16-Year-Old Girl Wakes Up Every Day Thinking It’s June 11

  • Published on: 26 September 2019
  • When this 16-year-old wakes up every day she believes it's June 11, 2019. For her, every day of the year is the same day. It might sound a lot like the plot of the movie "Groundhog Day," but the rare form of amnesia that Riley Horner has is much more serious. June 11 was a special day for Riley. She was attending a dance in her Illinois hometown, but the fun turned to fear when a boy fell on her. She ended up hitting her head and being rushed to the hospital.
  • Runtime : 3:31
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  • Sugar
    Sugar   2 days ago

    For anyone who didn’t know she’s fully recovered and has her memory back

  • Kiba Inuzuka
    Kiba Inuzuka   2 days ago

    The dad looks like he got sunburned except for his eyes😂

  • Kerwin Yeo
    Kerwin Yeo   3 days ago

    Yay she thinks that it is my birthday!!!

  • zondaintheair
    zondaintheair   3 days ago

    If she moves it forward to June 18, my birthday, we can party together.

  • Jason
    Jason   4 days ago

    Better than always thinking it September 11th

  • Huda Dawas
    Huda Dawas   4 days ago

    So Sad, Hopefully she feels better :(

  • Ze Yang Lim
    Ze Yang Lim   4 days ago

    World:there ate 7 days in a weekMe: DAY IS DAY

  • LacoLeaf
    LacoLeaf   5 days ago

    When you really don't wanna go to school

  • Arielle Chenee'
    Arielle Chenee'   6 days ago

    Imagine 50 first dates when Adam Sandler had to record every life event to help Drew Barrymore remember? Maybe her future husband is nice enough to do that to help her remember

  • AceHiro
    AceHiro   1 weeks ago

    0:54 sounds like Korean counting?

  • Sela p
    Sela p   1 weeks ago

    june 11th is my birthday though😝

  • britney_lovevandy YEYE

    June 11, is my bday, I have had 3 seizures, and I have migraine, I don’t like my life

  • zolxqa
    zolxqa   1 weeks ago

    Can I have the ability to wake up every day thinking that there is no school?

  • Saffiyyah
    Saffiyyah   1 weeks ago

    Why is she driving? Unless shes not

  • Insert Name Here
    Insert Name Here   1 weeks ago

    Imagine her forgetting about the show lol and get better soon

  • jcl plays
    jcl plays   1 weeks ago

    They where listening to mo bamba at the dance.

  • HyukaElPepino :v
    HyukaElPepino :v   1 weeks ago

    1:15 Im so sorry guys I know this is something serious but replay minute 1:15 XD Bruh I cant stop laughing XD

  • starxo
    starxo   1 weeks ago

    i’m sorry but the way she woke up nobody is gonna believe that 💀

    NITRO PH   1 weeks ago

    Plot twist: she is the girl cash me outside how bout dat

  • cams6leepyonfn
    cams6leepyonfn   1 weeks ago

    Okay wait so if you look on your phone let’s say it’s feb 17 will she just look at her phone and be like “oh I still think it’s June 11” idk I don’t understand how this works.

  • Sister Grimm
    Sister Grimm   1 weeks ago

    I don't think Riley should be driving. I have had memory loss where I couldn't retain information. I definitely wouldn't drive a vehicle like that. She's high risk by herself.

  • Sherlyn Arango
    Sherlyn Arango   1 weeks ago

    When they don't even tell you y is it always June 11

  • Gacha Jay
    Gacha Jay   1 weeks ago

    0:32 she really pretending to brush her back of her hair