What Are You?

  • Published on: 31 May 2016
  • What Are You?

    So. Are you your body? And if so, how exactly does this work? Lets explore lots of confusing questions.

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    What Are You?

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  • Runtime : 6:28
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    II PANDA IIV   1 hours ago

    If we can stop cells from dying (pretty impossible i know) can we stop aging then?

  • Nick Medlin
    Nick Medlin   13 hours ago

    Sees “What are you?”an idiot sandwich....:(

  • Tuana Gehna
    Tuana Gehna   15 hours ago

    OK then, I have both a narcissistic mother & narcissistic cells that can live without me. I guess I had it coming watching this at 3 am.

  • Maya Mayyas
    Maya Mayyas   22 hours ago

    If you go to Quran you will see how the human is made. 😊

  • Rahul Pradhan
    Rahul Pradhan   1 days ago

    This would disprove the theory of consciousness

  • alyssa Hidalgo
    alyssa Hidalgo   1 days ago

    All I'm thinking about is cyborg from teen titans.

  • Abd Mujeeb
    Abd Mujeeb   1 days ago

    Read quran you'll get your answers

  • Azure Siniy
    Azure Siniy   1 days ago

    I like to think you are your consciousness. What you experience and how you interpret everything and how you can just tell you're conscious makes you yourself.

  • DJY djy
    DJY djy   1 days ago

    I came here hoping for an answer to a question, but I left with more questions...

  • Ian Suiter
    Ian Suiter   1 days ago

    It’s important when talking about Henrietta Lax and personhood to address how she was exploited by medicine as a black woman. Pretty though her immortality and contributions to science might be.

  • HeinrichDerTote
    HeinrichDerTote   2 days ago

    You are just your brain, your character, your way of thinking.

  • Margaret Singletary
    Margaret Singletary   2 days ago

    if you are entirely made out of cells and they have no purpose. you you have no purpose

  • Einstein Albert
    Einstein Albert   2 days ago

    [What are we] next part: We are two[We are two] next part: What are we

  • Labdhi Sharma
    Labdhi Sharma   2 days ago

    CCP grey put your channel at the end of his video and you kept his channel video at the end of the video!And I watched both your and CCP Grey's video but I knew yours first

  • Hser Poe
    Hser Poe   2 days ago

    What are you?Well im a Human

  • Zevac
    Zevac   3 days ago

    C l i c K H e RE tO Wa TCh tHe N E xT PArT

  • bangerangrufio13
    bangerangrufio13   4 days ago

    Check out a movie called osmosis Jones. It's funny and kinda makes more sense after seeing this video

  • prxvm
    prxvm   4 days ago

    The baby bird in the intro is so cute

  • Jope DE
    Jope DE   5 days ago

    What are sells made of? smaller cells which are made out of smaller cells etc??

  • crshrson
    crshrson   5 days ago

    the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell... I learned something in school... Yay....xD

  • Gabriel Jergens
    Gabriel Jergens   5 days ago

    “Let’s make this more complicated”After already explaining a bunch of complicated stuff

  • Idk :d
    Idk :d   5 days ago

    Help, I’m dying rn.