What Are You?

  • Published on: 31 May 2016
  • What Are You?

    So. Are you your body? And if so, how exactly does this work? Lets explore lots of confusing questions.

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    What Are You?

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  • Runtime : 6:28
  • you identity body paradox cells what am i what is me what makes you you life death human existence conciousness self cgpgrey kurzgesagt in a nutshell brain


  • Amy Song
    Amy Song   12 hours ago

    There is a documentary called 'the Ship of Theseus' which explores this area of philosophy. Its really good and a definite recommendation.

  • Rawr XD
    Rawr XD   16 hours ago

    So.. Are we basically cancer cells?

  • USA ball
    USA ball   16 hours ago

    Q: what are uA: a human

  • Gamaster
    Gamaster   19 hours ago

    Why this guy is so creative

  • Nemeke
    Nemeke   1 days ago

    If you want to have some sort of definition of what makes you for yourself, can't you just look at what things you can subtract while still considering yourself "gone" and go from there? Like, I'm not my foot, it's a part of me. If I lose it, I wouldn't consider myself not to be me, there's just a physical part missing (and the associated symptoms of that fact). Isn't "what are you" much more tied to brain cells specifically, and the question of consciousness? Cells regenerating and replacing themselves in most of the body (skin, flesh, bones, etc) is a known thing, yet we don't seem to lose sight of who we are from that. And yet, all cells aren't replaced - how brain cells react to old age, and the onset of age-related mental conditions feels like they have a more notable impact on this question, to me.

  • Chad Butler
    Chad Butler   1 days ago

    The Doctor's regeneration has nothing on us.

  • VyriC_san
    VyriC_san   1 days ago

    My head started to hurt in a minute into it

  • Eyesea Evan
    Eyesea Evan   1 days ago

    I love the part about us being a pattern, it reminds me of the work of Alan Watts. I think the whole universe is a pattern of which we are a part of.

  • Lau Yee Ching
    Lau Yee Ching   2 days ago

    Me after seeing "the egg"What are you ?You, actually.

  • Mike Larrivee
    Mike Larrivee   2 days ago

    Philosophic questionWhy does the pattern that we observe to be ourselves, have to be made of easy to grasp absolutes, me and you, life and death, right and wrong are surly absolute to us, but how do we know that the fuzzyness we percieve around these matters is not merly a feature of our ability to grasp the pattern that is us in a more complete or complex way. After all, its good to know hot and cold, but better to know cool and warm, and best to know our favorite temperature. Our pattern can easily be somthing of the like. Also notice that we find ourselves less motivated to learn about the universe the less we observe it to confirm any potentially particular pattern. I read(present tense) that as an indication that we find somthing useful about the universe around us, and i think that starts with the belief that the universe around us should conform to some pattern of usefulness for us. Of course we must keep an open mind so we dont get caught up trying to make the universe somthing that its not, because that would make any overall pattern of usefulness in the universe invisible to us.

  • craig johnson
    craig johnson   2 days ago

    Person: *makes fun of any form of activity or somebodys hobby*..... anybody with common sense: 2:44

  • Kami Crownos
    Kami Crownos   2 days ago

    Kursgesagt: Who are you?Me: I... am.... Iron Man

  • Eli jakubowicz
    Eli jakubowicz   3 days ago

    you are not ur body! u are ur soul! but ur soul might be the exact same soul found in every other person, so u might be everyone and everyone might be u!

  • go ku
    go ku   3 days ago

    we are just humans not red weird balls with faces

  • Anis
    Anis   3 days ago

    Subhanallah, I have already questioned myself about this, i think we are the spirit (الروح) not the body

  • Kings of Bruhtown
    Kings of Bruhtown   4 days ago

    I am nothing but a bundle of biomass and am an accident of this impermanent universe.

  • Minuter Spy
    Minuter Spy   4 days ago

    Title: What are you?Me: An Idiot Sandwich

  • Sam Me
    Sam Me   5 days ago

    4.55 the style of your illustrations totally changed. It didn't flow with the rest of the animation.

  • Icy Fox
    Icy Fox   5 days ago

    I believe it’s the brain

  • NightWi5h
    NightWi5h   5 days ago

    "lets make this more complicated"No....can we seriously not?

  • Riko Saikawa
    Riko Saikawa   5 days ago

    man is a miserable little pile of secrets

  • Amybee
    Amybee   5 days ago

    The YouTube algorithm is just attacking me at this point

  • TEP
    TEP   6 days ago


  • YASSS Kari
    YASSS Kari   6 days ago

    I’m 25 years old and I still don’t know what I am

  • Embers
    Embers   1 weeks ago

    Pathetic that’s what i am

  • Ethan Wong
    Ethan Wong   1 weeks ago

    1:16 why do I find the birds reaction funny in this

  • 45 ACP
    45 ACP   1 weeks ago

    I am my brain ultimately. My body is but a vessel in which my brain pilots, though I don't necessarily have a choice but to pilot my body so it's not really a matter of choice. In terms of "why" I or anyone else exists is completely nonsensical. There doesn't have to be a "why" I and we simply do. The universe is essentially meaningless and chaos masquerading as order, so there's not a why to anything, really. Meaning is totally subjective and has no objective value. In terms of time, time is a social construct. There's no past, and the future never is guaranteed, there's merely an eternal now.