Kansas City Chiefs | 2019-20 Season Highlights ᴴᴰ

  • Published on: 06 February 2020
  • Music Outro: Travis Scott - Highest In The Room

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  • Runtime : 18:34
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  • Joseph Davis
    Joseph Davis   1 days ago

    I like Kelce. WHEN HE ISN'T DANCING!!! ROFL

  • brdempsey69
    brdempsey69   2 days ago

    I don't know why, but those two blocked kick placement attempts by #92 Kpass are my favorite plays. It's almost like you can turn your sound off & yet it seems like you can still hear a SPLAT when Kpass swats them down. You can bet that the Raiders and Pats didn't have any trouble hearing that SPLAT.

  • Scott Dye
    Scott Dye   2 days ago

    KC has so many under rated players on defense

  • Chief4life1
    Chief4life1   3 days ago


  • abraham alvarez
    abraham alvarez   3 days ago

    Great season, about time now lets think DYNASTY GO CHIEFS.

  • ken
    ken   3 days ago

    What a season though it seems so long ago!

  • Henry Reynen
    Henry Reynen   5 days ago

    Why do I feel like Tyreek Hill always scores the first touchdown for the Chiefs and then he does a bunch of bigs plays later in the game, but there usually not touchdowns.

  • Txnii
    Txnii   6 days ago

    7:52 put it on slow motion, is that patrick mahomes clone?

  • Dave Bar
    Dave Bar   1 weeks ago

    There was a problem with the Chiefs / fans , that I'd bet gets worse. NFL fans around the country would pay $$$ for 1st - 3rd row seats wear their teams jerseys for the nation wide TV Games, so they get seen by their friends etc.

  • David LS
    David LS   1 weeks ago

    Not a Chiefs fan, but you gotta enjoy watching amazing football. Mahomes is out of this world.

  • superzayman1
    superzayman1   1 weeks ago

    It makes me so sad that Justin Houston didn’t win a ring with these guys.

  • ugoshow1
    ugoshow1   1 weeks ago

    Awesome Run by the Chiefs.

  • Anthony Tenderenda
    Anthony Tenderenda   1 weeks ago

    How many come backs have in you posted season Patrick Mahomes yes

  • Brett Cap
    Brett Cap   1 weeks ago

    How you not gonna post Dirty Dans plays from the Houston Game smh

  • Icky's Pop
    Icky's Pop   1 weeks ago

    I’ve been a hardcore KC fan since I could understand the game at 7 years old. QB’s like Deberg, Kreig, Oh-No-Bono, Grbac, etc etc. and finally it pays off. Awesome stuff.

  • Edward Vasquez
    Edward Vasquez   1 weeks ago


  • Dawg Bull
    Dawg Bull   2 weeks ago

    The best thing about KC is the fact that we have the best 3 things in the world1. The best team2. The best fanbase3. The best dang bbq

  • George P. Burdell
    George P. Burdell   3 weeks ago

    And to think Mecole Hardman was drafted as a stopgap player in case Hill had to be waylaid for legal troubles

  • gizmo20201
    gizmo20201   3 weeks ago

    9:08Mahomes with a jump throw that couldnt be more on point.. and then Mecole Hardman with the turbo boost for the touchdown.. 😱😱

  • justin henkemeyer
    justin henkemeyer   3 weeks ago

    That throw to hardman down the sideline against the colts is underrated that was ridonkulous

  • KingAD4200
    KingAD4200   3 weeks ago

    In the words of "The Beast". "In the world of Kung fu, speed determines the winner."

  • bigmoethedon
    bigmoethedon   4 weeks ago

    No worries Queefs will fall apart for the 2020 season and you so called fans will vanish Queefs=Counterfeitchamps

  • Telltale Twotones
    Telltale Twotones   4 weeks ago

    You left out one of the best highlights: when Arrowhead management put up a sign in the Texans playoff game saying they'd run out of fireworks because the Chiefs had scored too many touchdowns.

  • Jay Els
    Jay Els   4 weeks ago

    Great scheme. Speed kills.

  • Mark Baugher
    Mark Baugher   1 months ago

    This is the best highlight video I’ve seen!

  • Ivan Blank
    Ivan Blank   1 months ago

    I love watching the silly little celebrations after they score a touchdown in a badass way...

  • Jorge Eduardo Herrera Ortega

    I m a big mexican fan of KC, and I was so glad when Andy Reid recive the Lombardi, I love you CHIEFS......

  • Mark Aaronson
    Mark Aaronson   1 months ago

    I'm about 90% certain that Mahomes and the chiefs intentionally put themselves in losing situations to purposely play from behind and win. I'm sure their game plan is "look like shit, throw the game, say sike"

  • frank mccollum
    frank mccollum   1 months ago

    Chiefs, Everyone of you players, Offense and Defense.. Plz, Plzplz stay with the Chiefs, everyone of you had the most Magical season, went to the Super Bowl and Won that thing.. You all are So Amazing!! Please stay with the KC Chiefs. Its very much like magic when you all are on the field.. KC would Love another Super Bowl, maybe 10 more, You guys are totally the greatest team.. Lets get another one. 20-21..!