Cooking A Meal Using ONE COLOUR

  • Published on: 26 April 2019
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  • Runtime : 22:
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  • Briony Smith
    Briony Smith   5 hours ago

    7:48 Joe tempting fate as a year later he ends up on great British bake off and passes out on live tv because he cut his finger.

  • ashzotic
    ashzotic   6 hours ago

    Jo: go carefull with that knife one day you might cut yourself Also joe a year later: cuts himself and faints in national TV

  • Crunchie Cakee lol
    Crunchie Cakee lol   18 hours ago

    Id make joes because its like hunters chicken and hunters chicken is the best thing ever

  • Rose Andrews
    Rose Andrews   1 days ago

    Joe/me in every meal: Mmm, there's a real abundance of flavours in there, jees Louise! The cheese is good.

  • Rose Andrews
    Rose Andrews   1 days ago

    Joe: So I'm gonna peel my carrot, and really just get a sense, of what it's like to peel a carrot.Me: This is quality YouTube......

  • Hollie Forshaw
    Hollie Forshaw   3 weeks ago

    No one.Still no one.Absolutely no one at allJoe.....BOSH

  • MajorSmurfyy
    MajorSmurfyy   1 months ago

    OMG look at Joes face at 5.18!!!!! love you guys soon much!

  • Judy Lan
    Judy Lan   1 months ago

    there is a blueberry cheese or something, and it's kind of purple.

  • Scott Mccourt
    Scott Mccourt   1 months ago

    My Google started to tell me the recipe for sweet potato mash. Lol

  • Jacob Rogers
    Jacob Rogers   2 months ago

    #VEGETABLES ARE COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dan TDM
    Dan TDM   2 months ago

    Joe is soooooooo Strik with Dianne with 🍳

  • Alessandra Pagani
    Alessandra Pagani   2 months ago

    Dianne's looks the best, Joe's looks like it would taste the best.

  • Aga Orwat
    Aga Orwat   3 months ago

    Joe said:how is that chicken not Orange.I agree with Joe I have seen Orange.But also agree with Diann because chicken is not Orange the chickens seasoning is Orange.

  • Eva-Lilly Mcallister
    Eva-Lilly Mcallister   3 months ago

    Poor joe - he just can’t think carefully. He should of done honey mustard chicken with sweed mash

  • Charlie Warshawski
    Charlie Warshawski   3 months ago

    no one:still no one:absolutely no one:joe: .....woahhhh vegetables are cool

  • Quinn TV
    Quinn TV   3 months ago

    5:58........ i-i don't know how bad that is

  • Freya Christison
    Freya Christison   3 months ago

    everytime you say 'ok google' my google home starts answering the question

    XoTIKTOKoX   3 months ago

    3:10 Did anyone hear dianne say it’s so weird looking at your basket it’s all purple I think she meant orange😝

  • liv cullen
    liv cullen   3 months ago

    no one:no one at all:dianne: like alfie but with a foil on the end...

  • Amy Chan Bowman Bears
    Amy Chan Bowman Bears   3 months ago

    joe was brout up in bath. 1. my brother was born in bath 2. my aunty lives in bath 3. my cousins bumped into joe at a restrount ones

  • Eriks Rose
    Eriks Rose   3 months ago

    Check you out Joe, taking like a pro while dishing up!Kindest RegardsER

  • Libby Coote
    Libby Coote   4 months ago

    should of made honey roasted carrots🤩