Women's EURO final highlights: Netherlands v Denmark

  • Published on: 06 August 2017
  • Watch what happened when Netherlands met Denmark in the final of UEFA Women's EURO 2017.

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  • Runtime : 3:
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  • 박성복
    박성복   1 months ago

    네덜란드 항상 응원다음 월드컵에 최정상에 서기빕니다

  • Alex Dumas
    Alex Dumas   1 months ago

    Oh I just discovered Netherlands finally won a final 😮

  • スズキヒデ
    スズキヒデ   2 months ago


  • G. T.
    G. T.   2 months ago

    They are going to be World Champions as well, book it!

  • Icarus Zero
    Icarus Zero   2 months ago

    On their way to become Queen of the World!!

  • Johnnyboi
    Johnnyboi   2 months ago

    Didn’t know there was a women Euro

  • veilofreality
    veilofreality   2 months ago

    Why not let women play without goalkeepers all together?

  • dklyde
    dklyde   2 months ago

    The Dutch are the champions of Europe. Shouldn’t they be a favorite for the WC?

  • Ramikla 1
    Ramikla 1   3 months ago

    Denmark didn’t qualify for the Women’s World Cup

  • Yzze Voncken
    Yzze Voncken   3 months ago

    We go win??? Let it know 👇🏽👇🏽

  • Bram
    Bram   4 months ago

    Hoe de commentator enschede zegt hahaha

  • H U Faqiryir Dawona
    H U Faqiryir Dawona   8 months ago

    Nadia Nadim She is my country 😭 😭 😭 Afghanistan 🇦🇫 Nummer 9 and Danemark 🇩🇰 player's Women

  • Jim John
    Jim John   10 months ago

    Womens football sucks ass

  • Rio Tono
    Rio Tono   1 years ago

    The Netherlands 🇳🇱

  • jesus pico
    jesus pico   1 years ago

    Nice final, incredible and beautiful goals, brilliant performance of miedema and martens

  • Tomatoe Eater
    Tomatoe Eater   1 years ago

    All women sports are boring. Sports ain't a girls thing.

  • SAS Dreamer 2
    SAS Dreamer 2   1 years ago

    Go go netherlands and in men’s too!😂💪💪💪🔥

  • R. DB
    R. DB   1 years ago

    The Dutch made women football more populair and I’m proud of that.