Everything Wrong With Incredibles 2 In 16 Minutes Or Less

  • Published on: 06 December 2018
  • This movie is awesome! It's incredible! It's... got plenty of sins! Here are all the sins we found in Incredibles 2.

    Next week: A thing, and another thing.

    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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  • Runtime : 17:45
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  • Dolan Phan
    Dolan Phan   1 days ago


  • Shiniboros
    Shiniboros   3 days ago

    "The Prime Minister Of Sweden Visited Washington Today And My Tiny Little Nipples Went To France" -_-

  • RMP. !Attacker fake
    RMP. !Attacker fake   3 days ago

    If you try to play a flight simulation then you'll know what that autopilot button really does.

  • Ryan Thompson
    Ryan Thompson   4 days ago

    Any movie that has been on this channel in the last couple years, that has less than 100 sins, is a good movie.

    ABIGAIL LUTZ   4 days ago

    Cinema sins is like, the best. Just felt it needed to get out there :p

  • flupflup12
    flupflup12   6 days ago

    Your ass clearly hasnt seen any electric car fires

  • _roses_
    _roses_   1 weeks ago

    I feel like Jack Jacks powers file down once he gets older and has only a few of what he used to had

  • Rui Vilas Boas
    Rui Vilas Boas   1 weeks ago

    I watched the movie for only see this guy's video about it,NO REGRETS

  • Super nasty pug
    Super nasty pug   1 weeks ago

    You missed a sin! In the incredibles universe it was set in 2004. So there is not way that they could build a bike more advanced then a bike in the year we are in. 4:45

  • Kaden Medley
    Kaden Medley   1 weeks ago

    8:15 that’s the joke, hints why the animators made rick fill two pages with what he knows about him.

  • Linda L
    Linda L   1 weeks ago

    All hail the clichés

  • Jacob Tran
    Jacob Tran   1 weeks ago

    Mr incredible: You can't do thi-Elasi-girl: Gear second

  • scoops 101
    scoops 101   1 weeks ago

    they are saying it took 14 years to come up with a plot and stuff like that, wasnt that the excuse?

  • scarletteuphoriaシ
    scarletteuphoriaシ   1 weeks ago

    ey my favorite simpsons episodes and oh brother where art thou yesss

  • Mr._Ducko
    Mr._Ducko   1 weeks ago

    Have I told you to stop living yet, I think I have

  • CeltycSparrow
    CeltycSparrow   1 weeks ago

    So here's a sin for you....when Helen wakes up after Evelyn captures her, Evelyn warns her not to stretch to remove the glasses because the temperature is "WELL below freezing.". So HOW is Elastigirl not dead of hypothermia and exposure and frozen lungs? She's not wearing Edna's suit anymore and her face is exposed to the elements.

  • Hamtrak_p42dc Amtrak
    Hamtrak_p42dc Amtrak   1 weeks ago


  • Jono Fancett
    Jono Fancett   1 weeks ago

    7:13. But there weren’t 4. There were 6 (and still are) altitude indicator, attitude indicator, one for showing level of banking, heading indicator (compass), Variometer (vertical speed indicator) and airspeed indicator, with minor fuel, oil, rpm, and manifold pressure indicators (2 on each side of the 6 main ones). Now, all duel seat airplanes and helicopters have an array of the 6 main indicators on each front seat and 4 minor ones. So for most aircraft, including the one in the movie, would Therefore have 12 indicators, or (20 if including the minor ones)

  • Mark B
    Mark B   1 weeks ago

    You didn’t sin the movie for never resolving the underminer fight. The guy was never captured. Does anyone care??

  • Plasticgamer YT
    Plasticgamer YT   2 weeks ago

    13:50 “Who’s gonna watch Jack Jack?” “SUCC-“

  • 47killerhitman
    47killerhitman   2 weeks ago

    Can anyone please tell me what's the movie in 16:28???

  • Ethan Kyalo
    Ethan Kyalo   2 weeks ago

    So, even though superheroes became legal after stopping the ship from crashing. Why weren't they made legal after defeating the omnidroid in incredibles 1? The omnidroid was way more powerful than a cruise crashing into the city. 🤔🤔

  • a m i n a
    a m i n a   2 weeks ago

    The thing with violet and that boy is violet’s fault. Violet could go invisible so she could’ve avoided getting seen when she couldn’t she find her mask

  • a m i n a
    a m i n a   2 weeks ago

    2:02 We interrupt the incredibles 2 to bring you j.jonah Jameson from spiderman

  • angus jones
    angus jones   2 weeks ago

    he didn't mention it, but i love how jack-jack is animated in the background, because babies actually do what he is doing

  • Zhasetube
    Zhasetube   2 weeks ago

    I know I’m late but why did this man still every bit of what I wanted to say about this movie out of my mouth

  • Bub Liverman
    Bub Liverman   2 weeks ago

    Now we wait another 14 years for another movie

  • Extreme Gamer807
    Extreme Gamer807   2 weeks ago

    I seen this movie on my birthday like a year ago or whenever it was in theatres in British Columbia Canada.

  • Fallen angel
    Fallen angel   2 weeks ago

    his bugged th entire time.... HOW THE HELL DOES THE MASK COVER THEIR EYELIDS just imagine how unconformable that would be

  • Heath CHALMERS
    Heath CHALMERS   2 weeks ago

    Who liked just because of the over the hedge pun

  • Kai Duran Coyle
    Kai Duran Coyle   2 weeks ago

    Plastic/ anything elastic snap when frozen. Electricity travels through rubbery without stop until it finds a conduit.

  • Amateur Alex
    Amateur Alex   2 weeks ago