Can You Trust Kurzgesagt Videos?

  • Published on: 03 March 2019
  • Can you trust our videos? How do we research them nowadays? And what about our older videos?

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  • Runtime : 6:10
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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    Do you want to talk with us about this video? We’ll do a sort of Q&A or AMA or whatever in our subreddit: Addiction and the Refugee videos will be online for 12 more hours before we delete them. This should be enough time for enough people to download them. Feel free to upload them elsewhere, but NOT on Youtube and NOT on Facebook. We’ll take them down on those two platforms because we don’t want people to monetize them or use them as viral content. Everywhere else is ok though!

  • Assain Wolf
    Assain Wolf   6 hours ago

    I’m sad you removed the addition video because I really liked it :(

  • Josef Noah
    Josef Noah   7 hours ago

    I love this channel. I recall reading a science book as a child that was extremely biased in a way that supported my belief system - it upset me. If information challenges your beliefs, engage and embrace the challenge. I tend to avoid authors, media, etc that are clearly biased in support of my belief system even more than I avoid those which are biased against my belief system.We should always seek the truth, even if it makes us uncomfortable or frightens us. Thank you Kurzgesagt. I do not always agree 100% with the information you give, but I appreciate it nonetheless.

  • duh
    duh   11 hours ago

    can we just take a miniute and applaude how honest, pure, transparent, consitent and just all on great kurzesagt are

  • Wesley King
    Wesley King   1 days ago

    Aight bro nice job coming clean. A lot of people don’t admit fault. You guys good people for that

  • Lara Rubino
    Lara Rubino   1 days ago

    BRUH the bias level on this video IS OVER 9000

  • ivanrmb4
    ivanrmb4   1 days ago

    excellent video. You make a really good job. Congratulations

  • Joan FC
    Joan FC   1 days ago

    Other Channels: Trust me bro I'm cool

  • Bryan Karlsson
    Bryan Karlsson   2 days ago

    can you please do a video about warp drive and quantum engines?

  • Thetrubbishgang
    Thetrubbishgang   3 days ago

    “Can you trust kurzgesagt videos?”Well that is an excellent question

  • Che che Alejo
    Che che Alejo   3 days ago

    Bet ya'll they consult them selves to correct their scripts

    VIGNESH VICKY   4 days ago

    what if we built generation space ships make a video

  • Deniz D.
    Deniz D.   4 days ago

    Translation from german: Kurz = short / gesagt= said or told/ kurzgesagt= told shortly

  • ItzJam3z
    ItzJam3z   4 days ago

    Your telling us to trust your videos in one of your videos. Hmmm I’m a bit sceptical

  • YeEt HaW
    YeEt HaW   5 days ago

    0:28ㅌХㅜГА ㅜНㅣㄷㄷ

  • Danger Duo
    Danger Duo   1 weeks ago

    Plot Twist: He makes a video on can you trust on him making this trusting video

  • Tuğkan Berk
    Tuğkan Berk   1 weeks ago

    The most underrated thing about their videos is soundtrack. Perfect for studying&relaxing

  • markusboyd3
    markusboyd3   1 weeks ago

    Thank you for being honest here. I must admit, when I watched the episode that concerned the refugee crisis, I arrived at a similar conclusion to this review. I also did not find it characteristically aligned with your more objective material. Anyway, enough said. I love the greater portion of your work, and consider your more recent output excellent and in particular a godsend that you do not saturate it with adverts. Thanks again!

  • John Klaus
    John Klaus   1 weeks ago

    Good for you! Excellent process!

  • Zsuzsa Viczay
    Zsuzsa Viczay   1 weeks ago

    And the new addiction video is when to expected to come out? Can't wait for it! Especially as it would be so useful in my work as school social worker, especially to sensitize teachers (I used to use the previous one, with telling it's just one angle, but worth to think about).

  • David Liu
    David Liu   1 weeks ago

    Who are the 10k people giving this a thumb down?

  • supercalifra16ocious
    supercalifra16ocious   1 weeks ago

    I think it's about time for a video on civil disobedience. IMHO the only way out of the climate and biodiversity crisis. It's super urgent!

  • Irish Spartan Studios

    I love this channel, and I am really glad you addressed the question that, despite my love for this channel, I have been asking about you myself. Inspiring!

  • Salim Ahmed
    Salim Ahmed   1 weeks ago

    I really wanna work with you but i only have a master's in physics so i have no animation skill but i really love doing research :((

  • Arya Mane
    Arya Mane   1 weeks ago

    Sab milke pagal bana rahe hai ke bache

  • Boo Bam
    Boo Bam   1 weeks ago

    i want to eat fried bird