Everything You Need to Know About Planet Earth

  • Published on: 04 August 2014
  • Planet Earth is this solid thing you are standing on right now. In your everyday life you don't really waste a thought about how amazing this is. A giant, ancient, hot rock. How did it come into existence and how big is it really? You will be surprised. The ground you are standing on is just a very, very small part of the big picture.


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    Everything You Need to Know About Planet Earth

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  • Runtime : 7:22
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  • SBkev Gaming
    SBkev Gaming   11 hours ago

    I just come here to learn and my homework is brilliant. This helps. I have a 96 in science and if I keep this up I might be able to get in honors high school then ap classes. And I already got world history and ELA in the bag.

  • Je1i
    Je1i   16 hours ago

    0:19 doctor who theme intensifies

  • Alex Sheng
    Alex Sheng   2 days ago

    What if the reality is the Earth was just a flat plate balancing on turtles......

  • Ender Clash
    Ender Clash   2 days ago

    Thank you Planet Earth 🌎 WE LOVE YOU

  • Thomas Sanders
    Thomas Sanders   2 days ago

    Hearing people say this video is better than school makes me sad. As an earth scientist, some parts of this video are cringe worthy.

  • Trey Styles
    Trey Styles   3 days ago

    Brilliant planet. Best in the solar system. 🌏!!!!

  • 1,23
    1,23   4 days ago

    hi i should study social science (i'm 13, srry) but kurzgesagt is better

  • Kosmix3
    Kosmix3   6 days ago

    Im glad that my teacher showed this to the class instead of those boring ass powerpoint videos that are cheaply made from wikipedia.

  • PBP
    PBP   6 days ago

    How do we know what is inside the Earth and what it's made of if we never dug past the crust?

  • Casper Liu
    Casper Liu   1 weeks ago

    No one: Kurzgesagt: *Secret Dinosaur Society* 5:31

  • Dino
    Dino   1 weeks ago

    But the Earth is flat.

  • Jessie Rehwald
    Jessie Rehwald   1 weeks ago

    can i hire this guy to just talk to me all day? it's the most relaxing voice ever.

  • Jedidiah Stopyro
    Jedidiah Stopyro   1 weeks ago

    This would be hilarious if it wasn't being passed off as science. Science proves much of this to be false. The rest cannot be proven to be true.

  • Joeseph Dirt
    Joeseph Dirt   1 weeks ago

    Did anyone else get here from a phone game link?

  • EXE
    EXE   1 weeks ago

    Moist rock

  • mikhail Findal
    mikhail Findal   1 weeks ago

    Dreams about digging a hole to china crust. Get it?

  • Dr. Anonymous
    Dr. Anonymous   1 weeks ago

    How can so much amazing thing happen without god???

    BLUEDRAGONFLY   1 weeks ago

    You said that the lithosphere is viscous and that the asthenosphere is solid. I am being taught the opposite by most college professor and I believe that they are correct.

  • Athena Joy
    Athena Joy   1 weeks ago

    I love these space videos please talk more of these kind like about the multiverse and the Dyson sphere is one of my favourite vids on this channel and even wished for the poster on my birthday and got it too and its hanging in my room rn. tbh I started getting really interested in physics and astronomy since this channel and I'm 15 and constantly babbling my friends full of nerdy space stuff and probably going to study astrophysics tooRN I take my knowledge from mostly youtube crash course, this kurzgesagt channel ...Wikipedia a bit and books like star-maker(even if its a mostly sci-fi book and very fictional it's very inspiring) I'm working on gathering everything I learn about these kinds of things in a notebook with a bunch of little pictures or illustration with the text...IDK I just wanted to say thx for making such inspiring person cause if it weren't for this channel I probably still wouldn't know what to do with my life.

  • Shuvo Barua
    Shuvo Barua   2 weeks ago

    Kurzgesagt: We'll make a video about plate tectonics in the future.It's 2019 and we don't have a video about plate tectonics

  • Nadir Novruz
    Nadir Novruz   2 weeks ago

    Please make a video about this one 2:42 👈

  • Commander Cross
    Commander Cross   2 weeks ago

    Ok just got new headphones. Has their music always been this good?

  • Grenade Ninja
    Grenade Ninja   2 weeks ago

    I really get the feeling that the earth which is perfect to sustain life because of how it is made eg. magnetic field protecting us, breathable atmosphere, water, food, fertile land, placement from the sun and everything else that we don't understand but is said to have been by chance that all these complex systems came about, was really created and designed by ya know, a designer. Such as God. In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. - Genesis 1:1 KJV. It only makes sense. This phone I typed this on, we as humans understand it, and can recreate it. But yet we don't understand how all the naturally created things work. Eventually we may learn how but, if this phone, being simple enough to understand has an engineer, a designer behind it, then how would the earth and all its complex properties be an accident?

  • Pradeep Verlekar
    Pradeep Verlekar   2 weeks ago

    This video is fake. The moon and the stars are located in side the firmament and not out side. Polaris prove the flat Earth. The only way the stars can retain a relative position to each other is if you are not moving and the Universe is a fixed sphere moving around you. All satellites images are CGI. Satellite are hoax, fakery and lies.

  • pablo herrmann
    pablo herrmann   2 weeks ago

    You could have mentioned the anthropic principle

  • Charles Deese
    Charles Deese   2 weeks ago

    This channel is literally the very best thing the internet has ever produced. Every man, woman and child should watch these videos. I cannot thank you enough!

  • Rui Xie
    Rui Xie   2 weeks ago

    5:30 wait there still dinosaur?

  • Tristen Matkowski
    Tristen Matkowski   2 weeks ago

    To show you the information you need to know!CHAINSAW NOISESWe sawed the earth in half!