Women's EURO final highlights: Netherlands v Denmark

  • Published on: 06 August 2017
  • Watch what happened when Netherlands met Denmark in the final of UEFA Women's EURO 2017.

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  • Grumblesnake
    Grumblesnake   2 months ago

    As a Dane I can't really be that unhappy about the result, especially considering the amount of injuries on our team. It was a well and fairly played match where everyone gave everything they got. The team itself obviously wanted more, but everyone else were just proud of how much they had achieved, even beating several of the favourites in the process.

  • Captain PTMB
    Captain PTMB   2 months ago

    Commenting from the USA. I will be completely shocked if the Netherlands do not roll to the World Cup title in 2023.

  • Gabby C
    Gabby C   3 months ago

    this such an intense game

  • 박성복
    박성복   5 months ago

    네덜란드 항상 응원다음 월드컵에 최정상에 서기빕니다

  • Alex Dumas
    Alex Dumas   5 months ago

    Oh I just discovered Netherlands finally won a final 😮

  • スズキヒデ
    スズキヒデ   6 months ago


  • G. T.
    G. T.   6 months ago

    They are going to be World Champions as well, book it!

  • Icarus Zero
    Icarus Zero   6 months ago

    On their way to become Queen of the World!!

  • Johnnyboi
    Johnnyboi   6 months ago

    Didn’t know there was a women Euro

  • veilofreality
    veilofreality   6 months ago

    Why not let women play without goalkeepers all together?

  • dklyde
    dklyde   6 months ago

    The Dutch are the champions of Europe. Shouldn’t they be a favorite for the WC?

  • Ramikla 1
    Ramikla 1   7 months ago

    Denmark didn’t qualify for the Women’s World Cup

  • Yzze Voncken
    Yzze Voncken   7 months ago

    We go win??? Let it know 👇🏽👇🏽

  • H U Faqiryir Dawona
    H U Faqiryir Dawona   1 years ago

    Nadia Nadim She is my country 😭 😭 😭 Afghanistan 🇦🇫 Nummer 9 and Danemark 🇩🇰 player's Women

  • Jim John
    Jim John   1 years ago

    Womens football sucks ass

  • Rio Tono
    Rio Tono   1 years ago

    The Netherlands 🇳🇱

  • jesus pico
    jesus pico   1 years ago

    Nice final, incredible and beautiful goals, brilliant performance of miedema and martens

  • SAS Dreamer 2
    SAS Dreamer 2   1 years ago

    Go go netherlands and in men’s too!😂💪💪💪🔥