The best video on YouTube, by far. (JackAsk #89)

  • Published on: 30 November 2018
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  • Runtime : 6:4
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  • Mr owo
    Mr owo   5 days ago

    😏👕👍👖. This is me in real life xD

  • Lewis Cook
    Lewis Cook   6 days ago

    My favourite disease is coronavirus

  • epic gamer
    epic gamer   1 weeks ago

    Don't worry John if you travel back in time to ancient Egypt people will worship your forehead and you will be their kingOr they'll just find it hot idk

  • Joey
    Joey   2 weeks ago

    Ketchupbot is still funny

  • slkjvlkfsvnls dfhgdght

    You never read Artemis fowl? Oh wow. I think the books will be better though, there a lot of things there which are really cool to imagine on your own

  • JS Music
    JS Music   1 months ago

    0:00Mine is the coronavirus

  • Vítor Menzani
    Vítor Menzani   1 months ago

    Hey Jack, I know this video is old, but have you heard they did surgery on a grape?

    VAPOR   1 months ago

    Change da worldMy final message 4:09

  • Trace Warlock
    Trace Warlock   1 months ago

    What’s your favorite in 2020 there’s this coronavirus

  • SoloHolo
    SoloHolo   1 months ago

    ah yes the minionsSinecosineAnd dont forgetTangent

  • Blaink
    Blaink   1 months ago

    4:10 The best time to end the video

  • Woody B
    Woody B   1 months ago

    Once I showed my friend the ketchup robot. I laughed so hard I up and full on pissed my pants.

  • xenox ml
    xenox ml   1 months ago

    did someone die? theres a black pin on john's shirt

  • Cason Gray
    Cason Gray   2 months ago

    Artemis fowl is a great book! I read it though. ;)

  • Tiny Memer
    Tiny Memer   2 months ago

    Every dislike on this video, you save a dog. Every like one dog dies of corona.

  • Rghost Hero
    Rghost Hero   2 months ago

    My favourite disease is corona virus

  • DØTI
    DØTI   2 months ago

    0:01I’d saaaaayyyy........... coronavirus..

  • Tralfazz74
    Tralfazz74   2 months ago

    Wow, relevant openingMarch 2020

  • Velvet Dawn
    Velvet Dawn   2 months ago

    Dude, do a YIAY of 'how do you like your coffee?'

  • Johnny Joastar
    Johnny Joastar   2 months ago

    My favorite disease is corona virus, its cool actually cool.

  • Lana Dobbins
    Lana Dobbins   3 months ago

    3:21 I’m sorry I know this but that’s wrong, it’s Kevin, Bob and I think Stewart

  • Asahi Biswas
    Asahi Biswas   3 months ago

    I also have a great crush on my teacher.... and I am also 18.But : She got married.... before I can propose

  • TSMelon
    TSMelon   3 months ago

    In case you guys don’t know, here’s a link to that ketchup bot video:

  • Bland
    Bland   3 months ago

    holy shit burnout was posted a whole year ago?

  • Alexander the ok
    Alexander the ok   3 months ago

    You don't kill cats!Bad "jokes"-69/10Would not recommend