Everything You Need to Know About Planet Earth

  • Published on: 04 August 2014
  • Planet Earth is this solid thing you are standing on right now. In your everyday life you don't really waste a thought about how amazing this is. A giant, ancient, hot rock. How did it come into existence and how big is it really? You will be surprised. The ground you are standing on is just a very, very small part of the big picture.


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    Everything You Need to Know About Planet Earth

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  • Runtime : 7:22
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  • Ashlee Giordano
    Ashlee Giordano   17 hours ago

    One correction: The lithosphere is the solid crust and the upper mantle, the asthenosphere is the more plastic layer.

  • Raes Zafran
    Raes Zafran   1 days ago

    This is by far one of my favourite videos.

    SYEN SOO   2 days ago

    Oh well, time to keep diggingFalls in underground revine covered with bonesThis isn’t minecraft right?

    SYEN SOO   2 days ago

    Deep Town-hey this video is good let’s put it in our gameKurtzgesagt-oh well it made my video more views, eh

  • julio vigo
    julio vigo   2 days ago

    Is there a Spanish version of this?

  • Mister Cow
    Mister Cow   2 days ago

    You never explained the location of Zion.

  • Thick Boy
    Thick Boy   4 days ago

    Thank GOD people like TRUMP work hard to keep this planet GREAT! Trump 2020!

  • Hellow
    Hellow   5 days ago

    The Thing I learnt from videoHALF PIXELS ARE REAL

  • aRsH aL
    aRsH aL   6 days ago

    @1:43 "Water from the inside of the earth wandered to the surface".This information in itself is astounding. why because a religious book has the same claim. while talking about the creation of the earth."And we extracted water from its pasture"

  • Ashes Luxsyhpher
    Ashes Luxsyhpher   1 weeks ago

    Now i know where the Mariana name came from the deepest layer of DeepWeb...makes sense now,indeed an iceberg.

  • Mr Pepperoni Pizza
    Mr Pepperoni Pizza   1 weeks ago

    This is lovely yet trump still doesn't believe in global warming

  • Mia G
    Mia G   1 weeks ago

    ... ,, with fast oceans ´´... and the TARDIS

  • Transcription Heaven
    Transcription Heaven   2 weeks ago

    If the deepest hole ever drilled is 12,3 km deep how do we know the rest of earth insides sizes ?? It's a serious question

  • Alexandru Andercou
    Alexandru Andercou   2 weeks ago

    This is what we need to sent in space , but maybe in a more generalized language.

  • Master Blaster
    Master Blaster   2 weeks ago

    I'm bored, let's watch kurzgesagt.Meanwhile kurzgesagt: let's give this guy existential crisis.

  • Tony Hakston
    Tony Hakston   2 weeks ago

    “30% are ground waters, and only about 1% make up the remaining ground waters”... so 31% are ground waters?

  • Abhinav Singh
    Abhinav Singh   2 weeks ago

    water didn't came from inside of earth....water was carried by metroide in form of crystal and bombarded earth for nearly 20 million years

  • Dubby
    Dubby   2 weeks ago

    Is there a tardis in everyone one of your videos? And secret dinosaur society? Haha, love it.

  • Joseph Thomas
    Joseph Thomas   2 weeks ago

    You should make a video about the aurora borealis

  • Dj Tatty
    Dj Tatty   3 weeks ago

    Earth was created by frequencies we know as sound, its core is made of water, the same water structure as space, nothing like the water we drink.the hole planet is sealed inside a bubble, hence the reason we cant get out into what we call space, the sound or frequencies that created the planet is dielectric, which is why it has a magnetic field & magnetic poles, same as a magnet has a north & south pole & a line of ensurer, so does this planet, except we call the line of ensurer, the equator. Please feel free to try & prove me wrong, As this will lead to you proving to your self, that your head has been pumped full of shit, & your video reflects that fact.