How to Stay Cool During a Heat Wave

  • Published on: 04 July 2018
  • It may be scorching outside, but there are steps you can take to make sure you stay cool inside. Erica Katz, a lifestyle expert, says if your air conditioner isn’t keeping things cool enough, grab a bowl of ice and a small fan. She says to place the bowl in front of the fan for an instant cool breeze. Katz also says you can create your own cooling pad by stretching a sock open, pouring some rice inside, and tying a knot before popping it in the freezer.
  • Runtime : 2:26
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  • Issac Rocha
    Issac Rocha   5 days ago

    House literally 100 degreesMe: (turns on AC)Mexican Parent: so you have chosen death

    Alexia JANDREOSKI   1 weeks ago

    The Pepperment tea ain’t gonna helpI’m allergic to all mint

  • Kris R
    Kris R   4 weeks ago

    Appeared on my recommendation on day 1 summer 2020 philippines 🇵🇭

  • Cardenas emma
    Cardenas emma   1 months ago

    How to stay cool during a heat waveMe: *puts on new Jordans, then puts on Gucci pants, and L.V. shirt

  • Emily Moore
    Emily Moore   1 months ago

    I love sleeping with ice packs and cool towels during summer

  • Miranda Strickland
    Miranda Strickland   1 months ago

    It’s literally soooo cold in Ontario rn, why tf am I watching this😂

  • Bibba
    Bibba   1 months ago

    Air conditioning

  • Jonny Oseguera
    Jonny Oseguera   1 months ago

    In the thumbnail she looks like the Do It Again meme.

  • sucky man Taco
    sucky man Taco   1 months ago

    How to stay cool in the heat my little bro "ima head out to the fridge

  • L V
    L V   1 months ago

    0:40 and the thumbnail looks like a porn video lmao

  • Chris Trudell
    Chris Trudell   1 months ago

    Stay inside and throw the air conditioning on

  • Veronica XD XD
    Veronica XD XD   1 months ago

    *sips nothing of thr drink:""delicious""Mmmm Sooo good""

  • Hanisa D
    Hanisa D   1 months ago

    "Mmm so good" she barley drank th water and da ice didn't melt yet it's just regular water fruits don't make it special

  • Mrs. Pie
    Mrs. Pie   1 months ago

    When i was young without watching this video i did the ice thing but with tomatos...

  • Dark Light
    Dark Light   2 months ago

    Title: how to stay cool during heatwave Her: that’s actually the wrong way to do it😂

  • gamer707
    gamer707   2 months ago

    Another cool tipTurn yourself small and GET IN THE FREZZER

  • Rickee 171
    Rickee 171   2 months ago

    The lifestyle expert looks like Goldie locks

  • Marta Nagle
    Marta Nagle   2 months ago

    Drinks normal water She: delicious Other women: soo good

  • Vivian Lo
    Vivian Lo   2 months ago

    Canadians won’t understand

  • Smozzy
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    Is she tryna do asmr?!?!?!?!?lol

  • Gangsters
    Gangsters   2 months ago

    Just pop yourself in the freezer