Can You Trust Kurzgesagt Videos?

  • Published on: 03 March 2019
  • Can you trust our videos? How do we research them nowadays? And what about our older videos?

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  • Runtime : 6:10
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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    Do you want to talk with us about this video? We’ll do a sort of Q&A or AMA or whatever in our subreddit: Addiction and the Refugee videos will be online for 12 more hours before we delete them. This should be enough time for enough people to download them. Feel free to upload them elsewhere, but NOT on Youtube and NOT on Facebook. We’ll take them down on those two platforms because we don’t want people to monetize them or use them as viral content. Everywhere else is ok though!

  • Kwihad
    Kwihad   1 hours ago

    still can't pronounce your name.

  • Atahan Karaca
    Atahan Karaca   3 hours ago

    That's what i love about Kurzgesagt. Their research effort

  • S
    S   14 hours ago

    Thank u for your transparency.

  • Frazor07
    Frazor07   14 hours ago

    Nobody :Not even a single soul :Not even dead birds :Kurzgesagt : *Makes a video on the topic whether you should trust their videos, hence confusing people as this one video is also theirs*

  • Izaiah :3
    Izaiah :3   19 hours ago

    can your voice just for a day?

  • No name A
    No name A   23 hours ago

    This music and animation is stellar. Good job 👍

  • Hatred At Heart
    Hatred At Heart   1 days ago

    top searches after "kurzgesagt" is "kurzgesagt addiction" and "kurzgesagt refugee" now 😅

  • 仙助
    仙助   1 days ago

    What about that Egg story? It’s not a story, it’s a religion

  • Macom G.
    Macom G.   1 days ago

    I love youu ❤️❤️❤️ you even seem too good to be real!

  • Gaurav Singh
    Gaurav Singh   1 days ago

    this is quite hopeful.. looking forward to contribute to this project

  • maverick rush
    maverick rush   1 days ago

    Theive.....stolen research of youtube archive.

  • Pea nut
    Pea nut   1 days ago

    This dood says kurzgesagt so easily

  • Matilda Stanford
    Matilda Stanford   1 days ago

    My personal belief is to not trust anyone, only base opinion on presented fact that can withstand extreme criticism, then it might be true.So scientific method I guess. Lol

  • Max Lee
    Max Lee   1 days ago

    1:03 why that’s bird so fucking thicc?

  • Sir Jury
    Sir Jury   1 days ago

    Are yall hiring...i want to work with yall

  • • I am a Funny YouTuber lol

    I can trust kurz but sometimes the videos r misleading like the big bang video i don't why u did not delete that video but is one of your worst videos that's for sure.

  • J Kindness
    J Kindness   2 days ago

    Kurzgesagt: You can trust Kurzgesagt

  • spooky
    spooky   2 days ago

    Everyone's too woke now

  • agzzr adface
    agzzr adface   2 days ago

    kurzgesagt : the loneliness took us a year and a half to makeWAIT WAHT

  • Safwat Abdelmasih
    Safwat Abdelmasih   2 days ago

    Honesty and objectivity = logical intelligence. I personally often go with logic over emotions, even the I think I'm so logically too emotional. Keep up the good work, @Kurzgeasagt.

  • Alfredo Mendez
    Alfredo Mendez   2 days ago

    Wow even this well produced "I'm sorry for confusion" video is amazing and straight to the point.

  • Navaliden N
    Navaliden N   2 days ago

    I like how someone spent time to animate buttcheeks on one of the birds

  • Ps Revanth
    Ps Revanth   3 days ago

    There is no need of this video, as we already know how difficult it is to make such videos by collecting all necessary data and present them soo neatly and briefly and with such good animation.#💙💚 kurzgesagt❤🧡.

  • Grakoe
    Grakoe   3 days ago


  • hog ninny
    hog ninny   3 days ago

    coffee break? coffee break! haha