Quantum Computers Explained – Limits of Human Technology

  • Published on: 08 December 2015
  • Where are the limits of human technology? And can we somehow avoid them? This is where quantum computers become very interesting.

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    Quantum Computers Explained – Limits of Human Technology

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  • Runtime : 7:17
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  • Gleb Zaitsev
    Gleb Zaitsev   2 hours ago

    While it can handle minecraft shaders you can call it whatever you want, i dont care.

  • Samlpe
    Samlpe   20 hours ago

    Scientists: *tearing their asses to create such a powerful machine"me: can I run cyberpunk 2077 tho?

  • M M
    M M   23 hours ago

    English please.

  • Hernando Stefan Amisola

    I think I will sell it to you tomorrow morning if you can help us with the weather.

  • Talo Avali
    Talo Avali   1 days ago

    thank you for giving me a flash back to the hell that was collage

  • Hasioc
    Hasioc   1 days ago

    i feel so smart while watching this

  • A_Person 72
    A_Person 72   1 days ago

    So it’s not the I distrust you guys or anything... but you said in your “can you trust Kurtsegat videos?” video that you had all your sources in the description... I’m not seeing any in the description though

  • MS pen
    MS pen   1 days ago

    Warning of you watch this video your brain will turn into a spaghetti

  • Brendan Micheal
    Brendan Micheal   1 days ago

    Sharp sticks actually became loud, screamy sticks that often had sharp sticks attached. Then it was radioactive sticks that were used in a war that had two sticks in its name (World war II)Something about that shape really sticks with people, and sticks in them

  • PokeShan
    PokeShan   1 days ago

    One of the really important bits is where he says they can do some fancy maths to make this work

  • An Wa
    An Wa   1 days ago

    Does any of you ring a bell by the name "Gil Kalai" ? He's one of the most smartest mathematicians out there, and he said that quantum supremacy will never be possible. (Google's allegement is false) End of story.

  • Miranda Fields
    Miranda Fields   2 days ago

    Scientist: noooo you can't just be both 0 and 1 at the same time!Qubit": heho numbers go brrrrr.

  • moontree
    moontree   2 days ago

    mhmm...mhmm.... im just gonna act like i know even 10% of that

  • Saulo
    Saulo   3 days ago

    2:37 Sounds like this part of the video tries to establish a relationship between Moore's Law and quantum computing. That's a mistake that might just create confusion. Quantum computing is not about overcoming the Moore's Law. It has a completely different purpose.

  • Manipal Kayastha
    Manipal Kayastha   3 days ago

    How quantum computer is applied in IT security? Can u elaborate that part !

  • Muhammad Abdullah Waseem

    So basically a qubit is confused about its identity until its forced to identify itself as either a 1 or a 0. Noice

  • Aztec Roblox
    Aztec Roblox   4 days ago

    Thanks for this video, I'm doing a school project on this subject!

  • Will Ashley
    Will Ashley   4 days ago

    1:42 - does it bother anyone else that three of the four 7-year-olds got their maths question wrong?

  • BeltsuRR
    BeltsuRR   5 days ago

    I have no idea of what he’s talking about...

  • Draganm
    Draganm   6 days ago

    it"s all good but can it run Crysis ?

  • Terrance Chapman
    Terrance Chapman   6 days ago

    So it's basically computing in three dimensions instead of two?

  • Ptaah
    Ptaah   6 days ago

    And now Quantum supremacy has been finally reached. Some researchers actually simulated molecules like It Is suhgested in the video. Kurzgesagt forecasts the future

  • JSOC 2
    JSOC 2   1 weeks ago

    “When you Qubit with us, you get Qubit on us.”

  • Skillamaroo
    Skillamaroo   1 weeks ago

    For the people who are curious,The binary code at 1:12 means: Ë¥+šAnd the one at 1:47 means: Ói´

    GAIUS HOTCHKISS   1 weeks ago

    i love how any sub-molecular particle doesn't care about natural physics.Electron: hey whats this wall?Wall: passing is prohi-Electron is already on the other side.Wall: HUH? WTF?

  • Patrick Fiorito
    Patrick Fiorito   1 weeks ago

    Entanglement is probably how we will communicate in the future. Discovering a way to piggy back data to entanglement somehow. Interesting stuff though!

  • Aria
    Aria   1 weeks ago

    Who else is watching during the pandemic?

  • Geese
    Geese   1 weeks ago

    If particles only have a definite state when being viewed, that makes you think, who is viewing you to give you a definite state?

  • Ray'z Animations
    Ray'z Animations   1 weeks ago

    Id like a video going over all the logic gates a computer uses.

  • Zac Chew
    Zac Chew   1 weeks ago

    Can I get another video that explains this video?