What Am I Stepping On? (GAME)

  • Published on: 07 November 2017
  • Can we guess what the other is stepping on? GMM #1214
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  • Runtime : 7:48
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  • Jeffery Kelsey
    Jeffery Kelsey   1 weeks ago

    Crispity crunchity, two catchy words I've ever heard, and I like them. ^^

  • JemDragons
    JemDragons   1 weeks ago

    "I refuse to support you!" - true friendship goals, right there.

  • Kaia :D
    Kaia :D   4 weeks ago


  • jonandrew52
    jonandrew52   1 months ago

    You both have perfect, beautiful feet. I'd massage either of you anytime.

  • Sphjinx 14
    Sphjinx 14   3 months ago

    I am terrified of any spider. I would have a heart attack.

  • Ashley Wyatt
    Ashley Wyatt   3 months ago

    This is one of those "better u than me" situations. Lol!

  • amber levesque
    amber levesque   4 months ago

    Link reminds me of the neighbor you could only see over the fence

  • CodeAlias
    CodeAlias   4 months ago

    Lol coconut oil is edible and lotion isn’t. Link is a dunce lol.

  • Kelly Devera
    Kelly Devera   5 months ago

    One of the guys in the back of the beginning of the video is totally Steve Harrington

  • ullcringe
    ullcringe   6 months ago

    The team officially hates Rhett.

  • Weirdoness
    Weirdoness   6 months ago

    Rhett’s face was ridiculous when he saw the spider.

  • Hannah Ortelle
    Hannah Ortelle   6 months ago

    Rhett’s face at 6:10 never fails to make me lose it 😂

  • big pp 69
    big pp 69   7 months ago


  • Nasir Kosa
    Nasir Kosa   8 months ago

    Welcome to another episode of "what is this doing in my recommend "

  • Nerd Queen
    Nerd Queen   8 months ago

    U Know that theres someone else when there shoulders are touching like if already knew that

  • MuseFX
    MuseFX   8 months ago

    Peanut butter is really bad for dogs btw...

  • Samson
    Samson   9 months ago

    At first in the back I thought it was harry styles and that kid who was in home alone

  • FunkySpunky91
    FunkySpunky91   9 months ago

    Rhett so reminds me of Daniel Stern from Home alone. He should have stepped on ornaments that would have been golden!!!

  • Kweestor
    Kweestor   9 months ago

    What great friend Rhett is "I REFUSE TO SUPPORT YOU!"

  • Hebah
    Hebah   10 months ago

    Disliked for wasting food.

  • David Porter
    David Porter   10 months ago

    why does link act like hes always in VR

  • Genesis Cornie
    Genesis Cornie   10 months ago

    its funny how link struggles to see over the wall but Rhett can see just fine :)

  • kindred reeb
    kindred reeb   10 months ago

    Thanks guys appreciate your hard work this stuff has me laughing to much 😂😂

  • the memes
    the memes   10 months ago

    6:08 when my teacher ask for my homework that i forgot to do

  • Rae Sunshine
    Rae Sunshine   10 months ago

    @7:47 looks into camera like in The Office

  • Flippy
    Flippy   10 months ago

    That dog would be the best team member you could have (and the cutest!)

  • Jelmer Joekema
    Jelmer Joekema   11 months ago

    Didn't these guys know that nuts, peanuts and of course peanut butter is poisenous for dogs and cats?? That dog definitly doesn't live anymore