Buying EVERY Advertisement I See for My Cat!

  • Published on: 12 March 2019
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  • Runtime : 26:14
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  • Jennie Blink
    Jennie Blink   4 hours ago

    I don’t have a cat because I’m allergic

  • Fliskography
    Fliskography   1 days ago

    Omg, thank you! I needed to know about those products and some people who have YouTube videos about it. . . I can't stand their voice. So thank you for doing this! 🐈🐈🐈

  • bean
    bean   1 days ago

    Seeing how patient Ryland is while training Cheeto to use the wheel, now I see why Shane loves him. Lol he'll make a good mom.

  • Evelin Carmona
    Evelin Carmona   1 days ago

    I don't even have a cat but I'm watching this and want these products for my none existent cat

  • Kara Hollowell
    Kara Hollowell   2 days ago

    Please buy a metal fountain for Cheeto~ Its really bad for cats to drink out of plastic bowls also Cheeto probably isnt drinking water bc it smells like the dogs. Please make sure he has his own space. Im so worried about his kidney health. Love you guys so much

  • Erin Biko
    Erin Biko   2 days ago

    Omg that flower fountain water bowl! I bought that and my cat was scared of it 😂

  • LiLLaLa707
    LiLLaLa707   2 days ago

    I cant even with Shane's commentary....I literally laughed so hard when he was carrying that damn cat tree up the stairs 😹🌳

  • Angely Mata
    Angely Mata   2 days ago

    The cat water fountain is awesome my cat used to only want to drink from the sink and now she loves her fountain it’s really awesome for picky cats

  • Alison Colley
    Alison Colley   2 days ago

    The water fountain, im dying laughing at ryland

  • Dana Knight
    Dana Knight   3 days ago

    We have the same fountain and our cats love it and we have the other one by catit in extra large for our puppies

  • Justyn Timezzz
    Justyn Timezzz   3 days ago

    I love the love you and Shane share!! ❤💛💙🧡 Nothing but love and support from this Kentucky boy!!

  • Rosie .35
    Rosie .35   3 days ago

    I’m just rewatching old videos but I’ve never seen someone get so excited as Ryland is with Cheeto peeing😂

  • Tragicallycae
    Tragicallycae   4 days ago

    I’m pretty sure that cat wheel is for bengal cat and it’s hybrids ( I saw it on a my cat from hell episode )

  • stephanie Vlaar
    stephanie Vlaar   4 days ago

    did Shane edit this im getting mad conspiracy video vibes with the editing

  • Nova Lynn
    Nova Lynn   4 days ago

    I would looove a litter box like that, but I aint gonna spent that much money on it. Well... more like.. I don't HAVE that much money to spent on it.

  • Bab's Uvula Who?
    Bab's Uvula Who?   5 days ago

    the fountain is great, it just takes some getting used to for the animals.

  • Melissa Low
    Melissa Low   6 days ago

    ryland is SO CUTE when he's so happy about cheeto using the litter robot!!!!What a great cat/dog dad

  • Kaila A
    Kaila A   6 days ago

    I love that he bought a product for a Bengal cat and thought it would work for Cheeto

  • RoMayDrako
    RoMayDrako   6 days ago

    I have teh catit water fountian. Kitty was a little cnt that refused to drink out of a bowl. Once he realized the water moved he was happy as pie.

  • jon arthur
    jon arthur   1 weeks ago

    I would take that water fountain and pour vodka in it and have a sad party with myself and Netflix

  • midnight 77
    midnight 77   1 weeks ago

    Something he could have done is spread catnip on the wheel

  • Katrina Mill
    Katrina Mill   1 weeks ago

    I am living for this. Ryland is so sweet. This is how my cat would act every time I would try to spoil her.

  • lucy drill
    lucy drill   1 weeks ago

    I want the update of cheetos still using the litter bot or nott

  • Sierra Michael
    Sierra Michael   1 weeks ago

    My kitties love that little flower drinking fountain ⛲️ but then again mine like drinking running water out of the faucet 😂😂

  • ¿stranger tea?
    ¿stranger tea?   1 weeks ago

    i'm watching this video because i'm on vacation and i miss my cat lol

  • athena starshine
    athena starshine   1 weeks ago

    sooo will you do a giveaway for that cat tree i’ve been wanting for the past year? haha

  • Melly Mel
    Melly Mel   1 weeks ago

    Ryland:Nobody ever spoils Cheeto. Me: Hmm Shane’s multiple Cheeto videos look interesting 👩🏻‍💻