Lonzo, LaMelo & LiAngelo Each GO OFF! Chino Hills vs Sierra Canyon CHAMPIONSHIP GAME FULL HIGHLIGHTS

  • Published on: 27 October 2017
  • Lonzo LiAngelo & LaMelo GO OFF in Chino Hills playoffs matchup against a very talented Sierra Canyon team! Marvin Bagley's dad rocking a CHINO WHO shirt spotted in the stands!

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  • Runtime : 17:59
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  • BallerVisions
    BallerVisions   2 years ago

    Highlights start at 1:40✊🏽Support BV & get your own edits! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWy2Nhg0PGv21NjMFRH7HBw/join

  • Michael Willis
    Michael Willis   1 days ago

    Melo killed that 4:54 and 6:17 that gun shot was funny 8:28 😂😂😂😭

  • LeApEd _
    LeApEd _   2 days ago

    Guarantee this game had more people in attendance than a playoff WNBA game

  • nyah g
    nyah g   2 days ago

    this isn’t high school basketball. there’s more people in the stands than a cavs game. 😂🤷‍♀️

    VEJAY ARTZ   3 days ago

    Wtf,im in grade 8 but im like a fucking dwarf

  • ItsBanks
    ItsBanks   3 days ago

    Y’all heard the “he’s a freshman” chant in the back?😂

  • ItsBanks
    ItsBanks   3 days ago

    Dude imagine if Bronny was going to SC at the time! Lamelo vs Bronny!!! Shiii

  • Cooper Henry
    Cooper Henry   4 days ago

    You didn’t think that in a couple years Lebron James Jr and Zaire Wade would be on seirra Canyon

  • jay ronalds
    jay ronalds   5 days ago

    Seeing these highlights makes me wanna see the Ball Boys play for the same team in the Nba At least one season 👏🏽

  • Aaron Lucas
    Aaron Lucas   5 days ago

    Lonzo is the engine, Lamelo is the spark, Gelo is the load. I’d legit love to see these guys together in the NBA. LaMelo was kickin they ass with ease as a freshman.

  • BloxiBoxi
    BloxiBoxi   5 days ago

    Somebody shut those damn white girls up yelling "defense" right in my fucking right ear.

    YESYERT   6 days ago

    Never again will we see something this great again

  • chubby swagg
    chubby swagg   1 weeks ago

    Ppl can talk dwn bout the Ball bro's but, they get buckets!! This game was a while back but U can see the potential. Zo(NBA) had 5 blocks ez, Melo(top 3 2020 draft pick) got almost 20 playing in the flow of the game, Gelo(good shooter & not afraid of contact) has yet to prove himself so, his journey maybe a little longer but, dnt sleep. I like these guys.

  • 3P3 *
    3P3 *   1 weeks ago

    I peeped that “sike lol” on the scoreboard at 10:33

  • Mano Phillips
    Mano Phillips   1 weeks ago


  • Dickox1 :D
    Dickox1 :D   1 weeks ago

    Melos gap in his teeth was a big as a bridge 😂

  • Ghjcj Ccjcjc
    Ghjcj Ccjcjc   1 weeks ago

    If the sc team in 2020 played chino hills in the championship chino would have lost

  • Otto Utecht
    Otto Utecht   1 weeks ago

    Every time Sierra canyon score these girls scream like the shot the winning shot in game seven of the NBA finals

  • Samuel Quadros
    Samuel Quadros   1 weeks ago

    Prime chino hills vs bronny and Zaire Sierra canyon team would be the craziest atmosphere in highschool basketball history

  • Aye Skate
    Aye Skate   1 weeks ago

    imagine comparing lamelo to julian newman

  • anass jebali
    anass jebali   1 weeks ago

    I miss 2016-2017 highschool basketball with the old chini hills mac maclung and others

  • Jayo
    Jayo   2 weeks ago

    What shoes mole had on ?

  • Frank Champion
    Frank Champion   2 weeks ago

    Sierra Cannon has good recruiters but shitty ass coaches

  • tHAnoS
    tHAnoS   2 weeks ago

    imagine if this chino team played the Sierra team from this year