com/view/sourcesallthebombs/

    What happens if we make a huge pile from all 15,000 nuclear bombs and pull the trigger? And what happens if we make an even bigger pile?

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  • Runtime : 8:
  • Nuclear Weapon Atombomb Nuke H-Bomb Radioactive Radioactivity Overkill Nuclear Nuclear Winter Ice Age USA Russia France China UK Great Britain Pakistan India Israel North Korea Hiroshima Nagasaki Hiroshima Bomb Tzar Bomb Chicxulub Amazon Rainforest Manhattan Krakatoa Volcano Eruption Vulcanic Fireball Blastwave Burn Pressure wave Mushroom Cloud Crater Wildfire Fallout Uranium Dinosaurs Extinction Asteroid TNT ISS nuclear nuclear bomb atomic bomb


  • starkiller187
    starkiller187   2 hours ago

    Okay, but what if we detonate all the bombs, but underwater?

  • sebastian Johansson
    sebastian Johansson   3 hours ago

    Now comes the question can we split the planet with nuclear weapons?

  • RageFire
    RageFire   5 hours ago

    You Minecraft veteran,we need to test that 3 billion tons of TNT

  • Glitchy
    Glitchy   5 hours ago

    1:33 hey wait a minute... amazon? That explains a lot...

  • E Sern Tee
    E Sern Tee   6 hours ago

    So , is this how we make global warming disappear?

  • Ravenplays555
    Ravenplays555   10 hours ago

    The forest: oh sh__.... the forest explodes by 15,000 nuclear bombs

  • Pombear
    Pombear   12 hours ago

    This left me feeling depressed/ emotional, though it suppose it's a good thing that the detonation of all the nukes we have today won't be civilisation ending.

  • Mr.X
    Mr.X   12 hours ago

    6:04 metro redux

  • Mr.X
    Mr.X   12 hours ago

    Fun fact the tsar bomb would make more damage

  • Purplet
    Purplet   17 hours ago

    just turn off fire spread

  • O Gui Blindao
    O Gui Blindao   18 hours ago

    "Bedrock Will vaporize"Every minecraft player : Wait, that's illegal

  • Ever e2t
    Ever e2t   19 hours ago

    if it happened am i safe in vietnam hiding in the trees

  • Raptor CC
    Raptor CC   20 hours ago

    Asteroid: Sees Earth Im gonna end this whole man's career.Us: We already ended it... With 15,000 nukes.Asteroid: Aww Mann..This is a Minecraft memePlus, Area 51 event is today. Can't wait to see over 2 million people get arrested.

  • Sebastian Trost
    Sebastian Trost   23 hours ago

    Today on Bwarkarrk-News: Archeologists have found evidence that the advanced pregenitor species - called hoomahns - ended themselfes with a planetwide mahn-made extinction event on purpose.*Translated from bwarkarrk'nese.

  • Daisy
    Daisy   23 hours ago

    Now we know why the Amazon is on fire.It's the damn birds.

  • Zexal Yu
    Zexal Yu   1 days ago


  • Daruwu
    Daruwu   1 days ago

    Wouldn't it be wild if humans all came together and agreed to end the world so that we would go extinct and life on earth could thrive.

  • The-t-dog Games
    The-t-dog Games   1 days ago

    3:46 so what you’re saying is, this counters global warming

  • Mr.Irish
    Mr.Irish   1 days ago

    At least there wouldn’t be any pesky mosquitos anymore

  • Eschatical
    Eschatical   1 days ago

    Bedrock: VaporizedSteve: Confused screaming

  • Gabe Rivedal
    Gabe Rivedal   1 days ago

    Im a foreign invester and i have a pile of bombs

  • Darmok
    Darmok   1 days ago

    1:19"There is no 'overkill.' There is only 'open fire' and 'I need to reload"-- Maxim 37, The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries

  • S G
    S G   1 days ago

    We'd be knocked off our orbit, and gradually fly into the sun/out of the solar system, to a fiery/cold death.