Every Team's Best Play of Week 13!

  • Published on: 03 December 2019
  • Every NFL Team's Best Play of Week 13

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  • Runtime : 7:46
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  • Raz Ryan
    Raz Ryan   3 months ago

    Isn’t it surprising that the chiefs best play was on defense?

  • Easton Herr
    Easton Herr   3 months ago

    Eagles are better than the dolphins

  • Adrian Monroy
    Adrian Monroy   3 months ago

    Jets don’t even deserve a spot because they lost the game to the bengals

  • N8orious234
    N8orious234   3 months ago

    The dolphins announcer sounds like john madden

  • I Am Rustie
    I Am Rustie   3 months ago

    You know the jets are bad when their best play is just a causal 20 yard passing play

  • I Am Rustie
    I Am Rustie   3 months ago

    Most of the announcers sound really genuine we need more of them and less joe buck

  • Vinnie Trasatti
    Vinnie Trasatti   3 months ago

    That titans announcer call reminded me so much of Music city miracle

  • Rulerz
    Rulerz   3 months ago

    Honestly, lamar Jackson sucks at throwing and he can only run. That throw on the ravens highlight was horrible and the only reason they do well when he throws is because he has good players around him that make him look better than he really is

  • DBGaming
    DBGaming   3 months ago

    5:15 Jared Goff deserves a skull for that one

  • adonai barahona
    adonai barahona   3 months ago

    I thought the Seahawks best play would be Baldwin's one hand catch against the vikings

  • Itsfire
    Itsfire   3 months ago

    the Saints was the blocked punt

    COOLGUY007 OBJROCKS   3 months ago

    Dolphins coach:Lets use both of our kickers that’ll be goodMe:Sure about that

  • CorporalPitts and PraiseSisterKate

    Here's to our Week 13 #NFLFantasyFootball Best Plays. Como Estas, Lady Kathleen, My #NFLFantasyFootballPartner "hey, Corporal. Kate here wearing my nun's habit. Weeks Geaux TOO FAST, sweetie. #NOvsATL TOUCHDOWN Swiss Army Knife #GeauxSaints neworleanssaints.com i have a hunch that Mark Ingram Jr. wants a #BALvsNO Super Bowl matchup. hey, BRING It, MIJ. thx dearie for sharing my take" #PraiseSisterKate #SaintsLady #NEvsHOU DHop TRICK PLAY TOUCHDOWN to DW4 houstontexans.com #CLEvsPIT TOUCHDAHN JW from Duck. HELL YEAH #SteelerNation steelers.com #PS4L Props to My #PittGuy #PittLegend Tyler Boyd #ClairtonPA bengals.com/team/players-roster/tyler-boyd #H2P #NYJvsCIN "The Cincy Jungle" Credit #TNFonNBC #SNFonNBC #NFLonCBS #100NFL #WhoDat #HoustonStrong #HereWeGo

  • Chase Franks
    Chase Franks   3 months ago

    The fact of how many eagles fans in Miami is crazy

  • Ariella Kherrington
    Ariella Kherrington   3 months ago

    Pennsylvania should quit football, and. Hurts to say this because I’m an Eagles fan

  • Mr_ N_i_c_k_
    Mr_ N_i_c_k_   3 months ago

    The Seahawks best play was the 60 yard touchdown pass to David Moore

  • David S.
    David S.   3 months ago

    Steve Raible is the best announcer ever!!!!!!! #GoHawks

  • Crazy Sockx
    Crazy Sockx   3 months ago

    The browns play should have been Landry’s toe tap

  • Masify
    Masify   3 months ago

    its funny how kansas city's best play was on defense

  • Pineapple Daily
    Pineapple Daily   3 months ago

    Why did you get lazy with the ravens. Did you not see that one play where he broke the 49ers ankles and ran for a touchdown,?

  • damonika09
    damonika09   3 months ago

    I knew that trick play from my Texans would be the highlight. 😂

  • sketchy man
    sketchy man   3 months ago

    the cowboys number 1 play was the thanksgiving day one handed catch

  • Purple Gamer
    Purple Gamer   3 months ago

    Seahawks fake punt is their “best” play of week 13 when they fumbled the ball a few plays later. What about David Moore’s 60 yard TD?

  • Zeke
    Zeke   3 months ago

    i coulda swore the dolphins were gonna end up like the colts 😂

  • Sammy Sullivan
    Sammy Sullivan   3 months ago

    How was the ravens the 20 yard pass TD? It should be when Lamar “oh he broke his ankles!” Jackson ran for 47 yards against the bungals

  • mmtz
    mmtz   3 months ago

    Mason Rudolph wasn’t too happy about Santa this year

  • Ryan Quigg
    Ryan Quigg   4 months ago

    Khii SG at least we are a playoff contender