Never let Zlatan Ibrahimovic Angry...😱😱😱

  • Published on: 05 August 2019
  • Never let Zlatan Ibrahimovic Angry...😱😱😱
  • Runtime : 9:18
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  • Has San
    Has San   20 hours ago

    In which year is this match

  • Yasir Sir
    Yasir Sir   1 days ago

    Kawan sebangsa dan setanah air yang ada di mari mana suara nya☺😁😁

    JONATHAN KERR   2 days ago

    People talk smack about Zlatan, but watch him pick his teammate up after he missed that open goal for the equalizer. And that would've been Zlatan's. He didn't complain. He saw the pain in his teammates face, and he consoled him. He is not the monster he projects himself to be.

  • cechly
    cechly   1 weeks ago

    the ultimate gesture to do when you loose a ball is raising your hand for no reason

  • Mario Mendoza
    Mario Mendoza   1 weeks ago

    Lustig's goal was beautiful, reminds me of Bergkamp's against Argentina.

  • Wellington de Castro
    Wellington de Castro   1 weeks ago

    O quarto gol não foi válido! O hibrahimovic fez falta no marcador dele!!!

  • B Ro
    B Ro   1 weeks ago

    You must know: Sweden never gives up!

  • Prestigiator
    Prestigiator   1 weeks ago

    "Never let zlatan angry" why is there so much broken English on youtube?

  • Killer Beast
    Killer Beast   1 weeks ago

    fucking clickbait ibra only score once fuck you dislike

  • Vlad Valcu
    Vlad Valcu   1 weeks ago

    Stupid title,you are idiot my friend

  • J0KER433
    J0KER433   2 weeks ago


  • Deepankar Pradhan
    Deepankar Pradhan   2 weeks ago

    Total bullshit.. We are fed up of zlatan jokes and videos. He is the most mediocre footballer of all time and a joke to the footballing world.Simply ignore morons like zlatan....

  • Jossy Boyo
    Jossy Boyo   2 weeks ago

    Zlatan scored ONCE. Change the fucking broken English title, lmao

  • Pede Meyer
    Pede Meyer   2 weeks ago

    Never post any videos about Zlatan😂👍

  • Michaelj Brady
    Michaelj Brady   2 weeks ago

    That title should of been when Sweden beat England when they were losing and zlat scored all 4 goals which was the first and only time his done that in his career and one of the goals he scored was voted the best goal of the year..... I have mix feelings writing that as it was only a friendly and I’m an england fan and man.u fan 👍

  • Sumiran Gurung
    Sumiran Gurung   2 weeks ago

    Rather the title sud be never let Swedish team angry...... 👍👍

  • Alexander Joe
    Alexander Joe   2 weeks ago

    Am still waiting for Zlatan to get agree in 2020

  • Nyakabwa Arthur
    Nyakabwa Arthur   2 weeks ago

    Am still waiting for the other 3 goals from Zlatan in this video