Buying EVERY Advertisement I See for My Cat!

  • Published on: 12 March 2019
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  • Runtime : 26:14
  • Ryland Adams Shane Dawson Cat Amazon Funny Fails Haul Unboxing cat products


  • BlØØd Girl
    BlØØd Girl   2 hours ago

    Im reminded how no woman should watch this on their period, Only females know why

  • Aj B
    Aj B   5 hours ago

    13:40 don't worry I love my cat too. 😻

  • Daisy Rose
    Daisy Rose   13 hours ago

    Shane pisses in bottle by the bed instead of going to the bathroom and he’s mad at Ryland forgets to flush sometimes?🤔gurl

  • Gina Newell
    Gina Newell   2 days ago

    Shane and Cheeto are the same individual in everyway.

  • Tininha Cunha
    Tininha Cunha   3 days ago

    Cheeto when he is taking a poopoo looks like he really wants privacy ahahah

  • Cameron Boyle
    Cameron Boyle   5 days ago

    Cheeto should have his own room at this point 😂

  • i _spilt _the_milk
    i _spilt _the_milk   6 days ago

    Shane=honeyryland=unomorgan=cheetoandrew+garrett=the llamas used for morgchella

  • Aqilah Mazaya
    Aqilah Mazaya   1 weeks ago

    I was drinking a lemonade when Ryland was talking about dogs eating cat poop and i lowkey almost 🤮

  • Nic Saunders
    Nic Saunders   1 weeks ago

    “Honey you’re my only smart animal”...... Cheeto was very offended 😂

  • Emily Grace
    Emily Grace   1 weeks ago

    Ok ok hear me out... Cheeto is Shane, Uno is Ryland, and Honey is Morgan

  • Mad C
    Mad C   1 weeks ago

    Hey u scrolling in the comments bored while in quarantine well u know what if u need a laugh go on insta @memesfordayz_111 😉

  • Janna Loucks
    Janna Loucks   1 weeks ago

    "Cheeto is my new queen"Um excuse me Cheeto has always been queen

  • Cheyenne
    Cheyenne   1 weeks ago

    all this proved was that ur just lazy

  • Deja Arguello
    Deja Arguello   1 weeks ago

    I need that litter box I have so many cats and two litter boxes I clean everyday, they need to be cleaned twice a day but that’s work lol

  • Muki 。 -
    Muki 。 -   1 weeks ago

    i have 4 cats so that litter box would be helpful lol

  • Dylan Wilson
    Dylan Wilson   1 weeks ago

    When cheeto was put into the litterbox and started peeing he looked like he was having Vietnam flashbacks

  • 1 3
    1 3   1 weeks ago

    lol idk why but when you said honey for a split secod i thought the video was spons by ur dog l o l

  • WutThe Unicorn
    WutThe Unicorn   2 weeks ago

    I love how Ryland yells at Shane the same way he yells at the animals 💀

  • Chloe May
    Chloe May   2 weeks ago

    I feel like all of Rylands videos are just him buying things😂

  • rata tata
    rata tata   2 weeks ago

    You can use a lazer pointer for the wheel

  • Ellie PandaGirl
    Ellie PandaGirl   2 weeks ago

    2:55 the scissors ryland is using I have them but I love on the other side of America 😳😳IM SHOOOK

  • Gregory Flint
    Gregory Flint   2 weeks ago

    Rylan: The Litter Robot like cleans the mess that comes out cheeto.Shane: But you have to clean it when he's done

  • Lily Reed
    Lily Reed   2 weeks ago

    My cats have that water fountain and they absolutely love it!

  • Jamie Dragneel
    Jamie Dragneel   2 weeks ago

    "This video is sponsored by Honey"Me: so... This is sponsored by your dog?

  • Julia Bonnell
    Julia Bonnell   2 weeks ago

    i have never seen someone so happy to see a cat pee.

  • Ashley Prokic
    Ashley Prokic   2 weeks ago

    Ryland: "buying everything for my cat" Also Ryland: buys Furbo for dogs 🥴

  • Gabii Reyes
    Gabii Reyes   2 weeks ago

    is it a joke or does ryland seriously not know how to read prices?

  • Lorena Bosch
    Lorena Bosch   2 weeks ago

    Sheesh been so busy at work I started having ryland withdrawls. Finally I get to watch and smile.

  • Jordy Mooren
    Jordy Mooren   2 weeks ago

    In belgium is the litter-robot €1500 = $1450

  • Leyla Corinne
    Leyla Corinne   3 weeks ago

    Okay but my cat goes into the backyard (we have a dog door) and he will poop there until we close it but he will literally meow at the door and I'm just like "Charleston, you have a litter box!" but with only one cat really using the litter box, we clean it less