• Published on: 18 March 2019
  • This has been a labour of love and has taken months to put together. I hope it helps to understand what works best on us, and what we like in a product.

    IT COSMETICS CC+ Cream - £31/$39 -
    MAYBELLINE Dream Urban Cover - £10.99 -
    LAURA MERCIER Flawless Lumiere - £36/$48 -
    DIOR FOREVER Matte - £37/$52 -
    LOREAL Infallible Fresh Wear - £10.99/$14.99 -
    YSL Touche Eclat All In One Glow - £34/$48 -
    CYO Long Wearing Foundation - £7.50/$7
    ESTEE LAUDER Double Wear Light - £33.50/$42 -
    No7 Hydraluminous Moisturising Foundation - £15


    KAT VON D Lock It Powder Foundation (shade Light 125)
    LOREAL True Match Concealer (shade vanilla rose)
    RCMA No Colour Powder
    BARE MINERALS Gen Nudes Blush (shade On The Mauve)
    No7 The Full 360 Mascara
    URBAN DECAY Glide On Eye Pencil (Psychedelic Sister)
    LOREAL Infallible Lip Stick (Barely Blush)

    KAT VON D Lock It Powder Foundation (shade Light 125)
    Mac Pro Longwear Concealer (shade NC20)
    RCMA No Colour Powder
    LOREAL Flash Cat Eye Liner
    CHARLOTTE TILBURY Legendary Lashes Volume 2
    LOREAL Blusher (shade Life's a peach)
    NIP+FAB Contpour Palette (shade Light)
    URBAN DECAY Brow Blade (shade Brown Sugar)
    NYX Micro Brow Pencil (shade Ash Brown)
    CHARLOTTE TILBURY Hollywood Lips (shade Platinum Blonde)

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    IT Cosmetics & Maybelline Urban Cover







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  • halima k
    halima k   6 days ago

    I like tarte shape tape concealer I use as foundation a little goes a long way.

  • Amy Young
    Amy Young   1 weeks ago

    Yes! Dupes. Love dupes. Thanks for the vid ladies. Always helpful.

  • JaimeRae Stitch
    JaimeRae Stitch   2 weeks ago

    i'm new to your channel, and can i just say what beautiful ladies you are. loving your videos. nice to see more reviews for more mature skin

  • Betty Browning
    Betty Browning   1 months ago

    Hi Gemma. Could you do a full face of Mad Hippie skincare? Thanks!

  • Theresa Harvey
    Theresa Harvey   1 months ago

    Hey everyone I emailed the Boots company and bad news:they do not plan on releasing the Hydraluminous foundation in the US.😢So everyone should email them and let them know that they should reconsider this.

  • Emma Laing
    Emma Laing   1 months ago

    Is there anything you would change or add to this list now?

  • J Loulou
    J Loulou   1 months ago

    So surprised at the amount of dislikes?! This video was the best I've ever watched. So informative x

  • Christine Williams
    Christine Williams   1 months ago

    Just found your channel! Really enjoying it especially when your mom is on as she is closer to my age. I love the review of foundations as I’ve been struggling to find one I like. I wanted to try the CYO and No 7 you mentioned but having trouble finding them. Have they been discontinued?

  • Kat The makeup mum
    Kat The makeup mum   2 months ago

    Did you ever do the dupes video? I have looked but can’t find it 🙈 xxx

  • Sandra Saxon
    Sandra Saxon   2 months ago

    I like the sunprise spf 50 you told us about. I am having foundation colour texture problem can you do a video on it please thanks

  • Ruth Paul
    Ruth Paul   2 months ago

    Your mom is so pretty, loved this video, very helpful

  • pinkypromise111
    pinkypromise111   2 months ago

    Hi , New subscriber from New York !Enjoyed your video! Which make up did your mom have on ? No 7 ? I have same coloring as your mom and I liked the way it looked on her . And what color ? Thanks!🌸🌸🌸 And what color did she use on the Estée Lauder make up when she used it .Want to buy samples of these. Thanks again!🌸🌸🌸 Is light the color no number next to it? Some colors here have numbers next to the color .PS Does she have powder over it ,if so can you tell me what color and brand it is. Love that look on her face !🌸🌸🌸

  • D. Conrad
    D. Conrad   2 months ago

    Please do let your mom talk more about what she likes and/or doesn't like about each foundation! I am her age and want to hear her experience with each one. Thanks!!

  • sue bell
    sue bell   2 months ago

    hello....great video....have you tried tml

  • Dilly Dilly Lee
    Dilly Dilly Lee   2 months ago

    Anyone else realizing you have 10 different foundations? I mix my favorites together.

  • Sharron Cooke
    Sharron Cooke   3 months ago

    Have you tried M Asam Finishing Touch, a product apparently from Germany?

  • Karen Baldry
    Karen Baldry   3 months ago

    Your mums amazing. She looks so beautiful with her white grey hair. If I thought my hair would go that colour I would love to let my hair go natural. All I can say is Joan Collins eat your heart out. ❤️

  • Lauren Roma
    Lauren Roma   3 months ago

    great video....thank you! I LOVE the relationship that you and your mother have! My mom died when I was 10 years old and get sad when people complain about their parents- I love that you appreciate her and include her. You have a beautiful relationship 💕💕YES to the dupes video! xoxo

  • Paula Bush
    Paula Bush   3 months ago

    Love this! My daughter is a make-up artist here in the USA and you two remind me of us! Thanks for this informative answers a lot of questions!

  • Elisabeth Kjosås Angell

    Wish you a fabulous weekend 🤩 Thanks for the foundation tips, I bought the Bourjois Healthy Mix💜I'm 37 and with this foundation- it's just melts into my skin!!! You have made me so happy,Wolf👋Huggs from Elisabeth, Norway♀️

  • sandra Morris
    sandra Morris   3 months ago

    If you had purple hair what foundation goes with it or be a nice cover and colour ? ❤❤

  • Mary Duff
    Mary Duff   3 months ago

    LoL ... way to go MUM!! ❤❤

  • Mary Duff
    Mary Duff   3 months ago

    $4.26 here in the States for CYO at Walgreens online store so it has to be shipped in some places I think ... LOVE LOVE LOVE Mum's cut and hair color beautiful!!!

  • Butter Fly_Girl
    Butter Fly_Girl   3 months ago

    They are discontinuing the CYO life proof but I heard Soap Glory is the same thing My Walgreens online have CYO for $4 I bought 12 bottles Lol

  • beatnick92
    beatnick92   3 months ago

    I know this video is nearly a year old. Still, so glad to see your Mother back looking so healthy and bright. I'd be so interested to know what she thinks of how your career came about, and if she is surprised that you are rather famous, & surprised at all that you are followed in the online social media world by thousands of people..🤹‍♀️ Also, I have a theory that many young women who are beauty and makeup gurus often have a mum who is also somewhat glamorous-- certainly true in your case😉🤗❣

  • beatnick92
    beatnick92   3 months ago

    I have never worn s Dior foundation, and I'm shocked to learn that they all oxidize!!! It can't possibly be due to your own skin's chemistry if it also happens to your Mother. It seems crazy that prople will still buy something whivh is going to be unpredictable,, on the skin, unless of course they get a week of samples and learn to what degree the oxidation will affect them, and then decide they can deal with the amount of color change which occurs..🤤☺☮🤗

  • Emer Henry
    Emer Henry   3 months ago

    I've only found this one. Love it when your mum is on. So wish she would set up her own channel. So many of us mature and wiser women need her advice with regards to makeup. Tell her it'd be a public service. Go on. You'll talk her into it yet. With regard to sunscreen though, I thought it was 1tsp and not a half - quarter tsp for forehead and chin, quarter tsp on each cheek and quarter tsp on neck? That's what I'm doing at moment anyway even if it is excessive. I'll have to double check it. Don't want to waste it either. I'm trying to cut back on waste.

  • Diane Skahill
    Diane Skahill   3 months ago

    Would love to see the dupe video love watching you and your Mom

  • Joan Gentile
    Joan Gentile   3 months ago

    Thank you, Gemma!! You two are so adorable!! Love you both!! ❤

  • Linda Smith
    Linda Smith   3 months ago

    What a really honest review. Loved the way it didn't look rehearsed. Also it was British so all the products are available. Well done girls!

  • Cat Black
    Cat Black   3 months ago

    I live in Texas and the No.7 products are really starting to catch on. They are FABULOUS!

  • Tammy Youngblood
    Tammy Youngblood   4 months ago

    What does the term "has airbrush capability mean?" Do you need to apply with an airbrush? Thank you! Love you video!

  • MagpiesNeedle
    MagpiesNeedle   4 months ago

    It’s odd Boots products are not in the U.S. as it is owned by an American pharmacy, Walgreens. I used to spend a lot of time there.