I've made the biggest mistake ever (Man of Medan Part 4)

  • Published on: 02 September 2019
  • Man of Medan: https://www.supermassivegames.com/games/man-of-medan

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  • Runtime : 39:34
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  • andrea grace
    andrea grace   9 hours ago


  • Catie Kowley
    Catie Kowley   1 days ago

    WHERE IS THE END😫I just want him to finish the series

  • Tirca Mihnea
    Tirca Mihnea   5 days ago

    He finished this series in the 12 hour minecraft stream. Look in the comments for the timestamp.

  • Explainus
    Explainus   5 days ago

    He finished the game in his 12-hour Minecraft live stream

  • Wolffie J
    Wolffie J   5 days ago

    So is he not going to play anymore? )::

  • Ky Tibbetts
    Ky Tibbetts   6 days ago

    I wish the final video came out.. someone on the last video or 2 told everyone not to get attached. And I thought I wouldn't, but here I am.. 😩

  • Reyboy James TV
    Reyboy James TV   6 days ago

    I always check for the next episode of this but I think pewdiepie won't make another episode, He's not even mentioning it in his recent videos. And personally i could say that lately pewdiepie's content became boring to watch.

  • nick barnes
    nick barnes   1 weeks ago

    I bet it was a chemical used for war to drive men mad and kill each other. Intended for use against Japan. But the lighting strike or what ever hit the ship in part one released it.

  • Hanif Ananta
    Hanif Ananta   1 weeks ago

    Why there no next video???? Because he plays it start from beginning 😁

  • sunthlower 🌻
    sunthlower 🌻   1 weeks ago

    ummmmmmmmm y'all know what I'm gonna say butwhereis the resthello?pews you ok buddi

  • lil jj
    lil jj   1 weeks ago

    2079Grampa who is this pewdipie?That was a man who never beated man of medanSHAME

  • Facet Murk
    Facet Murk   1 weeks ago

    Still waiting for a new episode...

  • Himayamata
    Himayamata   1 weeks ago

    So... he stopped playing this game because he "accidentally" killed a main character? Okay.

  • Matt Morris
    Matt Morris   1 weeks ago

    I’d like to thank Felix for getting me invested into this story and then leaving me on the longest cliffhanger of all time

  • Shirley Groff
    Shirley Groff   1 weeks ago

    Calm down man Carranza die OK just what say what my speaker is not working and it says me dad catch up what the heck this because that’s the worst I’m not going to do with that what the heck I’m using speaker but the speaker doesn’t work a lot so that’s why it says that word after that OK I’ll take it off there

  • Shirley Groff
    Shirley Groff   1 weeks ago

    That’s so funny when he gets in the head I’m not lying but also sad at the same time but whatever

  • Shirley Groff
    Shirley Groff   1 weeks ago

    Also why are you dancing and this is no time she is still alive because it was captain is strong so why did you she can’t die no but also there’s other ways to die you never noticed that your feet help more people than watching I’m kind of not going to be there that happy that I’m also going to be so happy but sad at the same time so I actually never see your episode are you playing me another dance now I’m trying to find it and I watched a movie theater by the fifth episode but OK so I’m gonna watch the rest

  • Shirley Groff
    Shirley Groff   1 weeks ago

    Sorry that I said you are bad just well I thinking why did you not press the buttons and time and I’ll say you said those words probably you were talking about flights if you were I’m going to not be that happy but I kind a like everybody but not Charlie or Jo Jo

  • Shirley Groff
    Shirley Groff   1 weeks ago

    Wow you’re so bad I liked it Alex I think that I like everybody but not Joe and Charlie but now I’m thinking I am not going to say it so why is there that does not make any sense so Alex died if you’re onto player somebody campus the button they have to or else Alex is dead so can you do another episode but two player on man of again please

  • 93bendzsi
    93bendzsi   1 weeks ago

    Tbh whenever one of the wasd buttons appear I have a hard time telling which one is which because I basically think of them as arrows mainly. Controller is way better suited for these qte's.

  • kenzkaymac
    kenzkaymac   1 weeks ago

    pewds, i can't believe you've done this

  • Scot_playz
    Scot_playz   2 weeks ago

    Please pewds I generally loved this game more episodes

  • Lina Korita
    Lina Korita   2 weeks ago

    Will we ever know what happened after?

  • Majy Majy
    Majy Majy   2 weeks ago

    Please finish the series!!!🙁🙁🙁