Inside the Homes of Hoarders

  • Published on: 30 November 2019
  • Hoarders have captivated television audiences, but beneath all the "collectibles" and piles of garbage is a real problem. The unsanitary conditions at a California home caused the owner to become sick and hospitalized. Inside Edition's Jim Moret had to suit up to go inside with the crew tasked with cleaning the space. A New York woman's hoarding problem extended beyond the walls of her house and into her front yard, concerning her neighbors.
  • Runtime : 3:40
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  • Inside Edition
    Inside Edition   2 months ago

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  • chris Sarmiento
    chris Sarmiento   1 days ago

    If I was supposed to clean her house and rewards me with 5,000$ I would make raid spray guns that kills insects

  • Gamer Buds
    Gamer Buds   4 days ago

    What my mom sees when I drop a breadcrumb

  • Doc Holiday
    Doc Holiday   1 weeks ago

    It looks like my home, so what's wrong? I might need it one day..

  • Tommy Obrien
    Tommy Obrien   2 weeks ago

    I can’t even stand a pieces of carpet twisted, let alone this

  • Daood Zafar
    Daood Zafar   2 weeks ago

    This is my parents when they see my study drawers filled with school folders

  • Amy Burgos
    Amy Burgos   1 months ago

    Me trying to hide stuff from my dad when he cleans my room:

  • Amy Burgos
    Amy Burgos   1 months ago

    What my dad sees what I do when my dad cleans my room:

  • Queen Kat
    Queen Kat   1 months ago

    You know it's bad when they bringin up a minecraft mob

  • Carlos Tenangueno
    Carlos Tenangueno   1 months ago

    I dare someone to clean the toilet that was not cleaned in nearly 41 years

  • jediskunk67
    jediskunk67   1 months ago

    Who all here would just throw up at sights like this?!

  • Ray Ray
    Ray Ray   1 months ago

    Lisa Guererro would confront the trash

  • les Keith
    les Keith   1 months ago

    I was eating a sandwich when I clicked on this recommend video. 😷🤮 Gross

  • Windsong Moonchild
    Windsong Moonchild   2 months ago

    The 3rd story, she messed with the wrong family! The homeowners' daughter's a lawyer! I like how she's getting the moocher out of her parents' house.

  • Puss cat
    Puss cat   2 months ago

    Cortney Odor?🐕 I glad to see the 🐶 is living in a 🏡 with a pleasant Odor now

  • Ãri Chañ
    Ãri Chañ   2 months ago

    The new york lady sounds like shes from the carribean makes sense why she acted like that...

  • Syn Cloud
    Syn Cloud   2 months ago

    “And spiders” that’s a big nope from me lol.

  • Maria Vargas
    Maria Vargas   2 months ago

    Me and my friends: *laughing cuz there is no such thing as hoarding dogsMe watching this video: bruh:/

  • Jackie Watson
    Jackie Watson   2 months ago

    They should go to retirement home, not owning pets and hiring caretakers if owners can’t clean their house and not taking care of their pets

  • Hi Bye
    Hi Bye   2 months ago

    I feel bad for the dogs 🥺

  • 2803기 샤라
    2803기 샤라   2 months ago

    I have seen hoarding dogs in comic but I never thought it would be in real life aswell

  • Cristian Montero
    Cristian Montero   2 months ago

    Hoarder: Finds a peppermint candy and takes off the wrapper.Also hoarder: yOu KnOw, ThIs WrApPeR hAs A lOt Of VaLuE

  • Lights jeon
    Lights jeon   2 months ago

    Poor dog's 😔😔😔😔😭😭😭😭

  • XxPink_ LoverxX
    XxPink_ LoverxX   2 months ago

    Whoever that lady who stole her bFfS house is messed up.

  • Jocelyn Flores
    Jocelyn Flores   2 months ago

    That's what my Mexican mom sees when she enters the room and theirs a sock on the floor and every thing is perfect

    MASSIMO FETTA   2 months ago

    HOLY SHAMOLY 3:22 thats where the :P came from

  • lolabug67
    lolabug67   2 months ago

    The people with the dogs did not get a punishment!! ! Those people should have gotten jailtime, and never be allowed to have pets ever again. Makes me sick to think that they'll just get more pets and start right up again.

  • Dancing Banana
    Dancing Banana   2 months ago

    * a complete mess in my room * When my mom asks me to clean my roomMe:0:00