Julien being an Aries for 24 minutes straight - Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita Compilation

  • Published on: 11 August 2018
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  • Runtime : 24:18
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  • Marc Haidon
    Marc Haidon   1 years ago

    Oh my god! I love your channel! Check mine out too, jenna featured 2 of my edits in her last video!

  • Steve & Melissa McAdams

    The first thing I think about when I think of Julien being an Aries and Jenna NOT having it is when he pantsed her

  • LoXxFilms
    LoXxFilms   2 days ago

    "All around me are familiar-""BLEEEHHHHH""boi if you don't."

  • Naturally_Beautiful_Not

    Ok, what the hell is going on in that video game that made Jenna freak out like that?!

  • BalKesh Odin
    BalKesh Odin   1 weeks ago

    I freaking love Julien, I don’t care about Jenna’s pain, I love how funny he is

  • Maddy Evon
    Maddy Evon   1 weeks ago

    My favourite thing ever is Jenna telling julien to stop making Aries noises and then he fully rips apart the packaging for the table

  • Milton Soto
    Milton Soto   1 weeks ago

    4:04 That would be so helpful now during quarantine 😆 and when u wanna steal the other person food

  • Bailey Bryam-Loyie
    Bailey Bryam-Loyie   2 weeks ago

    Tell me why I was able to quote this entire video from start to finish

  • No homo, But
    No homo, But   2 weeks ago

    At 1:26 I literally wasn’t used to seeing julien without facial hair so I thought Jenna was just kissing a random dude and I was like WTF

  • Septemmy J
    Septemmy J   3 weeks ago

    I swear... If they split, I am gonna ball my eyes out

  • Nick B
    Nick B   3 weeks ago

    Julian: it looks like a girl toyJenna: are you calling it a dildo?Julian: more like a 𝘥𝘪𝘭-𝘥𝘰𝘯𝘵

  • Trash
    Trash   3 weeks ago

    iM a ViRgO!!!!!!

  • Constant Peril
    Constant Peril   1 months ago

    As a Leo I relate violently to Julien. All fire signs are pure chaos.

  • ᯽JuliannaH 5782᯽
    ᯽JuliannaH 5782᯽   1 months ago

    Is rare for such good looking people to be so unafraid of being stupid, goofy, & looking ridiculous. Its rare for men to that look like Julien to be so unapologetically & publicly unmasculine sometimes. Good for both of them.

  • Tre' Runyon
    Tre' Runyon   1 months ago

    “Did I just get chucked by Santa orrr”?

  • SOLA
    SOLA   1 months ago

    1:33 yep, that's all you need to know about Aries.

  • Cedric Kerg
    Cedric Kerg   1 months ago

    "You made me a garbage plate! That's my heart on a plate!" Hometown represent Jenna! The ultimate hangover prevention. Eat one of those when you're super drunk, no hangover the next day.

  • kait
    kait   1 months ago

    5:56 there's literal tears rolling down my face

  • Crys Vargas
    Crys Vargas   1 months ago

    when julien was banging the two hair dye bowls together that was truly the peak of his aries energy like that was truly the worst thing hes ever done thats when he officially became a toddlerthat and also whenever he started doing the “EH BEPEPEPEPE” thing that also is like peak julien energy

  • Ady s
    Ady s   1 months ago

    I’m a Taurus female and Julien is me as a dude

  • Sneaky
    Sneaky   1 months ago

    If Aries energy is the same as ADHD energy, then I am Julien in this video LOL. (I'm a Libra sun/Scorpio rising)

  • Beth Coombes
    Beth Coombes   1 months ago

    Woaaaahhh u got a problem w capricorns? I'm a capricorn

    KAT NYC   1 months ago

    I love them so much they are my spirit animals 😆

  • T.K. 16
    T.K. 16   1 months ago

    He looks like Kevin off of shameless

  • Jazmin Reyes
    Jazmin Reyes   1 months ago

    I literally need a Julien in my life bish

  • Emma
    Emma   1 months ago


  • Chronicles of Bap
    Chronicles of Bap   1 months ago

    Why have you not left him yet? Doesn't he annoy the living fuck out of you? I watched him for 2 minutes and wanted to rip my own kidneys out.

  • Rita Sylliboy
    Rita Sylliboy   1 months ago

    Omg I just love it how julian try's to make her laugh even wen she says hes annoying & wen she try's to get mad at him she laughs at him. Also jenna has the cutest laugh n looks all round laughing. They are soo funny 😂😂😂🤣😎.

  • Brad AmeerBeg
    Brad AmeerBeg   1 months ago

    ‘That’s horrifying, what’s wrong with you?”“A lot...”

  • Andrew Bowen
    Andrew Bowen   1 months ago

    You can hear her Boston accent when she yells 😂